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´╗┐Advertising Publicity Corporate Advertising Asia-Pacific Marketing Federation Certified Professional Marketer Copyright by Marketing Institute of Singapore

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Organization 1. Presentation 2. Advertising 3. Exposure 4. Corporate Advertising

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Introduction Tools for changing disposition towards firm Do not straightforwardly affect buy conduct

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Public Relations A mgmt work that decides states of mind and sentiments of association's publics, recognizes its arrangements with the premiums of its publics, and details and executes a program of activity to procure the goodwill of its publics

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PR versus Advertising Focuses on firm, not item Generates goodwill, not deals More tenable Little control over substance Lower cost More publics Internal: employees, stockholders External: press, govt, business group

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Steps in PR Determine open mentalities Identify approaches & strategy with open premium Develop & execute correspondences program for open comprehension & acknowledgment

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PR & Promotion Marketing Public Relations (MPR) PR exercises to bolster showcasing destinations

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How? Assemble mktplace fervor b4 media advtg breaks Create advtg news when there is no item news Introduce item with nearly nothing/no advtg Provide esteem added client benefit Build brand-to-client bonds Defend items at hazard & give customers motivations to purchase

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Publicity Subset of PR Short-term Press May be certain and Negative attention begin from outside sources

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By deeds, not declaration Controlled by firm, not obliged to another gathering GOALS 1. Marketing introduction Geared towards coordinate deals e.g., big name opens another branch Likens advancements

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2. Stimulation introduction Aimed at goodwill, mindfulness, & picture No prompt deals 3. Instructive/people group association introduction Enhance personal satisfaction

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Corporate Advertising OBJECTIVE To make a picture of a particular corporate identity in the brains of general society Treats firm as item CORPORATE versus PRODUCT ADVERTISING 1. Focus on less unmistakable protest (the co.) 2. Fancied reaction less particular

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TYPES 1. Support Firm needs open to know where it remains on issue Usually, media decline to acknowledge PR message Purchase promotion space to present perspective 2. Uncommon Situation Related to corporate giving e.g., open TV programs supported by firm Improve picture thro' decision of program

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3. General Image Largest classification of corporate publicizing Enhance essential picture No particular target