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as you encompass yourself with their different impacts : dialect, nourishment, design ... a guide won't be permitted to go to any ESL class the following week ...

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General College of Language A World Leader in English Language Training U C L Come go along with us! We will make your blessing from heaven. 987 Granville st Vancouver BC Canada V6Z 1L3 E-mail: Tel: 604-692-0575 Fax:604-692-0576

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Universal College of Language A World Leader in English Language Training 1 pg About Vancouver 2 pg About UCL 3 pg Why UCL? School Policy 4 pg 5 pg Activity Students say UCL 6 pg 7 pg Intro Level 8 pg Programs ��  ESL ��  Business English ��  TESOL ��  TEYC ��  Co-operation Tuition 1 4 pg UCL Photo 15 pg Refund Policy 16 pg

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Universal College of Language Vancouver About Vancouver A world pioneer in English dialect preparing Vancouver, initially settled by the beach front Indians around 500 B.C., was later found by Captain George Vancouver in 1792. The city itself was fused into Canada in 1886. From that point forward, it has grown a globally appreciated city. Vancouver is reliably evaluated as a standout amongst the most excellent multicultural and cosmopolitan urban communities on the planet. Here, you will appreciate the best of numerous societies as you encircle yourself with their different impacts : dialect, nourishment, form and diversion. Truth be told, numerous view Vancouver as a world inside city. We are settled in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and the Coastal Mountains and appreciate the nation's greatest year round atmosphere. UCL Downtown in Vancouver 1PG

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Universal College of Language About UCL ��  Established : 2001 ��  A passageway portion : 200 understudies ��  One class measure : 8 ~ 12 understudies ��  Nationality : South American, Middle east Japanese, Korean, Europeans ��  ESL Level : 6 Levels 2 PG

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Universal College of Language Why UCL? Come go along with us ! We will make your blessing from heaven Variety of Program Professional Instructors Varied Levels of English 6 Small class sizes Individual understudies consideration Up to date material Exciting Activities Strict English just arrangement Strict Homework strategy Lateness & Absenteeism approach 3 PG

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Universal College of Language School Policy With its strict school arrangement, UCL gives the exceptionally propelled learning environment that is intended for understudies to concentrate exclusively on English learning. ��  Classes are instructed by quite experienced instructors with their expert accreditation in English dialect training. Through strict school approach and teach, UCL helps the understudies to lead the fruitful school life likewise . UCL's medium measured structure just adds to helping the educators and the understudies to cooperate effectively in a cordial and warm environment English just Policy You should communicate in English at all times at UCL. On the off chance that you are found Speaking another dialect, you should leave the school quickly. You can come back to the school the following day. Homework Policy If you have not finished your homework, you should finish it in the understudy relax before entering class Lateness Policy School begins at 9:00am and UCL will bolt the school entryways at 9:10 am and open them at 10:20 am Attendance Policy Students who miss at least 2 days of one class without calling or telling a guide won't be permitted to go to any ESL class the following week 4 PG

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Universal College of Language Activity UCL sorts out after school and weekend outings to Vancouver " s numerous attractions. Exercises an awesome approach to utilize your English abilities outside of the classroom, associate with other global understudies and find the fun wears in B.C. UCL has two element action program facilitators who sort out an assortment of energizing occasions. Have a great time UCL Activities UCL offers different unique dialect clubs to understudies, for example, a Movie club, a Computer club, a Conversation club, a perusing club, a gathering study. Likewise we have school parties including: Potluck party, Singing gatherings and move parties Outdoors Activities : Sports Event, Visit galleries and social destinations, getting a charge out of shorelines and parks . At some point we going to Vancouver Island, Canadian Rockies, Camping 2011 January Activities Schedule Visit UCL site, 5 PG

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Universal College of Language Students say in regards to UCL .! At the past 10 years 30,000 understudies selected UCL . Illustration past understudies from around world say in regards to UCL . We began our own studies in Canada at UCL. We picked UCL in light of the fact that it had couple of understudies every class, which is better to learn English. Presently, UCL is greater yet the environment is still the same and the instructors are cordial I like my educators at UCL, they have astounding abilities & are amicable. My English is enhancing constantly and the calendar is intriguing Hugo Canto (Mexico) & Tetsuo Osawa (Japan) Yadria (Mexico) Listening class is fun since we watch motion pictures and discuss them. We can learn numerous things about Canada. They talk actually however we make a decent attempt to get it. We like UCL has extraordinary educators & professi - onal Staff. I discover UCL fascinating on the grounds that I have the chance to meet companions from everywhere throughout the world. I am exceptionally content with UCL Sylvaschan Lechel (Germany) Luis Beltrami & Allessandra Belfort (Brazil) I like UCL in light of the fact that I learn new things regular. UCL additionally shows slang and some vocabulary, which we have to use in the city or in shopping. The educators at UCL are incredible. UCL feels like family to me. Everybody bolsters other people. I was so bashful when I initially begun yet now I truly cherish talking in English Silke Gansser (Germany) Teng Yi Chiu (China) I like meeting new companions and rehearsing my English here. On Friday exercises I can communicate in English and take in more about Canadians. I like enlightening my instructors concerning my nation and finding out about theirs This school has a decent situation for considering English. Understudies dependably concentrate hard and the instructors are strict about concentrate, however kind when they are instructing. I like this school especially Ji Seon Bae (Korea) Paola Poueda (Ecuador) 6 PG

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Universal College of Language LEVEL English instruction projects of UCL are sorted out in six levels. General English courses are composed in level one to four Advanced English courses are sorted out in level five to six. Fundamental vocabulary, cognizance course for essential discussion 1. Amateur… … . Fundamental discussion course for regular circumstances. 2. Upper Beginner… … Increase your summon of English for common discussion and basic Business English 3. Moderate… … .. Increment your charge of English for complex discussions and great understanding of news English. On the off chance that you proceed onward from this level, then you can get a "Prevalent Diploma" 4. Upper Intermediate… .. Get a fabulous charge of English. Get an "Unrivaled Diploma" from UCL. You can apply for exceptional programs>: TEYC, TESOL, BUSINESS ENGLISH, INTERNSHIP 5. Pre Advance… … .… . You can talk and compose splendidly like a local and be a powerful English communicator. Get a "Prevalent Diploma" shape UCL 5. Progress… … .. 7 PG

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Universal College of Language ESL (English as a moment dialect) ��  Admin Requir e ment § Placement Test ��  Start date § E exceptionally Mond a y § Intensive ESL (25hours every week) § Semi Intensive ESL (20hours every week) § Part time ESL (AM: 15h/week, or PM: 10h/week ) ��  Course § Low Beginner – Advanced ( 2 Months for every level.) ��  Level § Field trips, presentations, phone aptitudes, listening to current news programs, composing reports and contact assignments with Canadians. ��  Contents Emphasis is a the utilization of right sentence structure in communicated in English ��  Curriculum 9:00~10:20 Grammar Special Listening Use of level appropriated & genuine materials (Radio or TV News, Drama arrangement, Movies) Listening activities to enhance cognizance 10:35~12:00 Listening Speaking Lunch Break 12:00~13:00 Special Writing 13:00~14:20 Writing Reading Essay/viable composition Writing practices with different points 14:35~15:30 Conversation Pronunciation Clinic, Conversation, Slang & Idioms Pronunciation activities to accomplish normal discourse Useful, ordinary English expressions Effective ESL center Our ESL courses are intended for all levels of understudies who need to build up their autonomous learning. Understudies will figure out how to enhance their talking, tuning in, perusing and composing abilities. Enlistment Fee $100, Materials : $10/week ��  Tuition 8 PG

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Universal College of Language Business English (FITT Certificate) This is a serious program for understudies who have contemplated ESL and need to take another testing course and keep honing English. ��  Admin Requirement § Pre-propelled level TOEFL (CBT 200) (IBT 72), TOEIC 700 ��  Start date § 1 Month : Business Certificate § 2 Months : Business English Diploma , FITT Certificate ��  Course ��  Contents Designed for middle to cutting edge understudies, understudies learn English through business. Understudies will ponder business vocabulary and ideas, while honing all dialect abilities – talking, tuning in, perusing, and composing. Before the end of the course, understudies ought to feel more good making business presentations, perusing troublesome magazine articles, and utilizing business-related vocabulary. Business Fundamental Learn business ideas/vocabulary, do group ventures, hone prospective employee meet-ups ��  Schedule Business Presentation Learn to do powerful business presentations, lead gatherings and arrangements all North American style Business Listening Listen to shopper mindfulness/business-related projects, and do understanding or cloze activities Business Writing L acquire the basic business letter sorts – North American style – including objection and direct mail advertisements, updates, and continues/introductory letters Business Reading/Discussion Read extensive articles from business magazines, for example, Forbes or Fortune, and