Anthony Niles Engineer Research and Development Center Alexandria, Virginia

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. . . . . . . Issue: Longitudinal review lines and scanty cross-areas used to affirm dug channel. Next Step: Dialog with region to decide purpose behind overview methodology; empower more basic organization with more cross-areas.. . . Issue: Long pivot time for after-dig review and information handling, creating unmoving time for dredge.Corps Surveyors Suggestion: Preliminary results push

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Anthony Niles Engineer Research and Development Center Alexandria, Virginia

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Issue : Longitudinal review lines and meager cross-segments used to confirm dug channel Next Step : Dialog with region to decide explanation behind overview approach; energize more typical organization with more cross-areas.

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Issue : Long pivot time for after-dig review and information preparing, creating inert time for dig. Corps Surveyors Suggestion : Preliminary outcomes created and accessible inside 24 hours of finishing of review. Dredgers Suggestion : Corps overview master locally available and checking dig or 3 rd party review vessel to guarantee study. Next Step : Further dialog required with Corps surveyors.

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Issue : Surveys as old as 30 months gave to temporary worker to appraise digging work. Next Step : Dialog with locale to decide purposes behind old studies; absence of assets, inaccessible staff, other. Issue : Improper use of Survey Manual in contract details and acknowledgment of dig results. Next Step : Memorandum to Corps locale prompting that Corps surveyors be incorporated into audit of agreement details and be available at pre-development gatherings.

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Hydrographic Survey Engineer Manual Original Plan: Workshop at the U.S. Hydro Conference, May 2007. New Plan: Collaboration by means of email and download of Word archives; Chapter 4: Survey Accuracy Estimates for Dredging and Navigation Projects Chapter 11: Multibeam Depth Measurements Chapter 15: Dredge Measurement and Payment Volume Computations Chapter 22: Contracted Survey Specifications And Cost Estimates Chapter 3: Accuracy Standards, QC/QA Chapter 9: Single Beam Depth Measurements Chapter 14: Dredge Support Surveys Chapter 21: Depth Measurement Over Irregular or Unconsolidated Bottoms

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Hydro Survey Community of Practice Next meeting; October 29 – November 2, 2007 Trump Marina Plaza, Atlantic City, NJ Participation by digging and overview contractual workers looked for