Apple, Inc: Straightforwardness in Corporate Explanations About the Chief

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Prime supporters Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in April 1976 ... group that it can be fruitful without Jobs? Improves general ...

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Apple, Inc: Transparency in Corporate Statements About the CEO

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Health Concerns … 2006 2008

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Health Concerns Grow …

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Apple's Initial Response "… hormone awkwardness… " "… basic and direct… " "… proceed as Apple's CEO… "

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Apple's Second Response "… medical problems are more mind boggling… " "… to take a medicinal time away… "

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Interested Parties Apple Inc. Shareholders & Investing Community Media Competitors (i.e. Dell, Microsoft, and so forth.) Apple Customers U.S. Government Legal Community

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Initial Public Response

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Looking Ahead Why & how is Jobs essential to Apple? What are the primary post-Jobs issues?

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The History of Apple

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The History of Apple Co-organizers Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in April 1976

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The History of Apple: Stage I Apple II (1980) Macintosh (1984) Apple I (1976)

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The History of Apple: Stage II John Sculley Apple CEO (1985 – 1993) Macintosh Portable (1989) Macintosh Performa (1992) Newton OS (1993)

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The History of Apple: Stage II Michael Spindler Apple CEO (1993 – 1996) (Yahoo! Fund)

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The History of Apple: Stage II Gil Amelio Apple CEO (1996 – 1997) (Yahoo! Back)

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Steve Jobs: 1985 - 1997 1985: Founded by Steve Jobs 1996: Sold to Apple ($429 million) 1986: Bought by Jobs ($10 million) 2006: Sold to Disney ($7.4 billion)

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The History of Apple: Stage III Personal Computers iMac (1998) MacBook (2006)

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The History of Apple: Stage III Personal Devices iPods (2001) iPhone (2007)

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The History of Apple: Stage III Multimedia iTunes (2003) Apple TV (2007)

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The History of Apple: Stage III (Yahoo! Back)

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Steve Jobs Premium? What amount has Steve Jobs been worth to Apple Stock? ~$20 Billion Analysts gauge between 10-20% ...

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Sustainable Industry Leader? (Mac Keynote Address 2008)

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Media/Investor Relations "… Apple has permitted its institutional self-importance , its way of life of mystery , and perhaps its anxiety for and dread of Jobs to lead it down a way of rank corporate flightiness … " ( Los Angeles Times, January 2009 ) "… The nature of data we're getting from Apple is conflicting, best case scenario and deluding even under the least favorable conditions." ( CNBC's Fast Money, January 2009 )

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Legal Ramifications? Mac confronts an administration survey from the SEC of its exposures about Steve Jobs' medical issues to guarantee speculators weren't deluded . ( Bloomberg, January 2009 ) "It appears to be likely that somebody will bring legitimate activity asserting that Apple or its chiefs inability to keep the market completely educated about Jobs' wellbeing constituted a material misquote ." ( iTWire , January 2009 )

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Initial Market Response

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Initial Market Response Dec. 9, 2008 - Apple Inc. exchanging at $100.06 per share Jan. 5, 2009 - Apple bounce back to $94.58 after Jobs' affirmation that he will proceed as Apple CEO Dec. 24, 2008 - Apple loses 15% after Jobs hauls out of his 2009 MacWorld keynote address Jan. 20, 2009 - Apple loses right around 20% when Jobs declares his time away ($78.20)

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Market Comparison

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Summary of Issues Diminished Company Value Lower Stock Price Concerns of Post-Jobs Success Media & Investor Distrust Lack of Communication Credibility Potential claims & SEC survey Potential Financial Impact Potential Negative PR

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Looking Forward How can Apple impart to the contributing group that it can be fruitful without Jobs? Ought to Apple attempt to build up another Jobs-like front man with some person like Timothy Cook or Jonathan Ive? Improves general correspondence with the media and people in general? Provided that this is true, how, and does this likewise incorporate more prominent divulgence about Steve Jobs' own medical problems? On the off chance that confronted with recorded claims, ought to Apple attempt to halt it from developing in any way (i.e. rapidly settle out-of-court) to keep away from the conceivably negative PR?

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Apple's Top Talent Timothy D. Cook Chief Operating Officer (acting CEO) Dramatically expanded Apple's edges by hauling it out of assembling Served as Apple CEO for two months in 2004 Jonathan Ives Senior Vice President, Industrial Design Lead fashioner behind the iMac, iPod, PowerBook, MacBook and iPhone Numerous plan grants, additionally appraised the most persuasive Briton in America

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