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Another Document Control System "another framework to oversee LIGO archives" Stuart Anderson Melody Araya David Shoemaker 29 September, 2008… G080507-00-A

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The Goal "Setup a record storehouse that is sufficiently simple to utilize that it will be generally and routinely utilized inside LIGO (Lab, AdvLIGO, and LSC)" Persistent access to reports by means of the web. Self administration for including new substance. Capacity to look for archives by substance. Similarity with existing archive IDs. Get to controls. Clear detachment of open and private archives. G080507-00-A

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The Solution "The Giaime commission chose DocDB" Open Source instrument utilized at FermiLab (proviso emptor) Definition of an archive incorporates numerous records. Basic work processes upheld, e.g., Engineering close down. Pecking order of get to controls (gather participation). Trigger era (email on archive change). Basic rendition numbering (not adaptation control framework). Content put away in simple to discover records utilizing LIGO report names, e.g.,/home/dcc/… T070059.pdf G080507-00-A

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Status Beta framework up and running as Extremely positive input from early analyzers. Couple of weeks of advancement staying for beginning organization. Improvement and bolster group (Melody) set up. Arrangement group (David and co) set up. G080507-00-A

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Initial Phase Tasks LIGO archive numbers (90%) Public report partition/delay (80%) QA close down (counting committed inquiry) (25%) LIGO gather chain of command and points (characterized/refine) Universal hunt (old and new DCC) S record sort for AdvLIGO serial numbers Seed doc numbers (solidify old framework before CY09) Users manual (wiki for simple input?) open redirection and google enrollment G080507-00-A

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Initial Phase Tasks (2) Bug following framework Mailing list Add another digit to archive numbers (anticipate achievement) Utilize beginning AuthProject instruments (Kerberos): No requirement for another arrangement of shared passwords. No requirement for clients to recollect what DCC gathering to login as. Extraordinary client enlistment/following (who really included/adjusted). Programmed setting of Submitter field given remarkable login Always permit submitter to get to record regardless of the possibility that not assemble approved. Empower wealthier arrangement of gatherings later on. Potentially limit access to QA field, if truly required? G080507-00-A

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Roll Out Plan Ready for eliminated move beginning in late October: Phase 1: couple of weeks of blended improvement and beta analyzers including new analyzers that where not included in the underlying advancement (all documents are ensured to be lost). Stage 2: one month AdvLIGO test (all clients required to keep their own particular neighborhood duplicates until acknowledgment tests passed). Stage 3: one month of LIGO Lab utilize (suggest new clients keep neighborhood duplicates until they have actually confirmed they can share and recover reports). Stage 4: open to full LSC utilize at some point in December. G080507-00-A

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Near Term Enhancements Request particular archive ID (e.g., including old doc). Ask for particular rendition number? Naturally increase doc number for the primary record of each sort in the year. Refuse changing record sort when refreshing rendition since this is currently some portion of the doc ID and document name. Test relocating old archives. Redesign backend web index and conceivably include extra frontend. Reconstruct and test the Test/Backup framework. Test at bigger scale. G080507-00-A

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Long Term Enhancements Update to more current (last?) variant of DocDB. Explore conceivable employments of occasion support, e.g., coordinate with LSC meeting wiki utilize? Explore multi-site reproductions (read-just or read-compose?) e.g., Observatory access after an escavator occasion. Create, test and report numerous framework disappointment situations. Refactor code in light of current involvement with changing from local DocDB to LIGO archive IDs. Choose whether to fork or endeavor to converge back our progressions to the DocDB people group? G080507-00-A

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Open Questions Should LVC be a different get to amass than LSC? How fine grained get to controls ought to be bolstered? E.g., in the long haul ought to the DCC permit working gatherings to oversee private reports, even briefly? Will we be prepared to totally solidify the current DCC by December 31, 2008? Would it be advisable for us to move the majority of the old records to the new framework, if so to what extent will that take? We have put fundamentally in another DCC. What metric ought to be utilized to assess this frameworks achievement? How make we do a superior showing with regards to of overseeing programming ventures from saw require, necessities, fabricate versus purchase, organization, bolster, … How to deal with production reports that we don't possess? G080507-00-A

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Summary Beta framework is looking great - end clients have demonstrated that it is a huge change over the present framework. Tune has made an awesome showing with regards to on a venture with free and evolving necessities. Intrigued ExComm individuals ought to transfer some test records. Take note of, these documents will vanish and additionally be altered by different analyzers. G080507-00-A