Adobe Photoshop Components 2.0 Making Catches For Sites

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Dispatch Photoshop Program, File>New. . Set Width

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´╗┐Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0 Creating Buttons For Websites

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Launch Photoshop Program, File>New

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Set Width & Height to Inches, Resolution 72 dpi, Mode RGB, OK

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Image>Mode>RGB to Edit

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Window>Layers Double Click the Background Layer & Rename to Unlock

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After Double Clicking on the Locked Italic Background Layer Text Rename It, OK

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View>Rulers to Control the Size of The Buttons You Create

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Window>Layer Styles

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Drag the Layer Styles Palette Down by the Tab in the Palette Well to Keep it Open for Making Selections

Slide 10

Layer Styles Drop-Down Menu Choices

Slide 11

Layer Styles Drop-Down Menu Choices

Slide 12

Layer Styles Drop-Down Menu Choices

Slide 13

With the Rectangle Tool Drag Select the Desired Button Size

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Click on the Foreground Color Box to Select the Desired Button Color Foreground Background

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Edit>Fill the Selected Color

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The Selected Color Fills the Rectangle

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Select the Desired Layer Style

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If the Selection Overfills the Rectangle, Select>Inverse, & Delete Key to Remove Excess

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Now Only Your Shape is Filled Edit>Deselect

Slide 20

Select the Crop Tool, Drag Select the Area to Keep>Return Key

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Only Your Button Remains

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File>Save As

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File>Save As, Name in Lowercase, .psd & Check Layers, Save

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Keep a .psd Copy of the Button for Adding New Text To Each Button

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Select Text Foreground Color & Text Tool, Click and Type Title

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The Font Tools are Along the Top & the Move Tool is on the Left

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File>Save For Web

Slide 28

Select .gif or .jpg File Format, OK

Slide 29

Name All Lowercase With File Extension, Save to Desktop

Slide 30

Completed Button for Adding to Your Webpage