Any Locale/School Far reaching School Security Arrangement (Logo)

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Support in Safe School Week Awareness Activities. Yearly protected school exercises are incorporated on the Kentucky Center for School Safety Website. ...

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Any District/School Comprehensive School Safety Plan (Logo) Presented by Date

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Four Necessary Components of a Comprehensive School Safety Plan

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Student Code of Conduct Screen shot Mission of School Sample…

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Safe School Report Disciplinary Reports Surveys Students Parents Staff Members Community Counselor's Data State Trend Data Non-intellectual school information CDIP/CSIP Students-Sources of Data

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Student - Analysis of Need Needs According to Infinite Campus Data 2008 - 2009 and school log there have been seven battles in the upstairs young men lavatory this year. That number pairs a year ago. Arrange : During An/A classes, lessons will be exhibited on hostility and genius social abilities. Additional checking will be vital here. Will's identity dependable? What is your course of events? What will it cost and where is the cash originating from?

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Student Management Plan-Safety Curriculum All understudies are possibly at-danger of savagery in today's general public. All understudies need to learn genius social abilities to have the capacity to develop into profitable grown-ups. Expert social aptitudes educational modules is conveyed to understudies beginning at the pre-school level and strung through the understudies' instructive profession. Second Step Curriculum This is an examination based viciousness avoidance educational programs instructed from pre-school through the eighth grade. Sympathy, outrage administration, and drive control are instructed and honed in the classrooms.  Natural Helpers Peer choice isolates this companion intervention program from others. Common understudy pioneers in the school are chosen by their associates to help with companion intercession. The understudies are prepared in ace social abilities and intercession strategies. They are enabled to help different understudies battling with day by day circumstances. Secondary school and center schools actualize this program.  Botvin Life Skills Life Skills is a substance mishandle counteractive action educational programs instructed at the sixth, seventh, and eighth grade level. Set out This hostile to medication educational programs is conveyed by Police Officers in the 5 th and 8 th grades. iSafe Internet security educational programs is instructed at all review levels and incorporates a parent association. Eddie Eagle Gun security educational programs supported by the state police, is conveyed to rudimentary understudies .

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Student Management Plan-Safety Programs Alternative Education In-School Detention Alternative School (Name It) Participation in Safe School Week Awareness Activities Annually safe school exercises are incorporated on the Kentucky Center for School Safety Website. Support in Red Ribbon Week This is a medication and substance mishandle mindfulness program. Understudy Assistance Program This program is an additional advising system to help understudy when requirements emerge. Extend Prom and Graduation After the prom and graduation the guardians and staff hold a gathering at school for the understudies to advance capable basic leadership.

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Emergency Management Guide Do you have one? How thorough is it? Is it redesigned every year?

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Emergency Management Data Sources of Data Drill Logs After Action Reports (from drills, situations, and episodes) Safety Committee Meeting Minutes First Responders Meetings or Info

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Emergency Management Guide For investigation either utilize slide 5 like in the understudy area or… Include After Action Reports and Safety Committee Meeting Minutes

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Emergency Management Guide Do you have parts of this accessible for guardians in present frame or on the site? Do you have Memorandum of Agreements with Off Campus Sites? Flipcharts Response Kits Student Tip line 1-877-730-STOP (7867)

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Physical Plant Plan Do you have a physical plant or grounds weakness arrange? Screen shot It could be a wellbeing examination agenda sort thing Is it finished every year

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Physical Plant Plan Sources of Data Hazard Hunts Vulnerability Checklists Maintenance Inspections Chemical Storage Checklists

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Physical Plant Plan Analysis of Need List them Who is mindful.. Wh ere is the cash originating from …

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Physical Plant Plan - Initiatives School Resource Officers The secondary schools have school asset officers to help with security training, reconnaissance and request. The SROs are shared between schools when the need emerges. Restricted Access Only one entryway is available to people in general and a sign-in method is in place.  Surveillance cameras, signals, and fences confine the entrance to each school.    Fences Gate Metal Detectors Surveillance Cameras

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Staff Safety Plan Staff Handbook Screen shot or rundown things that identify with school security from the handbook Staff e-impart that incorporates wellbeing issues Newsletter to staff on wellbeing issues

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Staff Safety Plan Sources of Data Staff Skills Inventory Staff requiring extraordinary help PD Surveys (what we require PD on… ) Endorsements and affirmations, and so forth

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Staff Safety Plan Analysis of Data What are the necessities of the personnel in regions of PD Or preparing… Who will be mindful When will it happen and where is the financing Next need… ..

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Staff Safety Plan-Initiatives Crisis Response Training Safe School Conference CPR Training Science Safety Training OSHA Training Blood Born Pathogens

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Calendar of Implementation and Communication Date Completed

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Communication How would you impart your wellbeing arrangement? Yearly guardians and understudies sign for implicit rules Is it on the site? Bulletins (articles) E-mail cautions (wellbeing issues) Newspapers, Radio and Television Others