An enhanced, imaginative and fundamentally better decision for customers and real estate agents.

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Astounding. Straightforward. Savvy. An enhanced, imaginative and profoundly better decision for buyers and real estate agents. "The new unrest in land"., Inc Corporate Central station The Forests, Texas.

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Amazing. Straightforward. Brilliant. An enhanced, inventive and fundamentally better decision for customers and real estate agents. "The new upset in land"

Slide 2, Inc Corporate Headquarters The Woodlands, Texas "The land scene has changed. Physical operations, establishment's and vast framework cost are an obstruction to specialist generation and remuneration.", Inc is a full administration organization that trusts the operator is the client . Building and incorporating forefront, online business instruments to engage the individual operator. Helping operators be portable, adaptable and virtual . "We are furnishing our specialists with an industry driving remuneration show that incorporates a lingering salary part." Jim Canion – Founder, Connect, Inc

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Nearly 80% of purchasers looking for land begin their inquiry on the web. The web has turned into the most capable device in land, both as an exploration gadget and as an advertising medium. The business is starting to reshape the way land is led. Those that join a solid on-line capacity, a solid buyer driven concentration and that offer a wide choice of administrations at a lower cost stand the most obvious opportunity to corner a noteworthy part of the market. - Stefan Swanepoel Connect, Inc is the trend-setter that will lead this charge!

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Brick and Mortar Firms Are monetarily caught with their Expensive Redundant Inefficient Obsolete Systems They can't contend in an innovation driven world.

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The Perfect Storm Agents Deserve More and Are Demanding More Higher commission parts Modern, easy to utilize innovations Modern publicizing and showcasing Competitive introduction devices, materials and methodologies Storm #1 Brokers - Income Dwindles, Fixed and Variable Costs Strangle and Crush Salaries, protection, assessments and levy Rent for space once in a while utilized Utility costs, broadcast communications and web costs Computer equipment, programming, upkeep and technical support Advertising, showcasing, and advancement Storm #2 Current national deals droop - culminate conditions to assemble your associate group, Inc is the appropriate response

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The Heart and Soul of Connect Pro-operators, virtual office, creative, mechanically propelled, basic and savvy.

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Technology Based with Agent Empowerment Amplify your chances, extend faithfulness, fortify connections, win more postings and quicken your remuneration. Your own virtual office gives: "When you need it" "What you need" "Where you need it"

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Accelerated Performance Presentation Packages Format = adjustable, advanced slide appear with sound MP3, PDF, emailable video Pre-posting bundle Listing introduction Pre-purchasers arrangement parcel Buyers control Master showcase examination introduction

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Partner with… The Power of, Inc. furthermore, ® At, Inc , we comprehend the estimation of the web and are focused on being the pioneer in computerized promoting.

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What does the organization of, Inc. furthermore, ® intend to your business? ® is the main decision of most home purchasers and dealers. Around 5.7 million customers for every month implies more activity to your image than whatever other land site. Source: media Metrix - number of interesting guests on ® every time of 2007

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More Consumers Search ® Total Unique Users Per Month Source: Media Metrix normal for 2006 for select land total destinations

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others 78% Consumers Spend More Time on ® Percent of time spent seeking on practically identical land conglomeration sites* *Net Ratings – in view of revealing of the time online clients spent amid Sept 2006 on® and other similar land posting accumulation locales and barring locales of franchisors/businesses .

Slide 13, Inc accomplices with Fidelity National Real Estate Solutions Fidelity National Real Estate Solutions (FNRES) is a head information and specialist co-op in the Internet-based Multiple Listing Systems (MLS) industry. Very nearly 75% of all land experts in North America and 360 MLS associations across the country utilize their propelled innovation arrangements by means of their neighborhood MLS suppliers . 360 MLS associations are on some kind of Fidelity MLS framework - more than 40% of the market Fidelity touches a normal of 300,000 operators and about 20,000 specialists by means of Fidelity MLS benefits Almost 40% of the main 100 businesses in the US utilize their back office and money related administration frameworks Nearly 200,000 Agents utilize their Web locales, CRM, exchange administration and other efficiency devices

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The Value of, Inc. what's more, the Transaction Point An electronic stage that permits access to exchange status and reports every minute of every day Demonstrates an incentive to your clients Provides a protected record vault with reports effectively posted by means of fax, email or direct transfer Archive transaction(s) onto CDs for customers or organization records

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Integration with Outlook Send timetable occasions to Outlook Import and fare Outlook vCards

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Coming Soon… Connect Commercial Connect University E-pamphlets Community Forum – Share stories, tips, alternate ways, brilliant thoughts and proposals C-Chat Online talk Video Email

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Experienced specialists win A 80% Commission Split Never rollback No administrator expenses No work area charges No establishment charges Yes, you never rollback

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5% - 5% - 5% Amazing Residual Income Potential You get a sum equivalent to 5% of the commission earned by your supported colleague's bonus, 3 levels profound. This energizing triple layered lingering salary opportunity will drive dangerous selecting.

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Invite and Sponsor 1 Respected Colleague - Tier 1 Agents straightforwardly enrolling or "supporting" one to four Licensed Real Estate Agents (Level 1) will get a sum equivalent to 5% of the supported or enlisted Agents Commissionable Income

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Assist and Support Your Team To Invite and Sponsor 5 Of Their Respected Colleagues-Tier 2 Agents who have selected or "supporting" Level 1 authorized Real Estate Agents can enlist or "support" their own particular Level 1 specialists (Level 2 for their unique support). To be qualified to get 5% of the Level 2 supported Agents Commissionable Income

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Assist and Support Your Team To Invite and Sponsor 5 Of Their Respected Colleagues-Tier 3 Agents who have enrolled or "supporting" Level 2 authorized Real Estate Agents can select or "support" their own particular Level 1 specialists (Level 3 for their unique support). To be qualified to get 5% of the Level 3 supported Agents Commissionable Income

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Internet based Virtual office Drawing outside the lines Balanced viewpoint Open creative energy Open personality

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Keep track of your developing riches with your easy to utilize, at whatever time, anyplace, virtual office Team Transaction dashboard.

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How dedicated operators are paid? Does your cash stream in the right bearing? Corporate Real Estate Franchise Broker Owners Real Estate Agents 0 Connect Realty Agents Corporate Real Estate Franchise Connect Realty

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Surprising. Straightforward. Savvy.