Arrangement of Qualifying Experience Workshop

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´╗┐Arrangement of Qualifying Experience Workshop Networking Education Technology

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What is a Portfolio Of Qualifying Experience? The Portfolio of Qualifying Experience is: An institutionalized means for contender to confirm the nature of their work as business venture experts. A way to report having accomplished at any rate the base level of experience required to meet all requirements for the CCIM Designation.

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Timeline Portfolios might be submitted anytime amid application. The distributed portfolio due date is the last date for which portfolios will be acknowledged to permit adequate time before the Comprehensive Examination for audit and evaluating.

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Candidate Guidance Schedule

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Agenda Current Designation Requirements What Graders search For In Portfolios Qualifying Activity Requirements Review Submission Requirements Review Example Portfolios Important Updates Effective 9/01/06 Discussion/Questions

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Current Designation Requirements

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General Candidacy Become an applicant Complete each of the four (4) center courses CI 101, CI 102, CI 103 & CI 104 Earn three (3) elective credits Elective credits can be earned through numerous sources including finishing the Introduction course , going to the Course Concepts Review program , going to a CCIM Conference or Symposium , successive years of bid, finishing a CCIM Advanced Education or CCIM Online Education course , or Transfer Elective Credits. Get ready and present a worthy "Arrangement of Qualifying Experience" Successfully total the Comprehensive Exam

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Volume Requirements for General Candidacy

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Fast Track Candidacy The Fast Track Program gives land experts the chance to gain the CCIM assignment in a helpful and streamlined configuration. This quickened program is accessible to experts who have earned one of the accompanying assignments: AACI, CLO, CMB, CRF, CPM, CRE, FRI* , MAI/SRPA, RPA, SIOR. *Must demonstrate verification of qualifying exercises in business land to be endorsed by the assignment board of trustees for quick track status. Quick Track Candidates are just required to do the accompanying: Become a Fast Track applicant. Effectively entire the four CCIM center courses (CI 101-Financial Analysis, CI 102-Market Analysis, CI 103-User Decision Analysis, and CI 104-Investment Analysis). Pass the Comprehensive Exam *In acknowledgment of the degree of their preparation and experience, quick track applicants are excluded from the elective credits prerequisite and from the Portfolio of Qualifying Experience. *All prerequisites of the Fast Track Program must be finished inside 24 months.

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Assembling Your Portfolio Of Qualifying Experience

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When Assembling Your Portfolio All components of the portfolio must be typewritten and set in a 3 three-ring or winding folio. Every qualifying movement is submitted as a different area of the portfolio. Exercises ought to be masterminded backward sequential request (latest to start with, etc), with every area independently selected and numbered. Every Portfolio Submitted ought to contain the Following: Portfolio Summary Sheet Summary of Qualifying Activity Data Form Narrative or Comprehensive Case Study ( if submitting under the old necessities ) Executive Summary Settlement Documentation Proof of Candidates Role ( as reported in the Designation Handbook )

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Proof Of Candidates Role Candidates are required to submit two evidences archiving their part in every exchange provided. Documentation can include: Completed records with mark Proof of pay Notarized Statement of Specific Involvement and checks your correct part . Duplicate of a deed indicating you as grantee or grantor *Questions with respect to confirmation of verification, please counsel Designation Handbook

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Activity #: Property: Tenant Name: Transaction Date: Overview of the Property: In this exchange, I was the posting specialist for this 20,000 square foot, rural office building situated in the Ran Air advertise zone of Mair County. A nearby law office built up the working in 1988, and the monetary subsidence of the mid 1990's constrained them to default on the advance and the bank, ________________ Company (in receivership), recaptured ownership of the building. As prove by the name, the court-designated collector, situated in Michigan, observed the movement of the moneylenders. Our firm goes about as the selective renting specialist and property director, and we answer to a provincial resource supervisor in St. Louis, Missouri. At the point when doled out the duty regarding the venture in the fall of 1994, the inhabitance level of the venture was at 30%. General conditions in this 2.1 million square foot office advertise showed a 15% opening, however there was theoretical development happening at a rate of 33,000 square feet for each year. While it is not an extensive territory, Mair County is one of the quickest developing regions in the state, regarding populace development. The central purposes of financial advancement in the region are two substantial Department of Defense organizations, the Wanli Air Force Base, and Winkler Arsenal. There is additionally a quickly growing social insurance framework. Having gone to the CI 104 and 103 projects amid this renting program, I utilized the abilities educated as a part of those courses. I made an objective market examination answer to clarify the nearby economic situations for the non-neighborhood recipient. The renting report I made verified that the best inhabitants for the building would be the resistance business individuals who were included in local ventures in the territory. These contractual workers have multi-year contracts for natural cleanup exercises, and in addition other research related projects. Since these organizations require cancelation statements in their leases if the agreement with the army installation is scratched off, a few landowners think of them as hazardous. By arranging more than 60 huge office clients in the science and innovation territory as far as their present area and length of inhabitance, I disclosed to the proprietor that this hazard was not that extraordinary, and that 80% of these inhabitants remained set up in their current structures for at least 4 years. Our database showed that a potential prospect possessed more than 250,000 square feet right now. By expressing the monetary quality of these potential inhabitants (most are Fortune 500 organizations), the proprietor was astonished at the "credit quality" of the potential occupant blend. This "credit quality" was not what they expected in such a little market range. The proprietors offered consent to continue to seek after forcefully exchanges in which national organizations would have enthusiasm for this venture. Test Narrative

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Even however the building was more than 70% empty, the biggest adjacent deliverable suite was 4,000 square feet. I used a similar rent examination to decide the most suitable system for managing this issue. Contemplations, for example, migrating the one existing occupant out of the primary floor to make a 7,000 square foot suite, was adjusted against the likelihood of having the capacity to use the current changes in the littler suites. We suggested that the floor remain multi-rented, yet we diminished the measure of open ranges in the working by a few percent. Since the benefit supervisor situated in St. Louis reported and got every vital endorsement from the recipients in Michigan, the reports we exhibited were basic to any achievement we accomplished. A market contemplate, like those displayed in CI 102 and CI103, was a part of the 1996 spending process. All recommendations required a "rent option", to contrast the imminent rent with that displayed in the 1996 spending plan. Since the every exchange had an early end statement, marked down income investigation turned into an essential part of the money related assessment of the potential leases. In our market, an occupant agent specialist speaks to practically every one of these imminent inhabitants. A large portion of these occupant delegate intermediaries associate through a national system or offshoot with a national firm. I reached the inhabitants specifically, as well as their intermediaries to facilitate the exchanges. Two of these dealers were starting office space reviews. One was for a resistance contractual worker known as Raabe International, and the other was for a general office prerequisite for the Lohman Corporation. Unexpectedly, despite the fact that the Lohman Corporation was not in the guard business, they required an early end condition powerful toward the end of the third year of the underlying 5-year term of their rent. The number cruncher used was a HP-12C, with Lotus programming for the spreadsheet investigation. (Duplicates of a portion of the work appended to this story.) With these two leases, and in addition others (3 guard, 1 restorative, 1 general office), the building is presently 82% rented, and the N.O.I. was $213,000 for 1997. The proprietors and collectors are satisfied with our advance, and the property is recorded with us available to be purchased at a cost of $1.9 million. The business presentation will incorporate a N.O.I. count as exhibited in CI 104 with future income potential, and an I.R.R. figuring. My part in this venture as selective posting operator proceeds, and I am currently likewise the elite offering specialist. Test Narrative Continued

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Sample Executive Summary Activity #: Property Name: Assignment Date: Completion/Settlement Date: Property Description: ( Property Name ) is a 10097 sq. ft. mechanical office situated on 1,094 sections of land of land in the ( Location ) Industrial Park. The property includes a 18' clear roof tallness, one dock and one review level entryway, and 400 amp 3 stage control. The building has roughly 1,785 sq. ft. of completed office space, with 5 private workplaces, a gathering zone, a general office range, storage spaces, and two washrooms. Customer's G