An Introduction to Sport England s Swimming Pools Design Guidance Note

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An Introduction to Sport England's 'Swimming Pools' Design Guidance Note ASA Conference 9 th April 2008

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Introductions Ben Woods – Senior Technical Project Manager LDA: Olympic Venues Team Written by: Sport England and Design Advice Consortium Led by S&P Architects Robin Wilson Consulting "Virtual" interview aggregate

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Overview White Handbook 1996 Need for an overhaul Relevant to current circumstance Easily open Free counsel First electronic Pools direct go to downloads 'Plan Guidance' 'wiki-pedia' for games outline

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Objectives 'To advance a more noteworthy general comprehension of Swimming Pool Design' Overview of the ideas Appreciation of specialized issues Critical components that should be viewed as Point to where more nitty gritty data can be discovered

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Target Audience Client Bodies Architects and key experts in the plan group Funding Bodies/Design Champions Stakeholders ( clients – administrators – supports and so on ) General Public (a standout amongst the most asked for subjects)

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Format Chapters Photographs Highlight content boards Hot connections Footnotes

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1. Advance Swimming Promoting the estimation of swimming 4614 separate pools in England 872,910 m2 of water High notoriety in reviews Existing possession and new patterns

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2. Vital Issues Why? … Where? … What estimate? … Who are the feasible clients/exercises? … Strategic Planning Public Consultation Level of Competition Capital Funding Long-term maintainability

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3. Site and Location Site contemplations Location Site arranging External appearance Transport Links

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4. Arranging the Building 1 First Impressions Entrance Area Reception/get to/control Relationship of Spaces Welcoming and appealing to clients

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4. Sorting out the Building 2 Pool Hall Sizes and Layouts Learner and Diving Pools included Moveable Floors/Booms Structure and Glazing

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4. Sorting out the Building 3 Changing Areas 'Village' and Single Sex Disability Access Fixtures, Fittings & Equipment Storage Office/Staff Rooms

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5. Overhauling the Building "Notes" on Building Services issues Energy Consumption/Efficiency Pool Water Quality Air Temperature/Humidity Lighting and Acoustics

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6. Developing the Building "Notes" on Construction Issues Heavy Wear and Tear Pool Tank Design Finishes in Wet Areas Risks of Condensation/Corrosion

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7. Working the Building "Notes" on Maintenance issues Consider at the outline organize Ease of support Creation of perfect, safe conditions for substantial and delayed utilize A glance at basic issue ranges

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8. Additional Information Appendices 1. Related associations 2. Measures and Legislation (CDM, HSE, Pr EN 15288) 3. Changing room limit count (case) 4. Relaxation Pools 5. Additional data/references With hyperlinks to applicable data…

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Consultation "Virtual" gathering counseled while underway in 2007 Over 200 composed remarks on draft distribution various subjects/normal focuses tended to at discussion meeting in February 2008 much gratitude to all who gave significant information including ASA, ISRM, PWTAG, GLL, MSG Consult, Arup, Limbricks, LA Architects, FCB Architects

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Next Steps Read it, utilize it, tell others From Olympic Aquatics Center to little Community Pools Not flawless… yet 99% there Web-based – simple to upgrade 6 month survey arranged

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Contact Details Kevin Mills - Sport England David Griffiths – S&P Architects Robin Wilson – Robin Wilson Consulting Ben Woods – London Development Agency