"Advancements for Computerized Environments" supporting development and SMEs

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“Technologies for Digital Ecosystems” supporting development and SMEs . How ICT could bolster business and SMEs, safeguarding nearby advancement and qualities ?. F. Nachira European Commission DG-INFSO - Unit “ICT for Business” Head of Sector “Technologies for Digital Ecosystems“ .

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"Innovations for Digital Ecosystems" supporting development and SMEs How ICT could bolster business and SMEs, protecting nearby improvement and qualities ? F. Nachira European Commission DG-INFSO - Unit "ICT for Business" Head of Sector "Advances for Digital Ecosystems"

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Table of substance Local and worldwide difficulties: organizing for s&e developm. Lisbon Strategy: Role of ICT and information Regional Clusters: from Industrial Districts to Business Ecosystems The Digital Ecosystem idea How to execute? IST-FP: building a Digital Ecosystem foundation FPIC, ... : A system of nearby Digital Ecosystems History and first Achievements

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Globalization => decrease of European SMEs? From a restricted situation to a worldwide rivalry, + interrelations From a very much characterized business connections to dynamic fluffy relationship un-known accomplice => rapidly changing business connections SMEs new troubles: expanded unpredictability and part of learning A) more R&D, advancement is required B) legitimate angles are more significant esteem is removed by unimportant: Creation, dissemination, utilize, trade of learning, for reason for esteem creation, IPR and DRM are more regulated, constraining development and dispersion of data => drm, licenses, copyrights, ... SMEs sw suppliers: - Rapid development of principles - Sw is a piece of a situation, interoperability, sw more mind boggling - Difficult to contend with vast worldwide organizations with prevailing positions SMEs programming clients (i.e. non-ITC suppliers): constrained use if ICT - moderate applications not accessible for SMEs - taylored applications fitting with neighborhood conditions not accessible - restricted selection of IT => minor increment of efficiency

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The Lisbon objective and the Kok Report Council of Lisbon 3/2000 target: EU "the most dynamic and aggressive learning based economy on the planet fit for maintainable financial development with progressively and better employments and more noteworthy social union, and regard for the earth" by 2010 The Kok report The appropriation and utilization of ITC is one of the central point of profitability pick up his use permits: • the expanding of efficiency • in all areas and in all sort of business • the entrance to the worldwide market • the get to and sharing of information and abilities • the improvement of arranged associations Crucial condition for monetary development is a wide organization and reception of ICT by ventures and open establishments…

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Industrial District [] Growth Node [2000] Virtual Cluster [2000] Business Ecosystem [2002] "systems of creation of emphatically reliant firms (counting specific providers) information delivering operators (colleges, examine foundations, designing organizations), organizations (intermediaries, experts), connected to each other in an esteem including generation chain". system of bunching firms gathering together different substances from various nations or areas focusing on comparative markets or having the same mechanical difficulties a development of the group idea that underscores the outside systems administration measurement, the information exchange, social learning trough high-performing geo-groups of associations and establishments arranged to different groups and possibly upheld by ICTs monetary group of powerfully cooperating associations and people - the life forms of the business world - with their institutional and administrative structure. Together they deliver merchandise and enterprises to clients, who are themselves individuals from the biological community. After some time, they co-develop their capacities and parts, adjusting with the future headings. Models of bunches and their development

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Europe is utilized to adapt to multifaceted nature and differing qualities SMEs are alterable and adaptable Evolution in ICT-appropriation: Increased unpredictability in business organizing

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Which ICT innovation for business environments ? Situation: "… the genuine gradually changing system of associations will be supplanted by more liquid, indistinct and regularly short lived structures situated in cooperations, organization and collaborations"... "… building a group that share business, learning and infrastructure"(1) "To bolster this situation of accumulation of administrations and associations, is required a further stage in ITC innovation selections and a foundation which abuses the dynamic communication ( collaboration and rivalry ) of a few players so as to deliver systemic results; advancement and monetary improvement." " Towards a Network of computerized business biological systems cultivating the nearby advancement " (EC, Discussion paper, 2002)

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Business Ecosystems the neighborhood conditions molding the economy "make an ideal domain for business": [Kok rep.] a business biological system make a good situation for business and individuals a financial eco-framework Technical Infrastructure Governance & Industrial Policy Human Capital, Knowledge & Practices Legal Framework & Financial Conditions

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Digital Ecosystems the specialized foundation supporting the Business Ecosystems Computing & Telecom. Foundation Community Structured Architecture Protocols & Mechanisms Knowledge of Business & Organizational Models

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How to manage the many-sided quality? Agreeable exertion : among nearby on-screen characters (gov, business, uni-res) among EU areas Local on-screen characters R.O. Univ. P.A. Gov. Little associations No simple reply, no transient arrangement long haul handle, yet transitional results Paradigm move : mechanicist display => living being model arrangement: fabricating a machine => make conditions: supporting players

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New standards ! • Examples of this approach • Intelligent Manufacturing System program (establish. Cutting edge manufact. Sys) 91-00 => holonic frameworks idea • Cybesyn extend (apply standards of artificial intelligence for compelling majority rule government in the state-claimed businesses) S.Beer Chile 70-73 => autopoietic frameworks How turn shortcoming in preferences? Relinquish superfluous constrains= find new open doors • Visionary approach + middle of the road substantial results

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Learn lessons from the living scene © biological communities Is based on creation and complex progressive systems No focal course and control, no arrangements characterized ahead of time Fault tolerant: No essential issue of disappointment, just practicality idea Diversity and self-sufficiency Just adjustment to the neighborhood conditions Selection and advancement ...yet you require a framework supporting the life

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What is a Digital Ecosystem ? THE DIGITAL ECOSYSTEM is an inescapable "advanced environment" which underpins the business biological communities which is populated by "computerized segments" which advances and adjust to neighborhood conditions with the development of the parts THE SOFT SUPPORT INFRASTRUCTURE, WHICH OFFERS AND TRANSPORTS SERVICES & INFORMATION (learning) EMPOWERING THE NETWORKING

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What is a Digital Component ? Advanced COMPONENT could be: programming parts, applications, administrations, information, business procedures and models, preparing modules, legally binding structures, law ... .... what's more, ideally a blend of that A USEFUL IDEA, EXPRESSED BY THE LANGUAGE (formal or regular), LAUNCHED ON THE NET, WHICH CAN BE PROCESSED (by PCs and additionally people)

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Component-based arrangements A computerized part or arrangement is made by segments which: are circulated ought to change for permitting development all components could switch and change (sw, methodology of use, conventions) Reusability of existing activities (web administrations, GRID administrations, semantic web) conventions => adjustment to nearby conditions through advancement

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Growth prompt to Competitiveness , showcase & interior proficiency give assets enhance "Advanced Ecosystem Infrastructure" catalyze ICTs Cooperation & development systems enhance shape & cultivate bolster Biology improves Open Source Evolutionary foundation energize make suitable backings underpins New authoritative & plans of action Policy The Digital Ecosystem incorporated approach RESEARCH INNOVATION DEPLOYMENT to diminish the advanced gap to encourage neighborhood financial development and advancement; new types of element business associations: empowered by computerized biological system advances Derivative work from P.Dini - London School of Economics The Lisbon objective for the Information Society can't be come to through research alone. R&D will be pointless if other corresponding approach instruments are not created and utilized successfully. [5yA]

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to assemble and give programming and arrangements that advance and endeavor/cultivate every single neighborhood resource of European areas Goal: fabricate the computerized biological community foundation supporting the move from modern region to business environment SMEs programming clients (non-IT item and administration suppliers): to have accessible ethnocentric taylored programming + knowlege framework which make them more focused to create organized business among Europe which jam nearby character and culture to bolster maintainable neighborhood development Sw suppliers: - to reconstruct an ability in building programming (in view of SMEs and free makers) - to encourage investigate and to modify logical and innovative authority - to grow new ideal models for delivering programming and sharing learning - to grow new agreeable plans of action an advanced regular

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A representation of the computerized biological community

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A representation of the advanced biological system

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