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Blackberry Farm. Key Points for Today. Go over the top! What is your administration mission? ... 9. Know Blackberry Farm. 10. Use appropriate vocabulary. Abstain from utilizing slang. ...

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Benefit Excellence Brian Lee Director of Guest Relations Blackberry Farm

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Key Points for Today Go over the top! What is your administration mission? Make your own administration establishments. What drives your administration rationality?

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Over The Top Guest Experiences

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Team Member Empowerment Process Internal/External Guests Blackberry Creed 3 Steps of Service 16 Foundations

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The Creed: "Great… better… best… never let it rest, 'til the great is better and the better is ideal!"

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3 Steps of Service A warm and true welcome, utilizing the visitor's name when conceivable. Suspect the visitor's need and react quickly. An affectionate goodbye with a welcome to return.

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The Foundations of Service

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1. Visitors are our #1 need.

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2. Grin and keep up eye contact.

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3. Have an amicable, positive and expert demeanor.

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4. Keep up a spotless, sorted out and uncluttered workspace.

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Never talk contrarily about a collaborator or a visitor.

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6. Be an answer seeker not a malcontent.

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7. React to a visitor's need quickly.

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8. Outfits ought to be perfect, conveniently squeezed and prepared for work.

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9. Know Blackberry Farm.

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10. Utilize legitimate vocabulary. Abstain from utilizing slang.

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Personally escort a visitor as opposed to point.

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12. Report perilous circumstances, required repairs or wounds instantly.

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Care for our property and gear with pride, as though it were your own.

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14. React with "my pleasure".

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15. Yes is dependably the reply.

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16. Be glad for your commitments to our prosperity. You make us #1!

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Over The Top!

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Character Courtesy Calm Cuisine Charm The Five "C's" of Service:

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It Takes Dedication

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It Takes Commitment

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It Takes Passion

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Always Be The Best You Can Be