Administration Learning Project Medal of Honor Memorial Old Town, Maine

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´╗┐Benefit Learning Project Medal of Honor Memorial Old Town, Maine

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Mission An ask for from Mr. Matt Dunlap, the Maine Secretary of State to make commemorations to recollect and respect the Medal of Honor champs from the State of Maine. Asked for that the dedications be made in the origin of the Medal of Honor victors from all contentions.

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Email from Secretary of State Develop a Plan Contact Town Contact MSO Contact Art Department Choose a Site Publicity Fundraising Purchase Materials Get Volunteers Get Professionals Install Memorial Dedication Ceremony The Process

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Background The President, for the sake of Congress, Has granted more than 3,400 Medals of Honor to our country's most intrepid Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen since the embellishment's creation in 1861.

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Criteria for Award The Medal of Honor is granted by the President, for the sake of Congress, to a man who, while an individual from the Army, separates himself or herself prominently by valor and fearlessness at the danger of his or her life well beyond what would have been acceptable anyway while occupied with activity against a foe of the United States; while occupied with military operations including strife with a restricting outside compel; or while presenting with agreeable remote strengths occupied with an outfitted clash against a contradicting equipped constrain in which the United States is not a contentious gathering.

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Criteria Continued The deed performed more likely than not been one of individual fortitude or generosity so obvious as to plainly recognize the person over his or her confidants and more likely than not included danger of life. Incontestable evidence of the execution of the administration will be claimed and every proposal for the honor of this embellishment will be considered on the standard of uncommon legitimacy.

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Historical Medals of Honor Navy 1862 Tiffany Cross 1919 Army 1904 Army 1896

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Current Medal of Honor Designs

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Navy/Marine Corps/Coast Guard

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Air Force

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Civil War

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Old Town's Medal of Honor Recipient Brigadier General (then Captain) LEWELLYN G. ESTES Old Town, Maine

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Citation Rank and association: Captain and Assistant Adjutant General, Volunteers. Place and date: At Flint River, Georgia, 30 August 1864. Entered benefit at: Penobscot, Maine. Birth: Old Town, Maine. Date of issue: 29 August 1894. Reference: Voluntarily drove troops in a charge over a cutting off tie.

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Historical Account of the Event Late toward the evening of August 30, 1864, General Howard's propelling Union Infantry stayed outdoors around four miles from the Flint River in Georgia. Without water for his depleted troops, General Howard inquired as to whether he would require his Cavalry with an end goal to get water from the stream for the troops. Valiantly, at the leader of his summon, Captain Estes drove the 96th Illinois Cavalry on a charge against the Confederate blockade at the stream. Inside a hour his wild charge, which had gotten the radicals totally off guard, the foe drive and sent them over the waterway. Coming back to his order, and after being saluted by General Howard, Captain Estes asked, "Do you need me to take the bridge." "Can you do it?" General Howard inquired. Skipper Estes answered that he could and, with the general's authorization, drove two regiments of got off mounted force back to the stream. With two organizations of the tenth Ohio, Captain Estes charged over the extension to defeat the foe. At the season of his charge the extension was smoldering in a few spots, yet outfitted just with a pistol, Captain Estes proceeded at the leader of his men, intersection and driving the foe back sufficiently far for whatever remains of General Howard's Army to likewise cross.

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Historical Account of the Event

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Historical Account of the Event

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School Community Partners Army JROTC Class Ms. Rice's Art Class - Pencil Drawing

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Curriculum Linkages How Govt Works Research Leadership JROTC Planning Citizenship Writing Skills Coordinating Internet Skills

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Art Classes - Painting Contact Art Department at School Develop and Create a masterpiece Use the craftsmanship to help in gathering pledges endeavors Create an artwork and model of the occasion.

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Curriculum Linkages Research Skills Art History Use of Media Art Class Planning Creativity Internet Skills Interpretation Coordinating

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Community Partners Old Town School Department SLO City of Old Town Maine Office of the Maine Secretary of State Old Town Businesses Community Leaders Military Service Organizations - MOWW Community Service Organizations Center for Military History

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Community Needs Met Preserve Town History making an association with the past. Acknowledgment of a Town Hero Positive Role Model for Citizens of Old Town Source of Civic Pride

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