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INTRODUCTIONS Mary O'Hagan Name and association of members

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PURPOSE OF MORNING To give a helicopter perspective of administration client authority and support To check the inner and outside settings that help or upset administration client cooperation and initiative in Fife

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DEFINITIONS Tables What do we mean by: Service client Participation Leadership SUPL? (3 mins )

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SUPL LEVELS Individual Own recuperation Client-staff relationship Service client run activities Mainstream administrations System Local National

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DEGREES OF POWER LOW HIGH Neglect Paternalism Tokenism Leadership Participation User Power Professional Power Shared Power Institutional time Transitional time Recovery time

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SUPL ORIGINS Human rights Customer rights User/survivor development (40 yrs) Government strategy (20 yrs)

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WHY IS SUPL IMPORTANT? Tables Why does SUPL in administrations: Improve administrations? Enhance recuperation? (5 mins )

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SUPL TODAY? Dialog How well is Fife executing SUPL today at all levels: Individual – Own recuperation, customer staff relationship Service – Service client run and standard administrations System – Local to national

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SEISMIC SHIFTS NEEDED The four 'P's: Philosophical Psychological Power Practical

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PHILOSOPHICAL SHIFTS Beliefs about franticness – a testing yet true blue human experience. Reactions to franticness – bolster individuals to lead claim recuperation, as per estimations of: Hope Self-assurance over life Choices of administrations Valued place in world.

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PSYCHOLOGICAL SHIFTS New characters and parts: Service clients – dynamic specialists Workforce – master asset Families – supporters of recuperation Communities – unfearful and comprehensive

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POWER SHIFTS Transfer choices & assets to administration clients Individuals Collaboration, personalisation Prevent pressure Collective Independent systemic backing Service clients as pioneers in administrations

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PRACTICAL SHIFTS - INDIVIDUAL Prevent legitimate and additional lawful compulsion. Rehearse joint effort eg qualities appraisal/individual arranging, shared drug administration, shared hazard administration, self-coordinated care, individual spending plans. Enhance access to associate support & recuperation training.

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PRACTCIAL SHIFTS – PEER SERVICES Plan, subsidize and create peer run administrations: Support gatherings and systems Support in lodging, training and business. Bolster in emergency Artistic, social and social exercises. Recuperation training for associates. Tutoring, directing and become a close acquaintence with. Systemic and singular promotion. Data advancement and conveyance.

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PRACTICAL SHIFTS – MAINSTREAM SERVICES Employ individuals with lived involvement in: Generic parts eg experts, chiefs. SU Specific parts eg counselors, peer bolster laborers. Bolster staff with lived experience To 'turn out'. working environment modification. Make straightforward, responsive input circles for administration clients as people and as a system.

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PRACTICAL SHIFTS – SYSTEM Community administration – client drove partner sheets to manage nearby between sectoral benefit improvement: Investigate the necessities/qualities of neighborhood groups Investigate results for individuals utilizing administrations. Assess administrations. Prompt funders and suppliers. Give data on administrations and their quality.

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BREAK 15 mins

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SUPL CONTEXT IN FIFE Small gatherings PEST examination – Political, financial, social & mechanical environment (watching out) SWOT investigation – Strengths, shortcomings, openings & dangers (looking in) (30 mins )

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LEARNING FROM THE MORNING Take a clear sheet of paper Write the three most significant things you have learnt No more than a sentence for each Write unmistakably Put paper in center

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LUNCH Back at 1.30

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INTRODUCTIONS Mary O'Hagan Name and association of members

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SUMMARY OF MORNING What was learnt. Different remarks. See present.

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PURPOSE OF AFTERNOON To guide current administration client support and initiative in Fife – great, poor and non-existent. To plan and concede to as good as ever administration client cooperation and authority forms.

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MAPPING SUPL IN FIFE Small gatherings NHS, Council, Voluntary segment, Interagency Draw up the focuses where critical choices are made at the administration or framework level and plot where benefit client support/authority is: Good Poor Not happening

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BREAK 15 mins

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FILLING THE GAPS IN SUPL IN FIFE Small gatherings NHS, Council, Voluntary segment, Interagency Design new or enhanced procedures for administration client investment/initiative where it is poor or not happening.

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QUOTE The most ideal approach to anticipate what's to come is to develop it.