Africa and Madagascar Regional Program

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Africa and Madagascar Local Project. Africa and Madagascar Provincial Project Key Objectives by 2012. SO 1 and 2 Recognize all the physical and marine KBAs in Hotspots, HBWAs and 2 ocean scapes Development on definition and ID of freshwater KBAs

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Africa and Madagascar Regional Program

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Africa and Madagascar Regional Program-Strategic Goals by 2012 SO 1 & 2 Identify all the earthbound and marine KBAs in Hotspots, HBWAs and 2 ocean scapes Advance on definition and ID of freshwater KBAs Implement preservation venture straightforwardly or through accomplices in all Hotspots, HBWAs and 2 seascapes Support augmentation of group engagement methodology guided in Cape and Succulent Karoo into Maputaland-Pondoland Albany Hotspot Ensure that CEPF interest in Afromontane Highlands and Mediterranean Basin has advanced to speculation stage and KBAs are recognized Launched accomplice drove KBA definition in East African Coastal Forests Attracted adequate venture for KBA definition in Horn of Africa and led work area consider Invest specifically or through accomplices in all AZE locales SO 3 Complete earthbound vertebrate undermined species appraisals Identify preservation procedures for species happening past site scale Advance on marine and freshwater species evaluations Invasive species chance appraisal for African Islands Conservation get ready for substantial vertebrates in Horn of Africa including Middle Eastern accomplices

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Africa and Madagascar Program Strategic Goals by 2012 Develop a system of preservation and improvement accomplices to execute preservation and human prosperity exercises crosswise over mainland Create CBCs in Southern Africa, Congo Basin and West Africa Launched Biodiversity Training Network with preservation preparing focuses in east, west and southern Africa Climate change central focuses in West Africa, Congo Basin, Southern Africa and Madagascar/IOI, drove by arrangement focus in South Africa CBC Establish a system of CBC pledge drives entrusted with money related manageability Establishing early cautioning framework for the distinguishing proof of rising dangers to KBAs

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Divisional Structure

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Divisional Structure II

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Partnerships Long-term Strategy Africa and Madagascar

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Southern Africa Wilderness Program

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Southern Africa Wilderness Program Strategic Outcomes 1 Strategic Outcome 3 Lower Orange River TFCA : By end-2010, connecting a chain of separated secured territories under one Joint Management Plan by growing the current Ai-Ais Richtersveld Transfrontier Park into a significantly bigger TFCA, in this manner guaranteeing orchestrated administration crosswise over nearly the whole Succulent Karoo Biome. WKCC : By end-2010, to build up compelling preservation hallways connecting Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park and Central Kalahari Game Reserve and are overseen as indicated by an extensive administration arrange. KAZA TFCA : By end-2009, to have built up a four-country protection hall along the Kwando River which permits free development of natural life between Botswana through Namibia and into Angola and Zambia, with key preservation activities adjusted between nations. All inclusive debilitated species in Miombo Mopane HBWA : By end-2012, to accomplish the land utilize arranging, strategy execution, protection activities and financial feasibility for manageable populaces of key undermined species. FY09: $200,000 Overall: $1 million (Planning & Initial execution) FY09: $350,000 Overall: $2 million FY09: $150,000 Overall: $1 million FY09: $646,000 Overall: $2,6 million To be resolved 9 locales (Nine) 6 destinations (six) 6 destinations (six) Sioma Ngwezi N P Kwando Comm. Cons. Luiana Partial Reserve Richtersveld WHS Ai Ais Richtersveld TFP Sperrgebiet N P Kgalagadi TFP Central Kalahari G R Intervening WMAs Multiple plant species Multiple fowl & warm blooded animal spp Multiple different species Long-term Strategy Southern Africa Wilderness

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Southern Africa Wilderness Program Strategic Outcome 4 Miombo Mopane HBWA: By June 2010, to have finished full Outcomes Definition and Conservation Prioritization inside MM HBWA, by method for CI teaming up with an organization together of accomplices, in this manner setting up the establishment for a key and streamlined preservation approach over a noteworthy essential biome of Africa FY09: None dedicated Overall: $ 1 million 5 (Five) Output: Completed local arrangement changes required for protection results accomplishment, as characterized by activity arrange. Build up an organization together of accomplices to team up in asset obtaining to empower a procedure of Outcomes Definition and Conservation Prioritization in Miombo Mopane HBWA. Create, gather, and set up the information base required for significant procedure of Outcomes Definition and Conservation Prioritization Facilitate a procedure of shared improvement of Outcomes Definition and Conservation Prioritization in MM HBWA Output: Necessary territorial responsibility for protection activity and open support for its preservation targets. Draw in with local bodies (SADC), national (govt) and nearby specialists and partners to accomplish acknowledgment and support for aggregate usage of strategies and activities MM HBWA Long-term Strategy Southern Africa Wilderness

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Partnerships Long-term Strategy Southern Africa Wilderness

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Southern Africa Wilderness Program FY09 Activities/Initiatives: SO1-Corridors KAZA TFCA: 1. Organize KBA & Ecosystem Services 2. Create Transboundary Natural Resource Management Plans LOR TFCA: 1. Build up an Integrated Conservation & Development Plan 2. Set up territorial protection associations WKCC: 1. Lead benchmark financial and biodiversity studies 2. Create a Tourism Management Plan SO3-Species Wild puppy thinks about in WKCC Conflict moderation (predator) contemplates in WKCC Define enter passages in KAZA SO4-Sustainability 1. Set up a Partnership Alliance for MM HBWA 2. Create raising money technique for MM HBWA FY09 Overview Southern Africa Wilderness

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Human Well-Being

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Central Africa Program

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Congo Forests High Biodiversity Wilderness Area * SO1s : 5.9 million ha of biodiversity natural surroundings in three halls are working and reasonable by 2011 Kokolopori Bonobo: Consolidate this 400k ha Corridor by 2009. Focal DRC Maiko Tayna Kahuzi-Biega: Consolidate this 2.8 mil ha hall by 2011. Eastern DRC . Monte Alen – Monts de Cristal: Consolidate this 2.7 mil ha hallway by 2011. EG and Gabon CI FY09 Financial venture: $1,411,671 GCF FY09 Financial speculation: $114,000 CI FY09 Financial speculation: $490,647 8 destinations (full scale zones) 1 site 7 locales (large scale zones) Maiko National Park UGADEC people group zone (counting Tayna & Kisimba NRs) Kahuzi-Biega National Park Monte Alen National Park EG Monts de Cristal Gabon Altos de Nsork National Park EG Kokolopori Developing Nature Reserve * Approximately 750,000 ha of the Maiko Tayna Kahuzi-Biega Corridor is in the Eastern Afromontane Hotspot (Albertine Rift good countries) Long-term Strategy Central Africa Program

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Congo Forests High Biodiversity Wilderness Area SO2 : 400,000 ha of biodiversity living space outside of halls are working and reasonable SO3 : No eradications of all inclusive undermined species happen in Hotspots or Hi-biodiversity Wilderness Areas Itombwe Massif: Consolidate this 400k CBNRM (mosaic of vital and advancement zones) through support to accomplice WWF by 2011. Eastern DRC. Result: By 2010, finish a KBA examination for DRC, as initial phase in a local investigation for the Congo backwoods. This activity would give KBAs to the wild territory and the western piles of the Albertine Rift (Hotspot) in DRC, and could fill in as a test case program for the rest of the Congo wild region. To be created. CI FY09 Financial speculation: approx $150,000 of CARPE subgrant (yet no CI stores) 1 site CI Financial Investment: None. To be created with outer financing; estimated add up to cost would be $1 mil Itombwe mountains Number of species : > 45 debilitated species Key species : Gorilla beringei graueri ; G. g. gorilla ; Pan troglodytes ; P. paniscus ; Loxodona africana ; and numerous others, including for e.g. Conraua goliath Long-term Strategy Central Africa Program

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Central Africa Program SO4 : Conditions for Sustainability of Conservation Outcomes made and looked after Outcome: Create manageable financing systems for current CI halls in DRC and EG in conjunction with legislative and NGO accomplices and GCF. In EG, build up the Convenio de Cooperación with government with point of building up a National Trust Fund instrument to bolster and keep up preservation results. In DRC, work with GCF and accomplices to build up 2 isolate site-based trust stores for: 1) the eastern DRC hall Maiko Tayna Kahuzi-Biega; and 2) the Kokolopori Corridor in focal Equateur. CI Long-term Financial Investment: Match Funds for Convenio = $4.1 mil GCF Trust Fund commitment = in any event $3 mil Output 1: Develop Action Plan for Trust Fund and Conservation Outcomes Develop activity anticipate trust subsidize components for DRC and EG to incorporate potential carbon credit advertise and rising REDD choices Output 2: Implement Monitoring System to Adaptively Manage Action Plan Develop limit of logical staff in both EG and DRC to sufficiently survey carbon sequestration and to create and execute an observing framework for REDD. Long haul Strategy Central Africa Program

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Partnerships Long-term Strategy Central Africa Program

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Congo Forests High Biodiversity Wilderness Area FY09 Activities/Initiatives: SO1 - Maiko Tayna Kahuzi-Biega Corridor Complete Land Use Management Plan (LUP) for CBFP Landscape Achieve legitimate secured status for three UGADEC holds SO1 – Monte Alen-Monts de Cristal Corridor Complete Land Use Management Plan (LUP) for CBFP Landscape Achieve lawful ensured status for National Forest, EG SO1 – Kokolopori Bonobo Corridor Complete Management and Business Plan for Nature Reserve Achieve lawful ensured statu