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ARRA Monitoring Training Iowa WIC Compliance May 3, 2010

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Vendor Monitoring Before Approval After Approval Electronic on location Routine Compliance Buys Inventory Audits

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Before Approval Review Application – paper frame Confirm data Food Supplier, other State and Federal

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Monitoring Electronic Monitor exercises Inventory Audit Actual Count On-Site

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Agency Monitoring on location organization surveys Office visit Clinic visit Administrative visit Financial survey

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Agency Office Visit Completed by nourishment advisor Every 2 years, inverse of regulatory visit Review of projects identified with administration conveyance and effort Audit center administration records

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Agency Clinic Visit Monitor nature of administrations Evaluate ampleness Completed by sustenance expert Yearly

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Administrative Visit Review of authoritative and faculty arrangements Compliance with social equality Evaluation of: Property administration Fiscal control measures Documentation of uses Completed by program organizer Every 2 years, inverse of office visit and monetary survey

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Financial Review Completed by inside examiner Every 2 years, inverse of managerial visit Review late review discoveries, acquiring and stock controls Evaluate: Fiscal strategies Fiscal control measures Expenditures and documentation

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Routine Store Monitoring Routine - store told at time of visit Required by Federal or Program Guidelines WIC requires 5% of every approved merchant Selection Criteria

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Compliance Monitoring Compliance – Covert - store not informed until close of examination. Required by Federal or Program Guidelines WIC requires 5% of every approved merchant Selection Criteria

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Documentation Complete Records Paper and Electronic Record purchase/buy Disposal of items

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Disposal of Product Documentation of transfer Description of item Quantity Value Date and Time of transfer Person conveying and individual tolerating item Signed – Dated report

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Sanctions – Vendor and Participant Violation (point or fine framework) Disqualification Reciprocal Agreements – different offices Civil Money Penalty Formula for computation Establish endorses and be predictable

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Other Compliance Methods Staff irreconcilable circumstance Separation of obligations Fraud and manhandle information gathering Comment cards General conditions presented on IDPH site

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Deviations - Indicators Deviations Program Guidelines – Federal/State Required checking Indicators Complaints Reciprocal Agreements Frequency

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Encourage Compliance Establish Rapport Believability Be Consistent Follow-through Reciprocal Agreements Network with different offices/states