Account Lifecycle: The Starting Session 2 Honor Foundation

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Business Services. Endless supply of this course you will comprehend: The part of the ... Each speaks to a

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Arrangement Training Program for the Lifecycle of an Account Lifecycle: The Beginning Session 2 Award Establishment

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Team Members Suzanne Bennett, Electrical and Computer Engineering Jeanette Greener, Discovery Park Christy Haddock, Vice President for Research Meagan Kramer, Sponsored Program Services Mary Millsaps, Sponsored Program Services Helen Moschinger, Sponsored Program Services Patty Oswalt, Pharmacy Becky White, Sponsored Program Services

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Contracting Notice To Proceed (NTP) Electronic Award Notices Award Set Up Examples Resources Course Content

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Upon finish of this course you will comprehend: The part of the agreement investigator and what administers their activities The Notice to Proceed (NTP) prepare The significance of electronic honor data demands and honor sees The issues of Award Set Up Course Objectives

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Contracting What is a Contract? A Contract is a guarantee or set of guarantees to do (or not do) something. Makes a lawful obligation to play out the guarantee which is enforceable through the courts. There are a wide range of names for contracts, all make commitments with respect to the University.

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Contracting Types of Contracts: Spectrum of Sponsor Influence Gifts MOU/MOA Grant Contract (no thought) Teaming Agreement Cooperative Agreement Each speaks to a "legitimately authoritative assention," regardless of what we call it.

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Purchasing – University dollars going out (not subcontracts for supported activities) Purchasing Agreements License Agreements SPS/Fed/State Contracting Team – (work intimately with the Young and DP PreAward Teams) Federal and State of Indiana Contracts/Grants University Pass-through from the Federal and State of Indiana Associated Subcontracts Miscellaneous understandings SPS/Industrial Foundation Group Contracts with Industry and Non-Profits, paying little mind to the prime Associated Subcontracts Material Transfer Agreements Confidential Non-exposure Agreements Contracting Why are the University Contracting workplaces sorted out the way they are?

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Contracting Contract Analyst part: It is the part of the agreement examiner, to guarantee that: The University can and ought to meet the commitments as composed. The agreement really mirrors the University's comprehension of the action. Any agreement the University goes into is in consistence with Federal and State Law and University Policy.

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Contracting Current Strategic Plan Goals Launching tomorrow's pioneers (Education of our understudies) Promoting revelation with conveyance (Research for the greater great and financial advancement) Meeting worldwide difficulties (universal coordinated efforts)

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Statement of Work – Academic Approvals Regulatory Approvals Budget – Are all costs secured? Framework Assessment – Can we meet the terms as composed? Contracting Factors for Consideration

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The Proposal!! Talks with PI Business Office SPS Post Award Other focal workplaces affected Contracting Where does the examiner get this data?

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Contracting Contract Analyst's part: It is the part of the agreement examiner, to guarantee that: The University can and ought to meet the commitments as composed. The agreement genuinely mirrors the University's comprehension of the movement. Any agreement the University goes into is in consistence with Federal and State Law and University Policy.

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Federal Law OMB Circulars A-21 and A-110 Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) State Law State Disclosure Laws Conflicts of Interest University Policies (Approved by the Board of Trustees) Contracting What administers the terms and conditions the University can acknowledge?

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Types secured by law Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks and Trade Secrets Other sorts specified in contracts Information, Data, Know-How Contracting What is Intellectual Property?

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VIII.4.1 Intellectual Property Except for Copyrights to Instructional and Scholarly Works, the University holds responsibility for IP created by Purdue representatives and understudies including or identifying with the utilization of University Resources Contracting University's strategy on Intellectual Property

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Licensing Revenue for PI, Department and University Right to Publish Academic/Scholarly Works Student Theses Right to seek after related research Contracting What does the responsibility for effect?

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Contract Review Board Director of SPS Associate Vice President for Research Director of Office of Technology and Commercialization (Office of PRF that licenses Purdue IP) Contracting What happens if the expert can't touch base at a bargain that is inside University approaches? They decide fittingness in view of the given circumstance.

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Contracting – Example Situation Acme Corp is demanding owning all information and confining production rights. Who may be included in determining this for the University?

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Contracting – Example Answer Contract Analyst Principal Investigator Industrial Foundation Group Assistant Director Contract Review Board Department Head or Dean

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Signature Delegation When is Gift not a Gift? In what manner would we be able to cooperate to make the procedure more effective? Contracting Other Points of Interest

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Legal Entity: The Trustees of Purdue University Bylaws of the Board of Trustees Signature Delegation Authority conceded to Executive Vice President and Treasurer and is overseen by the Director of Purchasing Agreements requiring PI affirmation: Confidential Non-Disclosure Agreements and Material Transfer Agreements Contracting Why can't workforce sign their own particular contracts?

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Expressed or inferred desire of monetary advantage back to the giver (ideal IP terms) Contracting When is a blessing not a blessing? (IRS assurance) A blessing with strings appended – Managed by SPS Financial administration necessities Financial reporting prerequisites Repayment arrangements

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Contracting – Example Situation NanoTech Inc. gives Professor Little a blessing that accompanies a honor letter. In the honor letter it expresses that by tolerating this blessing, Purdue consents to give NanoTech the primary ideal to permit to any created IP. Is this a blessing, and how might you handle this honor letter?

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Contracting – Example Answer NO!! Get grant letter to SPS/IFG for audit Inform PI he may require a proposition

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DO – Communicate, Communicate, Communicate!! DO – Ask inquiries of the PI and contracting office DO – Involve the suitable contracting office early & frequently DO – Have monetary data vital for record set up KNOW – What assets are accessible to you Standard Contract Templates – accessible on the SPS site COEUS Negotiation Record alloted investigator Contracting How would we be able to cooperate to successfully explore through the contracting procedure?

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Contracting Coeus Negotiation Record

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Contracting Bottom Line: Contract and document must remain all alone years after the dynamic members are did not include anymore.

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Professor Thomas conveys an agreement to you and requests that you get it to the fitting office. What inquiries would you need to ask now? Contracting – Example Situation

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Contracting – Example Answer Who are the gatherings required in the understanding? What action is this agreement administering? Is there cash included? Is this identified with an as of now submitted proposition?

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Contracting Resources: SPS Website - contracting tab Generic email for supported program contracting bunches

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Contracting Questions?

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Notice to Proceed Notice to Proceed (NTP)

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Notice to Proceed What is a Notice to Proceed (NTP)? A NTP is a credit extension set up to permit a venture to start before receipt of a completely executed honor. In the event that the honor neglects to emerge the risk for costs is the obligation of the office or University, contingent on who is fiscally backing it.

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Notice to Proceed Why would it be a good idea for me to ask for a NTP? A NTP must be asked for if a PI needs to start bringing about any expenses before receipt of a honor record. Takes out the requirement for amending archives as it permits charges that advantage a venture to be brought about on that venture. Dispenses with inquiries that may emerge because of cost exchanges from general assets or other supported activities. Guarantees legitimate administrative endorsements are set up before the begin of the exploration.

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Example Situation PI Smith conveys a buy ask for sheep to the business office. What inquiries would it be advisable for you to inquire?

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Example Answer The office ought to ask the accompanying inquiries: Is this office or support look into? In the event that support research, is there as of now a supported record for this buy? Is there an endorsed creature convention for this buy? Notwithstanding the wellspring of subsidizing, if there is not an endorsed convention the buy can't be made.

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Notice to Proceed When might SPS approve a University Backed NTP? Prior to the college will set up a NTP the accompanying must be affirmed by the financial office of the support: The start and closure date of the venture The honor sum Confirmation of the assessed receipt date of the completely executed assention

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Notice to Proceed When ought to a Department back a NTP? Office should back NTP if financial data can't be affirmed and division wishes to permit consumptions. The division is as of now sponsorship the exploration if costs for a venture are being brought about on departmental assets. Administrative complia