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Is it true that you are READY? Jessica Edwards, RN, BSN Connie Lindsey, RN, MSN Ann Reed, RN, MSN Iva Scroggins, RN, BSN Emily Snider, RN, BSN Tracy Tidwell, RN, MSN, CPNP Christy Zarski, RN Le Bonheur Children's Medical Center Memphis, TN Service, Quality, Integrity, Teamwork

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Our story… Recognized abnormal state of family stretch Families persistently voiced "sentiment loss of control" Desire to enhance quiet/family fulfillment Service, Quality, Integrity, Teamwork

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READY … to Make a Change? Issue: Nurses on 5-South were disappointed with technique for reporting and low patient fulfillment scores Families on 5-South were baffled with absence of data and capacity to impact plan of care Unit in general understood that we expected to concentrate more on including the parent/tolerant in the choice procedure Bedside Nurse-to-Nurse Report was one of the strategies chose to start our better approach for taking a gander at things Service, Quality, Integrity, Teamwork

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Why we do what we do… A Picture Tells It All Parents/Caregivers know their youngsters best. Including the family in the care arrange imparts trust and collaboration Everyone has a need to feel included and essential Service, Quality, Integrity, Teamwork

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Are You READY ? WE ARE … Bedside Nurse to Nurse Report Is A Great Method of Practicing Family-Centered Care R Reassures patients and guardians that we fill in as a group E Ensures association amongst staff and parental figures An Ability to envision and organize mind D Decrease parental figures nervousness over arrangement of care Y Yields more joyful staff, patients, and families! Benefit, Quality, Integrity, Teamwork

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Our Research Team A gathering of medical caretakers were chosen from the neuroscience unit that all indicated enthusiasm for being pioneers to execute change & were keen on family focused care. ADN, BSN, and MSN arranged attendants Staff medical caretakers, understanding facilitators, executive, upper administration and attendant expert Various levels of experience on neuroscience unit

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Bedside Report Design A review investigation to break down information from the past six month of patient fulfillment overviews A review examination of check out times of 5S RN's over a six month duration A planned investigation utilizing helpful inspecting to gather information from the patient fulfillment studies Nurses were requested that total a poll before and six months after the usage of bedside reporting Data was factually contrasted with decide, assuming any, relationship existed between bedside reporting and patient fulfillment studies

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Data Analysis: Bedside Report Answers to the patient fulfillment study were gathered and plotted by the QI office to figure out whether there was increment in fulfillment after execution of bedside reporting Answers acquired from nursing polls were assessed to figure out whether RN fulfillment with the reporting framework enhanced after execution of bedside reporting

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Measurement Tools Patient Satisfaction Surveys How might you rate worry of the nursing unit staff for your solicitations How might you rate the accessibility of your youngster's attendants How well did medical caretakers keep you educated about your tyke's treatment and condition Did the staff on your nursing unit indicate regard for you and your kid's needs How might you rate the general collaboration of the clinic staff who dealt with your kid

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Service, Quality, Integrity, Teamwork

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Service, Quality, Integrity, Teamwork

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Service, Quality, Integrity, Teamwork

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$18,494 $12,019 Service, Quality, Integrity, Teamwork

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Service, Quality, Integrity, Teamwork

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Advantages of Bedside Report Accountability Relay exact data on patient Both attendants picture quiet Increased patient and family contribution Service, Quality, Integrity, Teamwork

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Disadvantages of Bedside Report Time expending when staffing does not allow a free charge nurture Some families not open

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Outcomes of Bedside Report Increase in Satisfaction of Patients/Parents/Caregivers Increase in Satisfaction of Nurses Decrease in the measure of time Nurses stayed "Over Shift"

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Future Recommendations Add different components, for example, 100% Utilization of Updating White Boards amid Bedside Report Computer Documentation Check Ongoing assessment of approaches to draw in parental/persistent inclusion in the formal arrangement of care