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Painters: more than 800 perceived in the nation, most are self-trained, working all day, and utilizing an assortment of styles Primitive workmanship – supported by DeWitt Peters a craftsman & educator from the U.S. Philome Obin establishing father of this development, Hector Hyppolite a poor voodoo minister was the best painter of the development & found by DeWitt Mural Painting – began in 1949 by Selden Rodman an American artist & workmanship faultfinder: church wall paintings – Wilson Bigaud's Miracle at Cana in the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity Literature: originates from the outrage coordinated against the white bosses of the frontier past Jacques Roumain – writer, author, ethnologist: Jean Price-Mars trailblazer who bolstered the idea of Negritude or pride in being dark and in the African legacy: Leon Laleau – verse & composition: Louis Diaquoi – columnist & artist cultivated the abstract gathering Les Griots whose material originates from voodoo Women: Virgine Sampeur, Ida Faubert, Lucie Archin-Lay, Marie Chauvet Sculpture: Odilon Duperier – cut veils and figures: Jasmin Joseph-earthenware models: Georges Liataud & Murat Vriere – sheet press mold: Roger Francois – dried roots

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Primitive craftsmanship

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Painters: Do not have a uniform Dominican style Costumbrismo – Realism/Dominican traditions and topics Guillo Perez, Gilberto Hernandez Ortega, Ada Balcacer, Abelardo Urdaneta Literature: Bartolome de Las Casas – pilgrim period Historia de Las Indias Romantic Period affected by France through the 19 th century – Realism – Modernism – Postumismo – Poesia de sopresa Manuel de Jesus Galvan "nobel savage" glorified in Enriquillo Salome Urena de Heriquez – energetic verse Gaston Fernando Deligne – pioneer Domingo Moreno Jimenes – Postumismo Hector Inchaustegui Cabral – Poesia de sopresa Juan Bosch – previous president Julia Alvarez – advanced existence of "Dom-Yorks"

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Ballet: Highly respected. The National Ballet Company positions as one of the world's generally skilled. Additionally: Camaguey Ballet and Cuban National Dance Alicia Alonso – most noticeable expressive dance identity Poster Art 1965 – 1975 Golden Age of the Poster: Challenging political thoughts showed in publications; consolidated pop workmanship, moderation, and surrealism; blend of Afro-American, Indo-American, Euro-American Che Guevara freely dismisses the Soviet Union's smothering of craftsmanship, numerous notices are painted of him Painting: Wilfredo Lam – post-World War II surrealist, Afro-Cuban topics La Jungle Manuel Mendive – Afro-Cuban topics Untitled Raul Martinez – presented pop workmanship The Island Literature: Government urged Cubans to peruse books with progressive or uniformity subjects Cirilo Villaverde – Cecilia Valdes Others: Alejo Carpentier, Jose Lezama Lima, Luis Rogelio – political thrillers

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Painters: Independence Movement 1950's-60's Philip Lewis – framed the gathering Soul to Art There have not been numerous formal intends to create and bolster specialists Literature: Was composed in Standard English now a development to write in the standard dialect of creole English Zee Edgell – Beka Lamb, In Times Like These, The Festival of SanJoaquin

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Painters: Eduardo Kingman & Camilio Egas, have indigenous foundations and have utilized indigenous subjects to depict enduring and abuse. Oswaldo Guayasamin – most questionable and best known, his works depict social or political challenge however frequently with rather revolting delineations of indigenous individuals. One part of his wall painting in the Congress working in Quito demonstrates a skeleton wearing a protective cap that says the letters CIA, which means the U.S. Focal Intelligence Agency. This made a tremendous contention. The U. AS. Minister required the letters to be painted out, and there was a talk about slicing help to Ecuador, yet at last the composition remained.

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Literature: Mario Vargas Llosa – writer conceived in 1936 is a standout amongst the most celebrated Peruvians of late times. He learned at San Marcos Univesity in Lima. His topics depend on his life in Peru. Discussion in the Cathedral is his most surely understood work. In 1990 he attempted to wind up chose President of Peru. In the wake of being vanquished he cleared out to be in Spain. Peruvian essayist Mario Vargas Llosa is such a large number of things he is best portrayed as a cutting edge Renaissance man. Government official, writer, craftsmanship, film and writing pundit and writer, he is maybe best known as one of a modest bunch of authors that have conveyed contemporary Latin American writing to the front line universally.

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Sculptor: Jose Belloni – tremendous pictures of work creatures Jose Luis Zorilla de San Martin – pictures of neighborhood things & individuals Painters 19 th century: Pedro Figari – likewise VP in 1904; painted scenes and regular daily existence Joaquin Torres Garcia – constructivism – conceptual craftsmanship that utilized materials, for example, glass and metal Painters contemporary: Carlos Paez Vilaro – painted a painting "The Roots of Peace" on the dividers of the Pan American Union tunnel in Washington, 1960 Jose Belloni

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Painters: Leonor Fini: Born in Buenos Aires in 1907 of an Italian mother and Argentinian father whom she never knew, Drawing was an imperative piece of her life and her phenomenal draftsmanship is set apart by quick, lively, pointedly sharp strokes of a fine pen. Leonor was a conceived story-teller, both in discussion and in the numerous stories, journal pieces, exposition ballads and three "novels" that she composed starting in the mid seventies. Jose Maria Villafuerte – paints in the style, vintage racecars, conceived in 1954 in Buenos Aires Influences in move and tune originate from Native American, Spanish, Gaucho society music, Portenos. Traditional authors: Alberto Williams and Carlos Lopez Buchardo Pato – a national diversion orginally from the gauchos (perilous then) Literature: Jorge Luis Borges – world renowned short stories are weird and written in mystical authenticity, persuasive

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Poets: 2 Nobel Prize victors for writing Gabriela Mistral – a teacher who composed verse about lost love and regular nation individuals The Nobel Prize in Literature 1945 "for her verse which, motivated by effective feelings, has made her name an image of the hopeful yearnings of the whole Latin American world" Gabriela Mistral (nom de plume of Lucila Godoy y Alcayaga) Chile b. 1889 d. 1957

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Gabriela Mistral – Banquet Speech (Translation) Gabriela Mistral's discourse at the Nobel Banquet at the City Hall in Stockholm, December 10, 1945 Today Sweden moves in the direction of a removed Latin American nation to respect it in the individual of one of the numerous types of its way of life. It would have satisfied the cosmopolitan soul of Alfred Nobel to augment the extent of his protectorate of development by including inside its span the southern half of the globe of the American mainland. As a girl of Chilean vote based system, I am moved to have before me an agent of the Swedish vote based convention, a custom whose creativity comprises in never-endingly recharging itself inside the structure of the most profitable manifestations of society. The excellent work of liberating a convention from deadwood while preserving in place the center of the old temperances, the acknowledgment of the present and the foresight without bounds, these are what we call Sweden, and these accomplishments are a respect to Europe and a motivating case for the American mainland. The girl of another individuals, I salute the otherworldly pioneers of Sweden, by whom I have been helped more than once. I review its men of science who have improved its national body and brain. I recall the army of educators and instructors who demonstrate the outsider obviously commendable schools, and I look with trusting adoration to those different individuals from the Swedish individuals: agriculturists, experts, and laborers. As of now, by an undeserved stroke of fortune, I am the immediate voice of the writers of my race and the backhanded voice for the respectable Spanish and Portuguese tongues. Both celebrate to have been welcome to this celebration of Nordic existence with its custom of hundreds of years of legends and verse. May God safeguard this model country, its legacy and its manifestations, its endeavors to monitor the imponderables of the past and to cross the present with the certainty of oceanic individuals who conquer each test. My country, spoke to here today by our educated Minister Gajardo, regards and cherishes Sweden, and it has sent me here to acknowledge the unique respect you have granted to it. Chile will treasure your liberality among her purest recollections.

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The Nobel Prize in Literature 1971 "for a verse that with the activity of a natural drive brings alive a mainland's fate and dreams" Pablo Neruda (nom de plume of Neftalí Ricardo Reyes Basoalto) Chile b. 1904 d. 1973 a submitted Communist, expounded on craving, neediness, and the situation of assembly line laborers

Slide 14 Pablo Neruda Nobel Diploma Artist: Gunnar Brusewitz Calligrapher: Kerstin Anckers

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Painters: Largely obscure