Acquiring a GSA Multiple Award Schedule Understanding and Beginning the Process

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Acquiring a GSA Multiple Award Schedule Understanding and Beginning the Process

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Overview Excellence in the Business of Government. GSA gives working environments by developing, overseeing, and protecting government structures and by renting and overseeing business land. GSA's securing arrangements offer private division proficient administrations, hardware, supplies, media communications, and data innovation to government associations and the military. GSA approaches advance administration best practices and proficient government operations. GSA Schedules program accomplishes more than $40 billion dollars in deals each year for organizations banding together with us. Organizations who take an interest in this program can possibly be exceptionally fruitful, notwithstanding, achievement is not ensured. This preparation is produced to help organizations figure out whether this program is a solid match for their future objectives and how to find a way to take an interest.

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Agenda You will have the capacity to recognize: Program Purpose What is GSA Why the GSA MAS Program Who Buys from this Program Participation Criteria Sales Certifications Experience Time Business Decision Pros Cons Downloading the Materials E-Library FedBizOpps Schedule Solicitations Summary and Support Resources Points of Contact News You Can Use Q & An and Live Web Example

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Glossary of Terms GSA – General Services Administration MAS – Multiple Award Schedule GSA MAS Program – General Services Administration Multiple Award Schedule Program GSA Schedule – abridged type of the program name. Plans Program – shortened type of the program name. GSA Schedule Number – The breakdown of program classes, for example, "Timetable 70 – Information Technology", "Plan 72 II – Furnishings", and so forth

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Program Purpose

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What is GSA influences the purchasing force of the central government to get best esteem for citizens and our elected clients. We practice dependable resource administration. We convey unrivaled working environments, quality securing administrations, and master business arrangements. We create inventive and successful administration strategies Why the GSA MAS Program The GSA MAS Program gives a marked down assets to government purchasers acquiring business items and administrations. Who Buys from this Program Federal, State and Local Governments Benefits Agencies spare duty dollars Pre-Negotiated Purchase straightforwardly from merchant Access to numerous organization's from one obtainment vehicle

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POC Schedule No. what's more, Description Item Number and Description List of GSA Contractors and Contract Details What is a Schedule? It is the class of business recognized by a Number and Description for this program.

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Participation Criteria Minimum Revenue Pre-Requisites Past Performance Complete Solicitation Submit Offer to GSA Review Process Negotiate Terms and Conditions Accept or Reject Contract Number Market

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Standard Process – Minimum Qualifying Sales $25,000 in deals every year Pre-Requisites Central Contractor Registration Small Business Certifications North American Industrial Classification Online Representations and Certifications Past Performance Review ($185.00) directed by Open Ratings GSA Award Time 120 Days or more

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MAS Express Process – call (866) 472-5738 or email to Minimum Qualifying Sales $100,000 in deals every year Limited Schedule Certification Online Training "Pathway to Success" Central Contractor Registration Small Business Administration North American Industrial Classification Representations and Certifications Past Performance Review led by Open Ratings GSA Award Time 30-60 Days

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Schedule 36 - The Office, Imaging and Document Solutions Schedule 48 - Transportation, Delivery and Relocation Solutions Schedule 51 V - Hardware SuperStore Schedule 58 I - Professional Audio/Video, Telemetry/Tracking, Recording/Reproducing, and Signal Data Solutions Schedule 67 - Photographic Equipment—Cameras, Photographic Printers, and Related Supplies and Services (Digital and Film-Based) Schedule 70 -General Purpose Information Technology Equipment, Software, and Services Schedule 73 - Food Service, Hospitality, Cleaning Equipment and Supplies, Chemicals, and Services Schedule 75 - Office Products/Supplies and Services Schedule 78 - Sports, Promotional, Outdoor, Recreational, Trophies, and Signs (SPORTS) Schedule 81 I B -Shipping, Packaging, and Packing Supplies Schedule 599 -Travel Services Solutions Schedule 899 -Environmental Services Limited MAS Express Schedule Participation (present as of February 2010)

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MAS EXPRESS Online Training "Pathway to Success" An essential for investment in the MAS Express Program is the fruitful finish of the "Pathway to Success" instruction course. Sellers may go to either a live presentation or finish the electronic presentation posted on the  Vendor Support Center (VSC)  under the "Vendor Training" tab. ( - What are GSA's desires for a seller to wind up a fruitful Schedule contractor;  - How to contend and prevail as a GSA Schedule contractual worker in the administration commercial center; - How to build up a GSA Schedule-particular strategy for success; and - How to present a quality offer, the proposition accommodation prepare, and the GSA Schedule sales.

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Central Contract Registration – DUNS number - 9 digit identifier gave by Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) Tax Identification Number (TIN) Taxpayer Name Statistical Information Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Information New enlistments process is 1-2 business days

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Small Business Administration – 8(a) SDB Development Certification Program Application- HUBZone Program Application - Woman-Owned Business – Self Certify Veteran Owned Business – Self Certify Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business – Self Certify

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Online Representations and Certification Replace paper based Representations and Certifications (Reps and Certs) prepare DUNS Number Required MPIN Required – Marketing Partner Identification Number - Created amid CCR Process (individual code permits access to government applications)

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What is a Size Standard? SBA has set up numerical definitions, or "size standards," for just for benefit industries.  Size gauges speak to the biggest size that a business (counting its backups and subsidiaries) might be to stay named a private venture concern.  These size principles apply to SBA's monetary help and to its different projects, and additionally to Federal government acquisition programs when there is an advantage accessible to qualifying as an independent company concern.  Also, the Small Business Act expresses that unless particularly approved by statute, no Federal division or office may recommend a size standard for arranging a business worry as a private company concern, unless such proposed estimate standard meets certain criteria and is affirmed by the Administrator of SBA. 

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North American Industrial Classification and the SBA Size Standard Identify NAICs Review SBA Size Standard Determine on the off chance that you are viewed as a little or huge business

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Past Performance Required as a major aspect of your offer accommodation Order the report at Specify between 6-20 references Notify References Emailed on-line study 35 day prepare Valid for 6 mo. $185.00 in addition to assess for two requests ($25.00 each extra)

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Business Decision

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Research/Customer Base Buying Preference Potential Customers Request for GSA Schedules Other sources being utilized Discounts valuable Benefit to you/client Leading to Success/ROI? Contract/Revenue Current Govt. Orders? Potential Govt. Orders? No Orders? Arrange the 2 year beauty period Other contracts set up? Prompting to Success/ROI? Is there a Return on Investment (ROI) Note: The GSA Schedules Program is one and only apparatus purchasers use to buy items and administrations. Know your clients obtaining hone.

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Pros Preferred Source of Supply Great Earning Potential World Wide Program High Visibility Credibility 24 month effortlessness period I-FSS-106 GUARANTEED MINIMUM (JUL 2003) The base that the Government consents to arrange amid the time of this agreement is $2,500. On the off chance that the Contractor gets add up to orders for under $2,500 amid the term of the agreement, the Government will pay the distinction between the sum requested and $2,500. 72A Reports Current Contract in Good Standing Not ended for default 5-20 Year Contract

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Sales for All MAS Contracts by Size and Socioeconomic Status (November 2009)

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Cons Sales Criteria $25,000 acquiring under the program IFF (.75%) Auditing and Set-Up Requirements Varied Demand Paperwork Award handle time Success Not Guaranteed Contract can be wiped out for absence of offers before contract end date Modification are not programmed Self-Managed GSA Advantage! ®

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Top 10 Schedule Sales in 2009

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00CORP THE CONSOLIDATED SCHEDULE (in the past Corporate Contracts Schedule) C T001 Arts/Graphics Services 541 ADVERTISING & INTEGRATED MARKETING SOLUTIONS (AIMS) 541 2000 Other Direct Costs 541 3