Against IRS evasion, Information Gathering and Reporting

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Set up a worldwide domain unfriendly to government evasion ... Hostile to Money Laundering Process. Three key parts of an AML/CFT administration: A ...

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Anti Money Laundering, Data Collection and Reporting Information Technology Service External Systems Unit Global Program against Money Laundering

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Money Laundering/Terrorist Financing – The World's Response Establish a worldwide situation threatening to IRS evasion and psychological militant financing Implement universal principles including the FATF 40+9 suggestions Establish Financial Intelligence Units around the globe Establish conventions and stages for sharing knowledge and confirmation Secure specialized help for nations to actualize global guidelines Uniform and standard AML stage - attractive

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Anti-Money Laundering Process Three vital segments of an AML/CFT administration: An utilitarian consistence culture Functional administrative bodies – national Bank, SEC, Insurance Regulator and so forth A successful budgetary insight unit entrusted with: The above procedures in a perfect world ought to be robotized especially on the off chance that they include high information volumes

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From Start to Finish

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Brief History – ITS 2005 – UNODC delegated extend director for EC extend in Nigeria Significant segment – arrangement of IT answers for EFCC including NFIU March 2006 UNODC ITS entrusted with creating IT arrangements April 2006 – ITS initiates creating database and scientific instruments for NFIU June 2006 – XML Schema acquainted with Nigerian reporting organizations October 2006 – CTR database and fundamental investigative capacities introduced in NFIU and tried

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Brief History – GPML Frequent solicitations from creating FIUs for IT arrangements Early contribution in Nigeria extend incorporating into consultative part to IT segment Potential for goAML past the Nigeria extend perceived Simultaneous – work begins on broadening the extent of the framework past Nigeria

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Current – Future February 07 Data accumulation apparatuses finished Analytical usefulness accessible Drawing devices stage 1 nearing fruition Rules motor under development Profiling device under development July 07 STR framework finished Profiling device finished Intelligence record administration finished Workflow framework finished Drawing devices stage 1 finished

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Current – Future September 2007 Phase 1 goCASE finish June 2008 Drawing devices finished Rule motor and manager finished Full client documentation in different dialects (English, French, Spanish, Russian) goAML (finish suite) VERSION 1.0 READY! July 2008 Phase 2 goCASE finish

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Designed as a particular framework to fit the requirements of any FIU regardless of size from a solitary PC with a couple of thousand procedures - up to 500 million procedures more than 5 year time span independent of document size Processes and breaks down reports on: - Suspicious exchanges - Financial exchanges – of any sort - List or caution based reports – CFT and so on Fully electronic information gathering and scattering from any source such duty, law authorization records, migration benefit (traveler development records), property enlistment center, vehicle recorder and so forth… . goAML – worldwide Operations Anti-Money Laundering

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goAML – worldwide Operations Anti-Money Laundering Anti-Money Laundering Solution Building Blocks

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goAML – Collecting and Managing Information Reporting standard characterized: XML based (world standard configuration) Samples accessible for FI IT Personnel Exhaustive documentation accessible Validation application: Checks for substantial XML All required fields are available Data sorts are right Ensures reporting elements report in the right arrangement from day 1

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goAML – Gathering and Managing Information Secure site (SSL 512 piece encryption) for: Creating reporting elements - by the FIU Creating contacts Changing contact points of interest - by the reporting element Report transfer Report information section - physically if vital Report confirmation - tidy up by framework

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goAML – Gathering and Managing Information Report History -what reported -acknowledged/rejected ref number View transferred report -Individually Submission status -acknowledged/rejected Common substance for any reporting element -adaptable - secure data from FIU - consistence brochures - cautions - name records

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goAML – High Volume Analysis Support explanatory and examination groups with exceedingly refined reporting abilities. Envision expansive volumes of information to comprehend the 10,000 foot view. Screen conceivably suspicious records. Uncover designs and concealed associations. Make investigative diagrams physically or naturally.

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Workflow for STR investigation Tasks and the procedure outline are characterized by the FIU clients - can change to suit their own particular needs - full visual fashioner task and following - inside FIU - push or force reports by email Integrated reporting - work process reports - assignments - advance - comes about goAML – Collecting, Managing and Analyzing Information

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Integrated source following - tracks remotely sourced data - makes bring-ups, updates and so forth Automatic asset booking - consequently allots undertakings - screens workloads - measures yields/execution Case criticism incorporation - Produces institutionalized input - reports as word archives goAML – Collecting, Managing and Analyzing Information

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Customizable information gathering layouts -institutionalized organization for receipt of data from outside offices that chooses transmission medium (email/fax/post) Time in flight examination -Time administration measure goAML – Collecting, Managing and Analyzing Information

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Common UI crosswise over examination screens - screens appear to be identical - underpins numerous dialects Workspace based (keep data through various reporting sessions) - two work spaces accessible at any one time - past work naturally spared - bolsters content, tables, blended tables, pictures goAML – Analysis and Targeting Solution

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Analyst can recover, channel and re-orchestrate the information in like manner to his/her needs. - Rearrange information fields - Change gathering - Filter information - Change information sorting - Save format - Export goAML – Analysis and Targeting Solution

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Linking to different screens from ebb and flow screen Allows simple correlation of various records, people or substances Each window demonstrations free of others Copy fields or lines Makes investigation simple Very simple to take in All these parts have confined get to goAML – Analysis and Targeting Solution

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goAML – Analysis Trails Link graphs affiliation diagrams – exchange stream outlines and so forth Money and individual trails for inbound and outbound exchanges Trail for copied addresses, telephone numbers and other ID information Displays: - source and goal showed as hubs - course and sum showed as bolts

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goAML – Analysis - Pivots Reports offer a wide range of perspectives of information under examination Allows for element client separating and gathering of related information Allows for scanning for TOP targets - 5/10/50 and so forth Flexible information look capacity Simple joining with Excel - incredible for total assets examination - simplicity of connection to intel reports - arrives live so can be controlled by collector

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goAML – Analysis - Intersect Combines information from two unique reports - User picks the two reports populated with information and t he segments to converge Result is shown in a totally new window with the met information

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goAML – Information Dissemination Suspicious action distinguished Open another case – investigation yield appended goCASE lifts this up Export case to MS-WinWord - Case document stays with FIU - Output as Intel report - Sanitized to the level required by the client

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goAML - User and part based capacities Management: Is ready to check the entries and the status of reporting elements. - execution measure/consistence Analyst: Responsible of directing the examination, finding suspicious exercises and connecting to comparative designed situations where they exist - investigation Administrator: Allowed to include new client, give/repudiate access to screens and diverse activities. Access to specific activities is dependant on the client's part!

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goAML - Security Username and watchword required to get to applications. Get to can be conceded and denied per: - User - Screen - Certain activities like duplicate, fare and so on. Access to screens and information is logged. Information in part encoded in the database. - Encryption level and degree at the carefulness of the client

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goAML - Security Access to the framework by and large or to any piece of it at the tact of the client – the client must "open the door" UNODC does not hold private key – can't disentangle scrambled information Rule motor secure Database and framework devices introduced on the client's premises, UNODC has no autonomous get to

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goAML – System Requirements • Assumes normal information stack – 500,000 reports for every month Assumes 15 clients Assumes sensible level of existing foundation including security - Mail servers - Local zone arrange - DMZ with 2 firewalls - Anti-spam and against infection strategy Provide completely excess environment - 2 DB Servers - 2 Application servers - Storage zone organize (SAN) - Backup robot servers - Public key framework declarations (PKI) - 15 top of the line (PCs) Approx: $220,000

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goAML – Estimated Costs goAML programming bundle is for nothing out of pocket Installation – starting preparing US$ 80,000 (depending on area – 3 visits x 2 people) Annual client permit agreement US$ 100,000 - This expense will diminish as more clients take up the framework - Provides bolster inside working hours in neighborhood time zones - Provides continuous framework advancement - Guarantees one on location v