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AFRICA Nearby GOVERNMENT Discussion: Arrangement IV SESSION 3 Leading the pack IN COORDINATION AND Activity : Technique AND Association DAR ES SALAAM CITY Chamber TANZANIA By Lillian Mnzava. Africa. Presentation : Coordination, Reconciliation and Organization in Creating HIV/Helps Technique.

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Introduction : Coordination, Integration and Partnership in Developing HIV/AIDS Strategy It is an imperative segment of National Policy on HIV/AIDS. The national arrangement call for foundation and fortifying of organization for an extended reaction among all partners: Government establishments Development accomplices PLHA Private Sectors NGOs, CBOs and Faith Based Institutions.

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Coordination in HIV/AIDS Control Strategy The neighborhood government has played an organizing part by naming HIV/AIDS facilitators for every Municipality. The HIV/AIDS facilitators are in charge of systems administration and uniting different associations actualizing control/aversion exercises.

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Integration in HIV/AIDS control technique Dar es Salaam has 3 Municipalities served by 68 Public claimed wellbeing offices and more than 300 Private offices. All Municipalities have coordinated HIV/AIDS related administrations and anticipation programs into their Public Health conveyance framework. The administrations which have been coordinated include: IEC/BCC at 68 general wellbeing offices. Treatment of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) and other astute contaminations.

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Integration in HIV/AIDS - Continue Voluntary Counseling and testing administrations (VCT). Locally situated Care working from 60 open offices in 73 Wards. Administration of sharp disease at 3 open doctor's facilities and 5 wellbeing focuses. Avoidance of mother to youngster transmission (PMTCT). Screening of blood for transfusion at 3 Public Hospitals. Vagrant care/bolster at 3 open clinics. Lawful guide at 3 Public Hospitals.

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Partnership in HIV/AIDS control technique The nearby Government Authority in Dar es Salaam is working in organization with more than 131 NGOs, CBOs & FBOs actualizing HIV/AIDS Control exercises the significant ones are: CCBRT – HBC, VCT, Legal guide at healing center & vagrant care. AMREF-VCT at two HC's. PATHFINDER-HBC at 9 Public HCF/Wards,youth facilities with AYA at 5 Public HCFs. MUCHS/HAVARD-PMTCT at 17 HCFs.

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Strategies cont… .. v. UNICEF – PMTCT at one HCF. Vi . PASADA – Referral community for VCT, PMTCT, Orphan mind/support,HBC & Support i.e. ARVs. vii. MUCHS – TB immunization for HIV positive.

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A review of Local Government NGOs, CBOs and FBOs joint effort Active cooperation between Local government and other partners in different shapes and methodologies are in Place: Pooling assets together in setting up, advancement and running of administrations, for example, 12 VCT destinations (AMREF,CCBRT and so on) Home based care benefits in 47 out of 72 Wards (CCBRT,PATHFINDER) PMTCT in 17 Public Health Facilities(MUCHS,PASADA).

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Cont.. Making an empowering domain for smooth operation and execution of different exercises by NGOs and CBOs e.g. giving monetary support (NACP,TACAIDS (GoT), UNAIDS, WHO, USAID, BELGIUM AID, UNFPA & ITALIAN GOVERNMENT. Bolster endeavors of NGOs/CBOs leading advancement crusade by forgoing Municipal charges on announcements raised in broad daylight places( nearby Govt and Municipalities).

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Relationship between the neighborhood government and AIDS benefit Organizations The Council is cooperating with the majority of these associations by: Supporting them to execute their exercises by giving: Financial bolster Training/Technical support IEC/BCC materials Condoms Working together to convey administrations eg Collaboration with: AMREF (VCT administrations). Pathfinder, CCBRT& PASADA (locally established care). PSI (Condom advancement and conveyance).

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Local reactions to HIV/AIDS: Gaps found Assessment of neighborhood reaction to HIV/AIDS have been joined into Local government change prepare which comprise 17 stages. Absence of viable systems administration between NGOs/CBOs/FBOs themselves and with the neighborhood government. Incapable correspondence and coordination. Lacking assets. Benefactor reliance Services are amassed in urbanized territories while fringe regions are minimum served. Appeal of administrations in connection to the current limit.

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Cont… .. Access to Data/Information. Discussion for all partners. Inadequate mapping of NGOs/CBOs/FBOs.

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Some of the Mainstreaming exercises actualized by Local Government Collaboration with private financial specialist (Dispostek) on safe transfer of needles and other healing facility squander. Squander transfer plant will begin operation in January 2004-By Laws set up. Support and mindfulness battles to battle HIV/AIDS shame/segregation and high sexual conduct through: Public gatherings and religious social occasions. Open transport courses and tickets containing messages on HIV/AIDS. Along roadways, Streets and in play grounds. Dissemination of IEC/BCC materials to all partners. Arrangement for referral framework amongst schools and juvenile sexual and conceptive wellbeing administrations.

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Partnership between Local Government and AIDS benefit associations : Facilitate nearby reaction to HIV/AIDS control. Increment scope and effectiveness in administration conveyance particularly at grass root level(i.e. Districts 68 HCFs & PASADA 13 HCFs Reduce weight of neighborhood government in administration conveyance. The NGOs,CBOs and FBOs are near the group (Total of 131).

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Identified holes on practical reconciliation Limited access to VCT & referral benefits particularly in rustic regions. Insufficient coordination between VCT/Care and bolster administrations including arrangement for: ARVs Legal guides Nutritional directing Management of deft contaminations. Scope is still low, be that as it may we expect to enhance through HBC.

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Addressing holes on utilitarian mix Incorporating VCT benefits in all Public wellbeing conveyance framework particularly in fringe territories or through HBC. Setting up effort directing administrations in remote territories through HBC program. Using the exisisting versatile van ( 1/Municipality) to give ANC and VCT administrations. Reinforcing coordinated effort with NGOs, CBOs and FBOs in expanding access to Home based care, dietary directing and Legal administrations at group level by presenting a joint gathering and Data net working. Presentation of ARV, administration and avoidance of sharp disease at wellbeing office level. Sharing of obligations accepting Ward/Community level HIV/AIDS Committees. Survey/finish mapping of all NGO's, CBO's and FBO's.

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Conclusion Effective and supportable neighborhood reaction to HIV/AIDS require Coordination, Integration and Partnership with NGOs, CBOs, FBOs and other partners. Nearby Government need to lead the pack in distinguishing, cooperating and supporting AIDS benefit associations.

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Thank you for your kind consideration Acknowledgment City Director-Dar es Salaam Municipal Directors – Ilala, Kinondoni and Temeke Regional Medical Officer – Dar es Salaam Municipal Medical Officers of Health: Ilala, Kinondoni and Temeke.

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References ALGAF HIV/AIDS Training module: Guidelines for Participants Dar es Salaam City/Regional Report. Neighborhood Government Responses to HIV/AIDS: A Handbook Municipal HIV/AIDS Implementation reports – Ilala, Kinondoni and Temeke National Policy on HIV/AIDS 2001