American Media and Why Americans Can Be So Ignorant

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What amount would we like to know from individuals who are against us including the media? ... down 20%, however its scope in the TV news media went up 600% as of late. ...

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American Media and Why Americans Can Be So Uninformed

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The Impact of the Various Media Decoding the message Visual Images Still pictures Moving pictures Aural messages Drama arrangement - Dicky, Dick, Dickens Written messages

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Can the Media Manipulate Visual control Subliminal influence Fantasy creation Aural control Music and customer conduct Written control Loaded vocabulary

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The Concentration of Power in American Media Rupert Murdoch Censorship—"Dumb White Men" NBC—General Electric CBS—Disney ABC—Viacom CNN—Times Warner Knight Ridder—claims more than 50 daily papers

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Uninformed Americans Students at prestigious colleges scored 53% on a secondary school level different decision test—ex. At the point when was the Civil War? 40% couldn't name the Vice-President 11% read a day by day daily paper 44 million are practically unskilled Most Americans get their news on TV Read books 99 hours/yr sit in front of the TV 1460 hours

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The Media as the Fourth Branch of Government The Media's capacities are: To furnish people in general with satisfactory data to settle on educated political decisions To guard dog the political procedure and keep legislators responsible to the general population To bring up political issues The issue is whether the American media is satisfying this objective.

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The Necessity of Having Media Which Fulfills this Role Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, War in Iraq: WMD and al-Qaeda association The Carlyle Group Global Warming Enron Abuse of social equality & the Patriot Act George Bush portrayed the Constitution as "a goddamned bit of paper." "It was a disgraceful represent somebody to unveil this essential program in a period of war."— Leak to the NY Times/reconnaissance The Wilson-Plame case Planting news and writers

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American media The chronicled foundation The uplifting news PBS The New York Times/Washington Post (at times) The awful news (now and then) The Networks—CBS, NBC, ABC Local daily papers The loathsome news Fox, talk radio & government disinformation

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Historical foundation The Puritan impact A city on a slope—the new society as a signal to the world Good versus abhorrent Right supposing and similarity (un-Americanism??)— Do Americans need to be educated? "One country under God" Senate 99-0 House 417-3

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Historical foundation The American Dream Hope for the discouraged and a wellspring of good faith (dazzle confidence??) A conviction that the individual is in charge of his own destiny and ought to outline his own particular course. "There is no such thing as society, just people and their families"— Margaret Thatcher Can a country graph its own particular course and dismissal a worldwide setting?

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Historical Justification for "A City on a Hill" "Give us your tired, your hungry, your crouched masses, longing to breath free." The USA gave shelter and chance to 40 million Europeans from 1825-1925. The USA encountered the best mechanical extension the world has ever known. The USA spared Europe twice. The Marshall Plan, the UN, NATO

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Historical foundation The American Dream Do we have confidence in the rightness of our nation and our entitlement to outline are possess course to the point that we turn out to be absolutely uncritical to the bearing of that course and its results? You are either with us or against us. The effect of 9/11 Is being basic, being un-American? What amount would we like to know from individuals who are against us including the media?

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The fallout of 9/11 What were the two most purchased things the days after 9/11? Up until 2004,47% of Americans surveyed felt that Saddam Hussein was included in the 9/11 assault and 74% felt that he had associations with al-Qaeda.

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Broadcast Decency Act Bans nakedness and irreverence on TV The fine is up to $325,000 per episode The clamor after Janet Jackson's bosom presentation amid the Super Bowl half-time indicate prompted to this enactment. Link and satellite stations don't face such confinement. Some "live shows" are deferred to permit control Some TV has have been let go because of foulness.

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Profanity and Nudity What is obscenity? Bono's outcry on winning the Golden Globe honor, "It's fucking splendid," was proclaimed not disrespectful as it had nothing to do with sex. Is sex disrespect?? Are TV stations guessing in sex and obscenity to expand the measurements to keep their crowd or would they say they are essentially an impression of genuine living? How genuine is "Sex in the City?"

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Enter business media BBC's representative once said: "BBC ought to give the programming that individuals ought to need to watch." What is the objective of American business media? Giving the programming and data that individuals need to watch???

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Conclusion An uncritical confidence in the rightness of America and its entitlement to do (pretty much as it is the privilege of good thinking people) to do exactly what it needs (actually with the beauty of God). The feeling that you are either with us or against us and in "times of war" we have to utilize extraordinary means. "It's a disgrace that the press revealed our reconnaissance exercises since that guides the foe."— G.W. Shrubbery Pressure on the press to show the right form.

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The uplifting news PBS—Public Broadcasting Service Independent stations which participate in program sharing Funded by viewer and establishment gifts Non-business Culture, news, documentaries, arrangement and verbal confrontation The best visual wellspring of data—equivalents BBC

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More uplifting news NPR—National Public Radio Independent stations which collaborate in program sharing Funded by viewer and establishment gifts Non-business Culture, news, documentaries, arrangement and open deliberation The best aural wellspring of data—equivalents BBC Don't miss "Prairie Home Companion" Tuning in—NPR, NPR Everywhere (left hand section), NPR Worldwide

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Some uplifting news The NY Times and Washington Post Critical news-casting Have uncovered Washington lies But, now and again they hold up a bit too long Surveillance embarrassment was known before the decision 2004—why did they sit on it? Restricted dissemination and speaks to a first class

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The Questionable News 200 Christian TV channels 1500 Christian radio stations Questionable? These stations are quite often fundamentalist and bolster the Christian right's key issues, for example, Creationism, supplication in schools, and against gay and hostile to premature birth issues. Where was the press 2008: fixed decision

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The Bad News: FOX The news is one-sided and skirts on conservative publicity. Fox has supplanted the systems & CNN as the wellspring of news for generally Americans. While 47% of those fundamentally accepting their news from NBC imagined that there was a between Saddam Hussein and al Qaida, 74% of those principally getting their news from Fox thought the same.

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FOX A FOX reporter, Glen Beck said of Obama; "he is a rightist, nazi and marxist. Surge Limbaugh's obvious truths "The world's eco framework is not delicate." "Woman's rights was set up as to permit ugly ladies less demanding access to the standard of society." These news analysts play on against scholarly and hostile to government sentiments

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Ann Coulter on FOX "God said as much: Go forward, be productive, duplicate, and assault the planet—it's yours. That is our employment: boring, mining, and stripping. " Vester : You say you'd rather not converse with liberals by any stretch of the imagination? Coulter : I think a play club is the best way nowadays. My exclusive lament with Timothy McVeigh is he didn't go to the New York Times building.

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The Media Dilemma The move from the conventional media to the net. Dependable daily papers, for example, NY Times and Washington Post are enduring what numerous paper adaptations are, declining dissemination and benefits—what will assume control over their part? All sources on the net are not solid News on your cell may not be as inside and out, nor will you set aside the opportunity to peruse an in dept report—news on the go, is not as careful.

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The Media Dilemma New media outcompete conventional and regularly more top to bottom media, for example, quality daily papers Facebook, PC recreations, visiting ingest time with next to zero instructive capacity aside from how inebriated you got on Saturday and who said a final farewell to whom. Are the new media, conscience concentrated as opposed to other forcused or are the intelligent and comprehensive?

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The New Media as a Democratic Force Obama's battle brought millions into the circle and gave them a voice Civil rights and purchaser activity gatherings can spread their message. The straight partisan division has a contender Consumers can get to data about items they are thinking about purchasing.

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Kinda awful news The Networks (CBS, NBC & ABC) Their proprietorship The players, NBC (General Electric) , CBS (Viacom), ABC (Disney) Fox (Murdoch) CNN (Time Warner) Corporation where all that really matters is the central variable Entertainment is the attention on Viacom & Disney They are interlaced owning stock in each other, do joint endeavors & isolate benefits. Vertically incorporated pressing out contenders. News scope is inclining toward emotionalism Crime in the U.S. went down 20%, however its scope in the TV news media went up 600% as of late.

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American TV The systems' center - diversion Programming- - the eating regimen (talk, cleanser, activity, news, open administration, sports, sit-coms, amusements, documentaries) The message Competition Style and status Glamor and self-assimilation Crime—blacks, savagery and dread Middle class congruity—a non-basic introduction Conspicuous utilization

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HBO and Quality TV another pattern HBO challenges standard American TV's idea of infotainment in light of standard situations. Sex in the City, Six Feet Under, Sopranos all test American ethical quality as well as achievement obsession which portrays American TV.

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HBO's Advantage HBO is doing a di