Aquaculture and Improvement

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World Bank Workshop. Viet Nam. January 2008. association . incredibleness. ... produce water nourishes. fish merchant. develop sustain. fixing harvests. more extensive economy and other ...

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association . incredibleness . development Aquaculture and Development World Bank Workshop Viet Nam January 2008

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aquaculture - the issues

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aquaculture, nourishment and occupations expands social and natural flexibility environmentally proficient amphibian herbivores and sustenance networks builds 'edit per drop' diminishes weight on wild fish utilize monetarily negligible assets salinized groundwater, get pits, water system channels assembles strong employments high esteem trim moderate environmental change impacts angle lake sustain green plants

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aquaculture and advancement worldwide fish generation a standout amongst the most imaginative and quickly developing sustenance segments specialized improvements advertise openings speculation lion's share of oceanic nourishments gives chances to millions 12 million Asian fish ranchers multiplier impacts all through esteem chain 80 catch 70 60 50 million tons 40 30 20 10 culture 0 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 year source : FAO

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aquaculture and monetary development more extensive economy and different recipients deliver water encourages transport sear, angle & bolsters access to reasonable fish work an incubator create angle dealer seed agriculturist transporter retailer buyer nourish process feedstuffs develop encourage fixing crops exceedingly compelling method for amplifying profits by farming for advancement

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red tide, Inland Sea, Japan yet … some remain ineffectively educated poor empowering environment absence of venture genuine concerns can creation take care of development in demand? rate of aquaculture development moderating effects of development, escalation and globalization makes unsustainable requests on nature propagates/exasperates imbalance and social rejection helpless to environmental change, expanding defenselessness

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aquaculture - the standards

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key venture standards recognize target aggregates and set up goals at program/extend beginning and create setting particular intercessions receive a people focused – maintainable occupations - approach partners ought to embrace/alter innovations that both amplify efficiency and minimize ecological requests to client abilities and necessities comprehend, and secure access to, present and future markets comprehend the parts of bolster foundation and the significance of mainstreaming aquaculture into watershed arranging and draw in with private/open areas and common society to make an empowering domain

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executing the standards contextual analysis 1

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USAID DSAP, Bangladesh Development of Sustainable Aquaculture Project 2000-2005 agriculturist, NGO, open division, specialist association clear up destinations enhance strength of little scale ranchers through better advances plan setting particular speculations create economical augmentation bolster increment partner specialized information enhance access to info markets

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USAID DSAP, Bangladesh embrace Sustainable Livelihoods approach that was family based family unit capacities and resources advance on-homestead asset utilize increment benefits and nourishment security engage ladies tailor advances Participatory Action Research NGO limit building (500 staff) learning systems

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USAID DSAP, Bangladesh comprehend markets solid markets for reasonable fish absence of reasonable back, quality seed and encourage make empowering environment enhanced joining forces courses of action NGOs encouraged access to fund SME appropriated seed and sustain generation

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USAID DSAP, Bangladesh - results recipients 68,400+ ranchers sustenance security >8200 t family unit level advantages generation – 1542 to 3046 kg ha - 1 aquaculture pay - $1130 to $2200 ha - 1 add up to homestead wage - 13% to 17% fish utilization - 46 to 58 g individual - 1 day - 1 strengthening of ladies

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contextual analysis 2

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development of IAA, Malawi, since 1988 (different financing offices, accomplices, partners) distinguish target recipients low wage, smallholder ranchers HIV-AIDS influenced families elucidate targets enhance nourishment security (angle; trim per drop) and versatility of ranchers through improvement and dispersal of advances coordinated aquaculture (IAA), Malawi

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outline setting particular speculations increment partner information new ways to deal with expansion enhance on-homestead asset use to boost benefits receive Sustainable Livelihoods approach survey agriculturist capacities and resources enhance sustenance security, gainfulness and sustenance enable agriculturists (rancher bunches) enable ladies and youngsters HIV-AIDS influenced family units IAA, Malawi

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IAA, Malawi tailor advances Participatory Action Research all encompassing, entire homestead approach dry spell safe advances for ladies and kid headed families heightening of creation comprehend markets present and future make empowering environment

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IAA, Malawi - results 5000 agriculturists increment of 22% for every annum 1996 – 2001 (40% 2003-2006) from Dey et al. (2007) enhanced reusing, manageability, flexibility

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Technological Aspects Human Capital Social Inst. Environ 68% 71% 80% 64% 55% 84% 70% 75% IAA, Malawi – scaling out from information mapping from Bayesian system demonstrating *KAM Suan Pheng, WorldFish Center, and accomplices – Universities of Kassel, Hoenheim, Germany; Dept. Fisheries, Malawi Bangladesh; Chinese Academy of Fisheries Science

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contextual analysis 3

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waterway catfish, Vietnam cage culture of stream catfish, Vietnam recognize target recipients confine catfish cultivating SMEs elucidate destinations increment creation for fare outline setting particular mediations increment access to seed and nourish control infection esteem chain improvement sustenance security (traceability, confirmation) specialty markets

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stream catfish, Vietnam embrace Sustainable Livelihoods approach survey abilities and resources rice ranchers, businesspeople, lake administrators tailor advances organizations between government analysts, colleges, agriculturists affiliations and business area bolster, incubation center, sickness, preparing create learning systems (rancher to agriculturist) maker affiliations

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stream catfish, Vietnam markets Europe 2003 PPP (BMZ/GTZ, Naturland e.V., Binca Seafood GmBH, A Giang Fisheries Association/SMEs; Thai reviewing organization) natural catfish benchmarks empowering environment govt.- organized fare situated aquaculture for monetary development rice culture lessened by 120,000 ha move from SOE to SMEs

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waterway catfish, Vietnam - results 1 million tons (>$1 billion) 1.5% GDP development of 20% p.a. for a long time utilizes many thousands expanded nourishment security manageability markets (US) natural solid approach environment and actualizing foundations Vietnam's fishery sends out (esteem) 2006