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AFRICA PRIVATIZATION FORUM 2005 Stability and Sustainability of the Privatization Process in African Sub-districts. Blade Foreign Investment Network

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AFRICA PRIVATIZATION FORUM 2004 London If you are included in the immediate speculation "bargain" then you know the significance of systems administration, making contacts, and meeting key individuals. Sharing encounters at a senior level additionally enhances our insight, aptitudes, and sparkles thoughts. The APF is intended to be outstandingly fortifying. VIP sessions unite effective corporates, institutional financial specialists and driving media players. November 4 th & 5 th fIN APF Foreign Investment Network FIN industry sessions and area producers board sessions will address the most recent privatization patterns, parts to target, and difficulties and imperatives of privatization internal center speculators.

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AFRICA PRIVATIZATION FORUM Concept: A two day all industry discussion composed by FIN in relationship with FT business on security and reasonable advancement in privatization prepare in the African sub locale. The goal is to impart straightforwardness and trust in the African privatization prepare. The gathering will x-beam issues , prospects influencing the privatization and proffer arrangement. The occasion will give new local center; reinforce the confidence of nonnatives who offer for African organizations and change corporate duty.

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Objectives SINCE PRIVATIZATION AIMS AT PROJECTING OPPORTUNITES IN AFRICAN business, the discussion will extend Africa as a suitable mainland to work together. To cultivate congruity and solid bury sectoral coordinated effort in the African sub area. To investigate method for making security, dependability, and maintainable development outfitted towards ideal usage of assets accessible in Africa.

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Why privatize? Give chance to talk about encounters and difficulties and method for conquering same in International business Bring working, potential and prospecting speculators together and examine achievement and disappointment of privatization Evaluate and survey the accessible motivating forces Interactive sessions, segment change and intensity APF Energy advisors – driving privatization of power division, privatization on the move economies and developing markets. Water privatization in Africa How effective? Lecturing Privatization for Africa – contextual investigation

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NEPAD The New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD) set the plan for the heading in which Africans themselves might want to see the mainland move to improve it a place for present and future eras. The Initiative was imagined in Africa, for Africans and by Africans and has accomplished wide acknowledgment and made accord as a guide for Africa's future improvement endeavors. Coordination of provincial markets is basic to accomplishing basic market measure. The NEPAD Initiative in this way concentrates on the advancement of intra-Africa exchange and speculations principally through the advancement of the African private area and the exchange of a capacity, movement, or association from open segment , extending from the offer of value to administration contracts or renting concurrences with private firms and the broadening of African fares. The Initiative likewise proposes to increment intra-local exchange by means of advancing cross-fringe contact among African firms, upgrading sources inside Africa of imports earlier sourced from whatever is left of the world, publicizing African exchanging organizations and their items through exchange fairs. The Africa Privatization Forum , to be held in London, November 2004, will be a critical chance to understand this vision. The Forum will give a commonsense road to finishing a portion of the critical objectives set out in the NEPAD Initiative.

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WHO SHOU LD ATTEND? KEY PLAYERS FROM: Africa power and vitality Sectors World Bank European commission o European Funding for Africa National Development and Privatization Investment Promotion Agencies Companies settling on speculation choices State Governments looking to privatize Regional Development and Investment Agencies State Economic Development Agencies City Development and Marketing Initiatives Regional Marketing Initiatives Airport and Port Development Authorities Financial establishments trying to back ventures IFC – accessible assets for African activities Grants and helps for limit working for privatization offices Science Parks and Industrial Developers Power and Utility Companies in Economic Development Advisors and Consultants in Investment Promotion and Economic Development Privatization Inward Investors Movers & Shakers + FIN organize

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WHO SHOU LD ATTEND? Chiefs, MDs, Board-level administration groups, choice and Policy-creators required with either advancing privatization ,pulling in, encouraging or doing direct Investment ought to go to the APF 2004. Associations going to are originating from more than 49 nations. Because of our accomplices:

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The FIN Professional group has an uncommon ability for putting the right individuals in contact with each other. We bring purchasers, venders, and mediators together, to meet, to arrangement, to get speculations going. As the world's head master in the immediate venture world, we have the contacts with the general population who matter on each part. Related PARTNERS fIN Foreign Investment Network

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Expect the accompanying over the two day occasion: hour long Make-over: Key Secrets for Privatization Success Discussion on what makes an improvement office fruitful in both drawing in and holding speculators. Best tips from corporate financial specialists and from the specialists. Avoiding disinvestments, and the vital prospect list – 20 exceedingly dynamic speculators that you ought to converse with. Proceeding onward from client mind focuses, and shared administrations focuses, what is the following "huge thing"? Five specialists contend and examine a path forward for privatization in Africa. VIP Roundtable: Boardroom Tales Corporate chiefs let you inside the procedure and now and again, debacles behind offering procedure, and privatization and Foreign Direct Investment choices taken in the most recent 12 months, and future worldwide extensions anticipates Africa: • Which areas were considered • Why areas were precluded • What were the "securing" components • Did the privatization office assume a noteworthy part? • Decision-production prepare • What are your development arranges soon? • How can governments, monetary improvement organizations, privatization offices and speculation offices hold existing operations notwithstanding worldwide decreases and terminations of offices?

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WHAT MORE TO EXPECT: More intriguing Privatization stories from the corporates themselves. Corporate financial specialists uncover what makes them tick! Covering a portion of the accompanying issues: • Short industry profile – the worldwide political, monetary and business drivers influencing the different segment industry • What are the prospects for extension and future improvements? • Recent effective offering, site and area hunt with reasons down picking last goals • What does the corporate speculator search for when selecting growing? • Analyzing Projects and areas • Where and why enterprises have congregated through Privatization : Internet benefit suppliers in Sweden, strength chemicals in Singapore, microelectronics in the South of France, client data focuses in India: what has been the primary fascination for finding organizations? • How ought to privatization speculation advancement organizations and other nearby players build up their methodologies? • Ideas on the most ideal approach to target organizations and their guides • How can advancement offices keep their current financial specialists cheerful? What makes an organization remain? • What might be an aftercare "list of things to get"? Celebration for the night, for supper, systems administration and amusement. Monetary AND BUSINESS SERVICES

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How to draw in and hold financial specialists The site visit looks at a "Focal point of Excellence" example of overcoming adversity. What's more, it's all adjusted off by FIN organizing occasions in eminent Surroundings, coming full circle in the declaration of the prestigious African Privatization grant PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR. The Premier African occasion for privatization, monetary advancement offices, chiefs from all African nations . APF is the most energizing occasion in the year, where governments and organizations meet. Get notification from genuine corporates, clarifying the genuine reasons, why and how they got it going in Africa, high dangers and high rewards, and purposes for their intentions and their area determinations in this present reality. Examine the most recent news and patterns on global privatization corporate system, concerning area, individuals and future extension. Converse with the corporates. Converse with the multipliers. APF has the right stage and minute to achieve your intended interest group. PRIVATIZATION PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR AWARDS: Presented by the Financial Times Business Group Who is AP Personality of the Year? The brief was for designations from any stroll of life, yet ought to be prominent and not on the staff of any PA – legislators, sovereignty, business and budgetary pioneers are all qualified! The victors will be people seen to have most effectively raised the profile of a nation/area in 2003, and contributed astoundingly to getting speculations. Toast the victors from The south, west ,central,and north Africa, at this prestigious function, where every VIP visitor grant champ will gather their affirmation within the sight of the APF delegates, speakers, coordinators and accomplices and global press.

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There will be open doors for members to introduce their undertakings to potential speculators, open offers handle, profile of organizations prepared for privatization. There will be parallel work shop on power and power. Key asset