American Rehabilitation Counseling Association ARCA 50th Educational Conference

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American Rehabilitation Counseling Association (ARCA) 50 th Educational Conference Tampa, Florida U.S.A. November 2007

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The Status of Rehabilitation Counseling Services Across the Globe Rapporteurs/Coordinators: David Hershenson, Ph.D. Teacher Emeritus, University of Maryland-College Park Irmo Marini, Ph.D. College of Texas, Pan America Daniel Wong, Ph.D. East Carolina University

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International Panel Nicholas Buys, Ph.D. Griffith University, Australia Hal Cain, Ph.D. Rulers University, Canada Kane Hattori, Ph.D. Kobe City College of Nursing, Japan Gail Kovacs Vocational Rehabilitation Association, United Kingdom

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International Panel Li Jian Jun, MD Qiu Zhouying, Ph.D. Shi Hongmei China Rehabilitation Research Center, China Ming-Hung Wang, Ph.D. Ming-Yi Wu, Ph.D. Taiwan Rehabilitation Association, National Kaohsiung Normal University, Taiwan

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International Panel Jun Yaeda, Rh.D. College of Tsukuba, Japan Dal Yob Lee, Ph.D. Taegu University, Korea

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Rehabilitation Counseling in Australia

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Voc Rehab Counseling Services Vocational recovery directing administrations are given in a few frameworks Social security - Federal Workers remuneration - State Motor mischance – State

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Provision of VR administrations Range of controls include: Rehabilitation Counselors Occupational advisors Psychologists Physiotherapists Social laborers Range of titles: Injury administrator Rehabilitation organizer Rehabilitation caseworker Disability business specialist Training is generally a tertiary degree in one of the behavioral sciences or partnered wellbeing

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Status of Rehabilitation Counseling Rehabilitation Counseling calling exists in Australia Small numbers RC degree programs exist at Bachelors as well as and Masters level at 7 colleges No enrollment or licensure Two expert bodies – RCAA & ASORC

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Status of Rehabilitation Counseling Rehabilitation Counseling Association of Australasia is of the view that voc recovery directing administrations ought to be furnished by experts with particular tertiary preparing in restoration guiding

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National enactment and arrangements Federal Government maintained a strategic distance from issue of which callings ought to convey VR administrations Focussed more on results as opposed to which calling takes the necessary steps State Governments more prescriptive in specialists comp Queensland has Table of Costs determining which callings can convey what administrations and at what cost

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Role of Rehabilitation Counselors Role relies on upon framework and manager VR administrations for standardized savings beneficiaries – case oversee from admission through to occupation situation Occupational recovery benefits in laborers comp and engine mishap: Full program Case coordination just Specific administrations, for example, professional assessment or employment situation Disability work administrations Job situation and maintenance

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Use of ICF in Rehabilitation Limited to date – principle territories of utilization: Data accumulation Research - measure of treatment results Classification framework Identification of bolster needs Education

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Challenges for RC calling Deprofessionalisation of VR administrations Lack of acknowledgment by Governments need results – not intrigued by who conveys benefits Small numbers Professional body needs assets to campaign

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Challenges to giving administrations Fragmentation of administration conveyance framework Ongoing boss hesitance to contract Aging populace and increment in perpetual conditions Lack of administrations in country and remote zones Multiple administration conveyance frameworks Lack confirm base to guide hone

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Best results & hones Social security beneficiaries: Demand side methodologies Workers pay beneficiaries: Employer-based incapacity administration programs Key partners (specialists, bosses, safety net providers, specialists) completely drew in Provision of reasonable come back to work obligations Focus on psychosocial issues not simply medicinal issues Build solid associations with positive work environment societies Reduce customary law get to

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Similarities/Differences with US Currently undertaking an investigation of RC skills in Australia Limited studies to date show part and capacity is comparable US has more grounded concentrate on criminological recovery, conceivably in light of the fact that more hostile

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Responses in setting of Canada: Rehabilitation Counseling Hal. M. Cain, Ph.D., CRC Queen's University Kingston, ON Rehabilitation Counseling Association of Canada

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Professional orders giving vocational restoration directing services? an assortment proficient orders including, yet not constrained to: word related treatment social work brain science nursing a couple of experts particularly prepared in advising yet less prepared in restoration directing

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Official expert title of this "expert"/"train"? there is no "official" expert title in Canada numerous specialists call themselves "Recovery Consultants" others embrace work titles, including "Restoration Counselor ," as set by different businesses and business settings "Recovery Counselor " and "Professional Rehabilitation Counselor " incorporated into the National Occupational Classification (NOC)

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training or scholastic qualification needed? no specific level or scholarly preparing determined in the NOC, under the class of "Family, Marriage and Other Related Counselors " a "graduate degree in advising , psychological well-being, or related social administration field is normally required" in any case, the NOC additionally shows that, "A college degree or school certificate in a sociology is required for specific zones of guiding ."

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national enactment, approach or potentially regulation to bolster? no remain solitary enactment or strategy in at the national level in Canada in any case, non-segregation and rights laws are incorporated into different enactment, for example, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms some government financing and arrangement is given in support of inability related issues – generally managed at a commonplace level handicap/recovery enactment and approach exists at the common and regional level

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restoration administrations guided by the orders of incapacities? The International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health (ICF) is utilized for arrangement of incapacities as a part of Canada.

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role and work? part and capacity of recovery guides in Canada is fundamentally the same as that of restoration advocates in the U.S. recovery advisors do appraisals/assessments, oversee cases, give directing , give master declaration, lead investigate, and so forth

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type of administrations restoration counselors give? recovery advocates in Canada give an assortment of administrations relying upon the setting these administrations incorporate, yet are not constrained to: case administration professional assessment profession/professional advising work preparing.

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difficulties of this calling? a portion of the difficulties for recovery guiding in Canada are the same as in the U.S. few laypeople and very few associated recovery experts know what restoration guiding is about issues of expert personality inside the calling

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difficulties of this calling? (proceeded with) real particular difficulties for restoration advising in Canada absence of recovery advocate instruction programs (one and only as of now) credentialing issues: misfortune Canadian Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CCRC) & no direction of guiding in Canada aside from in Québec.

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challenges of giving professional & psychosocial administrations to people with inabilities? generally acknowledged, regularly upheld, and to a great extent accessible depending of area or domain, might support and procedural issues that represent a test for administration suppliers

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best results (e.g., business outcome) and best practices? Best results in Canada depend on group combination, when all is said in done, and managed business. "Best practice" incorporates an entire individual approach.

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factors that assume a noteworthy part in the voc recovery prepare? no major socio-demographic factors assume a part in the professional restoration handle in Canada what's more, everybody has measure up to get to and shielded from separation in light of sexual orientation, age, and financial, and so on

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role and work: United States v. Canada? the part and capacity of recovery advocates in Canada are fundamentally the same as that of restoration instructors in the U.S. contrasts in settings affect specific part and capacities relying upon the center or mission of these different settings

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role and work: United States v. Canada? (proceeded with) a noteworthy contrast is the settings in which recovery directing is polished In the U.S., the dominant part of restoration instructors seem to work in state/government frameworks (open area) In Canada restoration advisors work more in the private division (for-benefit and not-for-benefit).

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Rehabilitation and Disability in China Li Jian Jun, MD Qiu Zhuoying, Ph.D. Shi HongMei, M.S. China Rehabilitation Research Center Beijing, China 100068

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Rehabilitation for People with Disabilities in China: Approaches and Development Background Information on China History China is the one of the world's most antiquated human advancements with a written history of almost 4,000 years. UNDP Human Development Index According to the Human Development Report 2005 (UNDP), China's Human Development Index (HDI) esteem in 2003 was 0.755, positioning 85th around the world.

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Rehabilitation for People with Disabilities in Ch