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ANTHONY INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT State of the District Address Presented by Leadership Team Tuesday, January 17, 2006

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District Mission Statement 2005-2006 The mission of the Anthony ISD is to set up all understudies forever and learning past secondary school exploiting their one of a kind bilingual and bicultural legacy. Anthony Independent School District

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Anthony Independent School District One of 1,037 areas in the State One of 248 regions with an enlistment between 500-999 understudies 482 regions with enlistment under 500

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Student Ethnicity AISD State African American 0.4% 14.2% Hispanic 95.7% 44.7% White 3.9% 37.7% Other 0.0% 3.4%

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Enrollment Factors Loss of business, particularly Mountain Pass Loss of occupations and families moving Local and Regional Economics Change around the local area demographics Additional state and nearby necessities that could incorporate ordered testing, uniform strategy, senior venture, changes in organization, the nearness of the region in moving amongst states and regions and the school financing issue.

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Priorities extensive educational modules arrangement to include what is being instructed, how it is instructed and the aftereffects of what is educated. Increment locale wide and singular school participation.

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Increase mindfulness and inclusion of the AISD by speaking to the region in neighborhood, area and state gatherings as individuals, members, or visitor moderator.

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Focus on SBDM, board of trustees developments and rules for CIP, DWIC, and innovation. Program assessment using Region 19 and outside experts. Increment understudy and instructor contribution and support in scholarly and extracurricular exercises.

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Decrease mischance rate by fusing a preparation and wellbeing program far reaching. Increment (all) partner contribution in the basic leadership prepare making them genuine accomplices in characterizing and supporting the mission and vision of the area.

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Establish an unmistakable authoritative structure for basic leadership, interchanges and school, region and group connections.

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Facilities,Maintenance,Transportation Jacob Morales

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Middle School Gym Renovation Construction began in Summer '05 by Basic Industries Construction finished in January '06 Currently being used for all Middle School exercises

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Floor Logos

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Anthony Middle School Gym

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Anthony Independent School District The State of Technology John Carrillo

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Computer Labs Anthony Elementary 24 Dell Computers introduced Summer '04 Anthony Middle 19 Dell Computers introduced Summer '05 Anthony High 24 Dell Computers introduced Summer '05 29 Dell Computers introduced in BCIS lab 27 Dell Computers accessible for new library

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Hardware & Software Sleek Software for Elementary & Middle Schools Odyssey Ware accessible locale wide NWEA Map accessible region wide

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Infrastructure CAT 6 cabling in every single instructional territory Internet get to accessible in instructional regions, including remote capacity (3) T1 lines get to the web

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E-Rate Year 9 Upgrading of Servers Additional link drops Maintenance Telecommunications Video Distribution System

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Anthony ISD Fred Herrera Finance Director

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Commitment Accountability Added Value Economical utilization of assets Effectiveness Efficiency Ethical lead Internal Control System The Anthony ISD Finance Department handles the District's business office, money related , and acquiring exercises. Back additionally deals with some Human Resources works and gives direction to other bolster divisions. The Department is focused on upgrades in the accompanying classifications:

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Revenue by Source Local Revenue State Revenue Federal Revenue

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District Staff by Category

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District Staff Information

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Anthony I.S.D. A cademic E xcellence I ndicator S ystem 2004 - 2005 Ann Geyer Director of School Support

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Improvement Strategies Analysis of test information MAP testing to decide benchmark accomplishment More concentrate on substance vocabulary More Inclusion (reconciliation into consistent classroom of a custom curriculum understudies and bilingual/ESL understudies) Training on deciding specialized curriculum testing levels Common arranging time for instructors Focus on educational modules arrangement

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Anthony ISD Special Education Department

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Special Education Staff Number of Teachers 4 Number of Paraprofessionals 8 Diagnostician 1 Speech Pathologist 1 Occupational Therapist 1 Physical Therapist 1 Secretary 1 Director 1

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Resource Self-Contained Mainstream Therapeutic Horsemanship Assistive Technology Transportation Counseling Diagnostics Speech Therapy Occupational Therapy Physical Therapy Psychological Testing Visually Impaired Orientation and Mobility Special Education Settings/Services

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District Special Education Numbers by Disability Primary Disability 2003-04 2004-05 2005-06 OI 0 1 1 OHI 3 3 VI 1 1 MR 2 4 5 ED 4 2 0 LD 68 72 64 SI 25 19 23 AU 1 1 Total 104 103 98

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Special Education Referrals 2003-04 2004-05 2005-06 18 33 7* * As of 12/31/05

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Anthony Elementary School Wildcats

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Initiatives and Programs Implemented: Character Counts Program Six Pillars of Character Citizenship, Caring, Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility,& Fairness Nine properties: Tolerance, Self Control, Perserverance, Togetherness , Justice, Peace, Loyalty, Integrity, & Patience The issue of tormenting tended to "Funtastic After School Program… Communities in Schools Grades 3-5 Spelling Bee, Games, Physical Activities, Choir, Folklorico, & Talent Show ARI & AMI Pull-out & After School Tutoring Programs Best Practices Intervention Early Reading & Math instrument evaluation comes about Diagnostic Tools to distinguish those understudies at-hazard MAP, TPRI, Tejas LEE, & RPTE

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" Funtastic" After School Program Communities In Schools & Parent Volunteers

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Instruction & Learning

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Anthony Middle School 2005-2006

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Attendance First Six Weeks 6 th-98.33% 7 th-98.05% 8 th-97.21% Second Six Weeks 6 th-96.97% 7 th-97% eighth 95.07%

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Attendance Third Six Weeks 6 th - 96.8% 7 th-96% 8 th-95.04% Current Enrollment 193

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SDAA Appeal Dr. Shirley Neeley, Texas Commissioner of Education, conceded Anthony Middle School's allure of the "unsuitable rating" because of 2005 SDAA scores. Our rating was changed to "adequate" in October 2005.

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Inclusion Implemented 2005-2006 school year All understudies are mainstreamed to LRE Expectations have ascended for all sp. ed. Understudies Learn from educator and associates Sense of having a place and achievement Better ready to decide fitting state testing levels

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Shared Planning Department gatherings Faculty gatherings CEIC gatherings Technology gatherings Individual arranging time Parent meetings MS/HS exchanges Idea and data sharing

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Measures of Academic Progress December 2005-tried math, perusing, and dialect expressions January Inservice-Teachers talked about MAP comes about for understudies. January 2006-tried science March 2006-will retest all territories and survey advance and address goals requiring further consideration.

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Anthony High School Challenges Unsatisfactory TAKS Scores Unsatisfactory SDAA Expectations and Performance Inadequate education abilities and dialect capability Individual understudy obligation and social impacts Target All understudies will be fruitful in a situation of thorough learning

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Anthony High School Resources Collaborative Planning Time NWEA Measuring Academic Progress (MAP) "Disappointment is Not an Option" Systems Design ("Failure is Not an Option") Common Mission, Vision, & Goals Systems for Preventive Interventions Collaboration Using Data to Guide Decision Making Gaining Family and Community Support Developing Leadership at all levels

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Anthony High School Preliminary Execution Teachers investigating desires, understudy scores, class work Women and Men's Student Conferences Advisory Periods Student Recognition Curriculum examination Qualitative information on the accompanying : Students' view of their scholastic limit and achievement Teachers' feeling of viability to enhance the guideline they convey Teachers' impression of the positive collegiality and its impact on educator adequacy

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Anthony High School Measure and report information on the accompanying : Academic accomplishment of all understudies, i.e., grades & passing rates, MAP, TAKS, SDAA, ACT, SAT, PSAT, AP exams Attendance rates Attrition and drop out rates Frequency and seriousness of disciplinary occasions Student part