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Our payload was discovered a week later in brushing area by farmers in Redland, KS. ... to think inflatables carry on in a direct manner since the climb is almost straight. ...

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ARBONET "A poor man's space program" Primarily financed and skewer headed by: Doug Loughmiller – W5BL Michael Willett – K5NOT With bolster from a few eager people and clubs

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ARBONET Local Clubs Involved with ARBONET: North Texas Balloon Project (tutors/chasers) Red River Valley Amateur Radio Club (NE TX) Fannin County Amateur Radio Club (NE TX) Lockheed Amateur Radio Club – Ft. Worth Richardson Wireless Klub (visitor payloads) Irving Amateur Radio Club

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Adventures: GPSL-2009 Aka: Which way did it go?

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ARBONET GPSL 2009 Arrived with payloads prepared and willing to go flying, however… . Got to be "illuminated" by Bill Brown… " The Copernicus GPS has issues and settings you have to address… " We didn't drive as far as possible up here to sit on the sidelines… . So we flew at any rate! We thought we would at any rate have Lat/Long… And… . After the radio batteries were drained… ..

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ARBONET Our payload was found a week later in brushing land by farmers in Redland, KS. After reward cash and postage, the payload returned to Texas! Amid the recuperation, Doug and I never giggled so hard, ridiculing the female voice signal who jabbered but then said nearly nothing!

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ARBONET 29,616 ft Last Valid GPS Data Point Max height acquired evaluated by Bill Brown WB8ELK as around 110,000 feet

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ARBONET GPSL 2009 Flight Configuration Balloon Manifold Pressure Sensor Feed Electronics Valve (shut for this flight) Parachute (Intended to be shut for flight)

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6 Minute Video ARBONET flight at GPSL 2009

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Interesting Data: Envelope Pressure

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ARBONET P = F/A Where P = Pressure Where F = Force Where A = Area If P is about static, F/An are not changing or parallel in change If P builds, F is expanding or An is diminishing If P diminishes, F is diminishing or An is expanding

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ARBONET GPSL 2009 Flight Configuration Balloon Manifold Pressure Sensor Feed Electronics Valve (shut for this flight) Parachute (Intended to be shut for flight)

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ARBONET Pressure Sensors: Measured Pressure = Ambient Pressure More Pressure Diaphragm Ambient Air Ambient Air

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ARBONET P=F/A Balloon Rs Diaphragm Ambient Air Ambient Air

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ARBONET Internal Temperature Of Payload Pressure

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ARBONET We tend to think inflatables carry on in a direct manner since the climb is almost straight. Therefore an inflatable that is getting greater ought to have equivalent or more weight… We found the conduct is not straight, but rather an adjust of P=F/A that was not expected Other components likewise contribute – He contaminations, purpose of estimation, and so on. The Latex extending is not straight, and the "mechanical most extreme" (capacity to contain the gas inside) has a point of confinement that is conspicuous just before burst!

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ARBONET This range may really turn into a vacuum for every comparative results from U of MN understudies ARBONET Envelope Pressure in respect to encompassing (not aligned )

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ARBONET To balance the ideal envelope weight, we have to distinguish and stay in this locale Envelope Pressure in respect to surrounding (not adjusted )

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Possible Flight Profile Phase 5 Hover Phase 6 Deflation and Return by means of Balloon Phase 4 Ascent 80K-100K ft Phase 3 Sense return of Positive weight Trend and Modulate Pressure ALTITUDE Phase 6 Return to Hover (Dump Ballast) Phase 2 Ascent Phase 7 Recovery Phase 1 Launch RDF Tone TIME

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ARBONET How envelope balance might be utilized: Hang an inflatable for longer-term, high-elevation tests, re-call it when sought A repeater in the sky for drawn out stretches of time Controlled plunges and with balance, conceivable controlled arrivals by pursue group Gain higher heights, despite the fact that the ft/min is continually diminishing after greatest extension, you are as yet moving for a long time! Note: Likely venting issue if in the zero weight district!

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ARBONET Project 1: New Voice Beacon Payload

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ARBONET The new voice guide payload: Same lost blonde-sounding ladies' voice we as a whole love. Inventek GPS with Sarantel recieving wire 0.3 PSI appraised weight sensor (higher accuracy) Embedded repeater by means of 70cm and 2m radios Built in USB for log recovery and investigating DS1822 Digital thermometer Internal and External Sensiron Thermometer and mugginess estimation gadget 2Mb to 4Mb logging memory limit Separate, controllable influence transports for all gadgets to lessen influence utilization All on a 3.8 x 2.5 twofold sided load up

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ARBONET VOICE BEACON Design Team : Patrick Whitfill, Firmware Guru/Operational Aspects Michael Willett, K5NOT, Systems outline, Hardware plan and JOAT

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ARBONET The new voice guide primary load up:

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ARBONET The new voice reference point principle load up: Voice Synthesizer (Backside) Analog In and Servos 70cm Antenna Pgm Hdr USB Hdr 70 cm radio (posterior) Pressure Sensor CPU and memory USB Chip (rear) Power In GPS Open Tracker SMT 2m Antenna 2m radio (rear) Each segment utilizes Power Control

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ARBONET The new voice signal fundamental load up:

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ARBONET Project 2: Slow Scan TV Module

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Doug Loughmiller, W5BL – ARBONET GPSL 2010 Hutchinson, KS July 23rd, 2010 ARBONET A gander at the OE1RIB Embedded Mobile SSTV for use in High Altitude Balloon Flights

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Design Credit ARBONET The idea, plan and execution of the Mobile Embedded SSTV System is 100% the consequence of the endeavors of Richard Prinz, OE1RIB who has charitably made his outline materials accessible to W5BL for use on up and coming ARBONET flights. Doug's endeavors have basically been to recognize Richard's work and to advance his outline as a reasonable answer for a low influence, minimal effort, compact SSTV arrangement appropriate for use as a payload on High Altitude Balloon Flights..

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Image Options for High Altitude Balloon Flights ARBONET ATV Platform Stabilization, restricted ground stations Digital Photography/Digital Video Excellent Images, yet must be seen post flight SSTV Excellent Image quality, downlink in close ongoing, simple ground station arrangement with recipient, tablet and shareware

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What We Really Want To See! ARBONET

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Commercial, Portable Off-the-Shelf SSTV Options are Limited ARBONET

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A Novel Home-Brew Solution ARBONET Original Article Appeared in "Funkamateur" 8/2007 OE1RIB Web Site:

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Features of The Universal Mobile Embedded SSTV System ARBONET Supports Black and White or Color Images Using Martin 1 with either 320 x 240 or 320 x 256 pixels Supports SSTV VIS code, Optional CW station ID Multiple transmissions of a caught picture or single transmission of different pictures Battery upheld Real-time clock for time and date show on picture or by means of CW

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ARBONET Built-in temperature sensor in picture show or through CW In-circuit Programmable User characterized Font Editor For Status Text Messages Configurable by means of RS-232 Port utilizing HyperTerm-like serial projects Small Form Factor Light Weight

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System Image Using Martin1 ARBONET

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Circuit Details ARBONET Microprocessor = Microchip PIC18F458 Video Buffer= AverLogic AL422B Real Time Clock= Maxim DS1307 Temperature Sensor= Microchip TC74 Camera= Sander/ETC CAM-C3188A Low Power System works at 100 mA amid picture catch and transmission , 90 mA out of gear.

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Construction ARBONET Almost all parts are promptly accessible through list wholesalers (Mouser, Digi-key and so on.) Exceptions: Averlogic Frame Buffer, Maxim MAX1818 and Sanders Camera Boards can be acquired through ExpressPCB Software downloadable from the Web webpage Some surface mount segments

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Conclusion ARBONET Ideal Solution for BalloonSat Operations Thanks to Richard, OE1RIB for Sharing his plan Stay Tuned for Images from Upcoming ARBONET flights.

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