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Haircuts, hues and cosmetics must not take away from or meddle with the ... Young men Hairstyles. No dots or outlines in the hair. Mohawks are not ...

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ALDINE ISD Dress Code This data is on pages 6&7 of the Discipline Management Plan in the Student/Parent Handbook

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Pajamas and shoes are not allowed to be worn on grounds.

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Jogging, biker and Spandex shorts are disallowed.

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Tights worn alone are denied.

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Tights may not be worn with skirts/shorts or dresses that don't hold fast to the clothing regulation. No joined dresses

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Shorts/skirts/dresses must be fingertip length or more. Fingertip length the distance around the article of clothing. Do the fingertip test…

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Allowable Skirts/Dresses/Shorts YES!

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Sagging jeans and larger than usual apparel are not worthy.

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Properly Worn Jeans YES!

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Cut, torn, frayed, or tore apparel is disallowed.

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Chains and straps are disallowed.

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Spaghetti straps and muscle shirts are disallowed. Underpants can't not be seen.

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Allowable Sleeveless YES! YES!

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Strapless, low profile, risqué and shirts that show waist are precluded.

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All electronic gadgets are precluded. $15 expense for return of PDAs – 1 week tend to other electronic gadgets.

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Hats, tops, headbands, do clothes, scarves and handkerchiefs are precluded unless they are a piece of a school uniform or are for religious or medicinal purposes.

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Hoodies are fine, in any case, understudies may NOT wear the hoods up while in the building.

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Sunglasses may not be worn on the face, head or back of head.

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Piercings Earrings are allowed for young ladies as it were. ALL other puncturing gems is entirely precluded.

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No noticeable or composed messages liable to bring about a disturbance, for example, drugs, weapons, viciousness, foul or indecent dialect or pictures, affront to race, religion, sexual orientation or ethnicity, or posse or clique association might be worn or showed.

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Hair & Makeup Hair styles, hues and cosmetics must not cheapen or meddle with the learning and school environment.

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Grills There are no GRILLS permitted in school.

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Boys Hairstyles No b eads or outlines in the hair. Mohawks are not permitted. Any haircut that is diverting is not permitted.

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Hair Length for Boys hair should be perfect and clean. Clear of eyes and confront and not longer than the base of a customary shirt neckline.

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Facial Hair All young men must be spotless shaven at all times.

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ID'S ID's should be close by the neck after entering the building and at all times while in the building. Transitory ID's will be sold at passage focuses for $1.00 Color-coded ID's for every review

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Go ahead, look charming – yet suitable!