Advantages of Radiation in Every Day Life

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Beneficial Uses of Radiation Medical Diagnoses and Treatment Research Applications Industrial/Manufacturing Applications Food Irradiation Consumer Products/Safety and Security Spacecraft Power Supply Electric Power Generation

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Medical Uses Diagnostic Generally low dosages Short-time exposures Therapeutic Generally high measurements Short to long time exposures

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Diagnostic Uses X-radiation Radiographs Fluoroscopy CT filter Nuclear Medicine

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X-Radiation: Radiographs Short time exposures (significantly less than a second) Low dosages Dental: 0.08 - 0.10 mSv (8 - 10 mrem) Chest: 0.06 - 0.10 mSv (6 - 10 mrem) Mammogram: 0.3 - 0.5 mSv (30 - 50 mrem) Hip: 0.4-0.8 mSv (40-80 mrem)

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X-Radiation: Fluoroscopy Long time exposures (moment or more) Higher measurements Barium Enema: 6 - 9 mSv (600 - 900 mrem) Upper GI: 3.5 - 5.5 mSv (350 - 550 mrem)

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X-Radiation: CT-Scan Series of short exposures at various points Computer investigation and show Gives cross-segment perspective of life systems Medium dosages: Head: 2 - 3 mSv (200 - 300 mrem) Body: 3 - 4 mSv (300 - 400 mrem)

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Nuclear Medicine Radioactive material infused into the patient Gamma radiation distinguished to give picture - PC examination Used to: Locate tumors Determine organ work

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Skeletal Scan of Person After a Tc-99m atomic Medicine Injection

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Therapeutic Uses Radiotherapy (Direct radiation shaft) Gamma beams Electron pillars X-radiation Brachytherapy (Radiation from inside saved radioactivity) Removable seeds (long half-life) Permanent seeds (short half-life)

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Therapeutic Uses (Continued) Internal Unsealed Sources Biological take-up (Iodine) Direct infusion Very High Local Doses for Therapeutic Uses 50 to a few hundred Sieverts, contingent upon the sort, area, and size of the tumor

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Therapy Machine utilized for Targeting Cancerous Tissue

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Characteristics of Ideal Brachytherapy Radionuclides Half life ought not bring about amplified remain in clinic Radioisotope ought to emanate alpha or beta radiation Radioisotope ought to likewise transmit gamma beams to guarantee focused on zone is dealt with

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Characteristics of Ideal Therapeutic Radionuclides Half life ought not bring about developed remain in healing center Radioisotope ought to discharge alpha or beta radiation Radioisotope ought to likewise transmit gamma beams to guarantee focused on range is dealt with

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Research Use Biological and Genetic research Agricultural research Space explore Pharmaceutical research

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Manufacturing Testing and Measurements Monitor thickness of materials amid creation Sheet metal, aluminum thwart Newspaper Measure wear on cutting/penetrating devices Other estimations Amount of paste on postage stamp Level of fluid in canned drinks

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Industrial Use Well logging Moisture/thickness gages Radiography Sterilization Medical instruments Cosmetics Food/Spices

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Level Gage Gamma Switching Technique High level caution indicator High flag dismiss source NaI locator Can/bundle content screen Low level alert Storage container level control

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Thickness Gage Transmission Thickness Technique NaI identifier stack transport source Belt weigher

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Thickness Gage Non-contact estimation and control of fluids, solids or slurries in pipelines. Particular source size is chosen for every application. This is additionally alluded to as gamma gaging or belt measuring Source Detector

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Thickness Gage Beta backscattering procedure

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Thickness Gage Gamma Backscattering Technique NaI indicator Source Sampled volume glass Coal

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Food Irradiation Food treatment equivalent to purification Kills bothers/microorganisms without nourishment corruption Controls growing Does not make the sustenance radioactive FDA Approved Must be marked

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Consumer Products Safety and Security Smoke Detection Equipment Self-controlled Lighting in Exit Signs Lighted Aircraft Instrumentation Pharmaceutical Detection Bomb/Weapons Detection Scanning and Surveillance Equipment Theft Deterrent Systems

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Spacecraft Power Supplies Small radioactive sources have given warmth and electrical energy to space tests for a considerable length of time Radioactive power supplies have permitted space specialty to investigate the external nearby planetary group, too a long way from the sun for sun oriented boards to be compelling

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Electric Power Generation Nuclear Power supplies around 20% of the nation's electric power Unlike fossil energizes, atomic power does not discharge nursery gasses