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SAME Forum Philadelphia, PA 12 Mar 2008 CAPT R. Hemstreet Deputy Commander for Operations Naval Facilities Engineering Command

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About NAVFAC … NAVFAC's Roles, Products & Services Shore Facilities' Trends Projected Workload Major Programs and Future Work Overview NAVFAC

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ROLES, P&S Who is NAVFAC? Maritime Facilities Engineering Command Our Roles DoD Construction Agent DoN's Facilities Engineering SYSCOM Naval Expeditionary Combat Enterprise lead SYSCOM Member of the Provider Enterprise Global Engineering/Acquisition Command 17,000 Civilians, 1,600 military, and 500 Contractors Our items and administrations: Over $10 billion every year NAVFAC

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NAVFAC… Region Aligned ROLES, P&S NAVFAC Europe – Southwest Asia NAVFAC Northwest Navy Crane Center NAVFAC FE OICC Bethesda NAVFAC Washington NAVFAC MW NAVFAC Marianas NAVFAC Atlantic NAVFAC ESC NAVFAC ELC Naval Fac. Inst. NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic OICC MCI East OICC MCI West NAVFAC Southwest NAVFAC Southeast OICC Katrina NAVFAC Hawaii 2 ECH III Commands NAVFAC Pacific 10 ECH IV Commands 4 OICC Forward Deployed Delivery Model 4 Specialty Centers (ECH III Commands) NAVFAC

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NAVFAC HQ Washington, D.C. District Aligned Navy Crane Center Norfolk, VA NAVFAC Engineering Service Center Port Hueneme, CA NAVFAC Expeditionary Logistics Center Port Hueneme, CA NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic Norfolk, VA Naval Facilities Institute Port Hueneme, CA NAVFAC Washington D.C. NAVFAC Southwest San Diego, CA NAVFAC Far East Yokosuka, Japan NAVFAC Northwest Silverdale, WA NAVFAC Atlantic and Pacific Commanders are double hatted as Fleet Engineers. Offices Engineering Commanders are double hatted as Regional Engineers. NAVFAC Europe & SW Asia Naples, Italy Facilities Engineering Commands NAVFAC Midwest Great Lake, IL NAVFAC Southeast Jacksonville, FL ROLES, P&S We are the Navy's offices building experts. Armada, Fighter and Family engaged; creative; surge empowered; ever speedier; and focused on ceaseless cost lessening. NAVFAC Atlantic Norfolk, VA NAVFAC Pacific Pearl Harbor, HI NAVFAC Hawaii Pearl Harbor, HI Business Lines : Capital Improvements Public Works Environmental Contingency Engineering Asset Management Expeditionary Programs NAVFAC Marianas Guam NAVFAC

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Spec. Ctrs. Joining Vertical Roles Horizontal ROLES, P&S NAVFAC CONOPS (Concept of Operations) NAVFAC HQ NAVFAC LANT NAVFAC PAC Vertical: Leadership 1. Capital Improvements 2. Mission Accountability 3. Customer Interface 4. Extend Mgt/Execution Public Works 5. Execution Metrics Environmental Horizontal: Contingency Engineering 1. Business Processes 2. Asset Allocation Asset Management 3. Group Mgmt 4. Program Mgmt 5. Program Metrics Expeditionary Programs 6. Program Resources NAVFAC

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Current Readiness Future Capability Demand Signal ROLES, P&S Products and Services/Support for Facilities Lifecycle Applying Technical, Contracts and Real Estate Authorities and Expertise Asset Management Demolition Facilities Excessing Outleasing Enhanced Use Leasing (EUL) Planning Land/Installations/Facilities ILS Encroachment Planning/Management Contingency Project Development Anti-Terror/Force Protection (AT/FP) Environmental (NEPA) Recapitalization Restoration Modernization Facilities Sustainment Environmental Compliance & Conservation Base Support Vehicles/Equipment Facility/Specialized Technical Services Strategic Sourcing Utilities/Energy/Real Estate Management Shore Weight Handling Equipment Acquisition/Execution Engineering/Design/Construction Environmental Cleanup/Quality Public/Private Ventures Disaster Response Ocean Engineering Expeditionary Base Ops Support (BOS) Construction NAVFAC

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TRENDS Environmental Supported Commander needs ENV Compliance ENV Restoration, including weapons ENV Planning: offices and military preparing/operations Current ENV Climate Increasing Workload Funding Outlook Good Cleanup Program: $300M every year (ENV Restoration) + $150M every year (BRAC Reimbursable) Compliance: $121M every year NAVFAC

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TRENDS Environmental Acquisition Strategy Continued, solid Small Business investment Balanced utilization of settled cost contracts Increased utilization of execution based administration contracts $1.6 B in new contracts 51 new contracts arranged 38 FP IDIQs 6 EMACs 4 RACs 3 CLEANs NAVFAC

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TRENDS Energy Goals Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 – Codifies the EO 13423 direction on vitality and water utilization lessening. Bistro standard of 35 mpg by 2020, renewable fuel standard of 36 billion gallons by 2022, vitality proficiency models for machines and lighting Executive Order 13423 (of 24 Jan 2007) – replaces E.O. 13123: diminish vitality utilization 3%/year and water utilization 2%/year water, half of renewables must originate from new (post 1999) sources on establishment, lessen petroleum utilization by 2% Energy Policy Act of 2005 – Reduce vitality utilization 2%/year from 2006-2015, meter all structures, develop structures 30% underneath ASHRAE principles. National Defense Authorization Act 2007 – Produce or acquire from renewable sources at the very least 25% of power devoured by 2025. DOD Energy Security IPT – Increase number of geothermal plants, and vitality MILCON ventures ASN(I&E) – Build to LEED Silver standard To accomplish these objectives, we have to restore our vitality mindfulness at all levels, and re-accentuate the execution of vitality activities. NAVFAC

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TRENDS Department of Navy – Energy Usage Reduction Based on Projects Awarded Through FY 07 NAVFAC

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TRENDS Energy Goals/Guidance Impact to Installations New vitality actualizing direction is being produced New Buildings - will fuse economical outline and vitality effectiveness highlights Energy Plans – every base will have an arrangement for accomplishing vitality objectives Renewable Energy – 25% of all power use needs to originate from renewable sources by 2025. This objective means every base needs to build up all practical renewable assets. Asset Efficiency Managers – every establishment ought to have REM(s) These are contractual worker vitality chiefs who are required to distinguish ventures that arrival 200%-300% on their cost Transportation - Increase utilization of neighborhood electrics, and high fuel proficiency vehicles for high utilize applications NAVFAC

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TRENDS NAVFAC Policy of LEED and Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPAct) FY08 Designs began after 03 Jan 2007 must meet EPAct 30% more proficient than ASHRAE (upheld by LCC investigation) LEED "certifiable" for Sustainable Development FY09 and Beyond Must meet EPAct and be LEED Silver guaranteed (USGBC) Executive Order requires Renewable vitality sources Compliance with Federal High Performance and Sustainable Buildings MOU Form 1391, Block 9, demonstrates 3% of ECC to meet EPAct and LEED Supporting documentation must show genuine cost of gear NAVFAC

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Yesterday Design-Bid-Build Low offer Adversarial Relationship TRENDS Construction Trends Benefits Reduced Acquisition Time Life-Cycle Costing Decisions Improved Safety/Quality/Schedule Performance Improved Energy Efficiency Tomorrow Today CM @ Risk Focus on Building Performance Deliver Sustainability/Lower Life Cycle Cost Leverage Technical Skills through Cross Functional Teams USGBC LEED Silver Level on all tasks Streamlined Design-Build Best Value Selection Multiple Award Contracts Anti-Terrorism Fast Track Construction Increased Client Participation Improved Project Development NAVFAC

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WORKLOAD NAVFAC FY07 Execution In FY07, NAVFAC Executed contracting activities of $8.7B, a 22% expansion over FY06. Wear O&M: $3.5B OPN: $1.0B MILCON: $1.5B DOD: $2.2B Other Cust.: $0.5B Over 90% of the FY07 MILCON program ($1.1B) was granted, a noteworthy increment over FY06. NAVFAC committed $1.45 billion in SRM, including $291 million at end-of year for focused offices ventures. NAVFAC

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WORKLOAD MILCON Construction Program Programmed Amount for Construction As Of Jan 08 FH CON $ BILLIONS GWOT MCNR NAVY BRAC 05 Notional GOJ Guam (Not Navy MILCON) MCON Guam MCON USMC Grow the Force Defense Katrina MCON FISCAL YEAR PR09 PRESBUD NAVFAC

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WORKLOAD MILCON Workload Distribution Programmed Amt for Major Construction Only – No Design or UMC $Billion Far East Hawaii Midwest Northwest Europe/SWA Southeast Southwest Marianas ( Includes Notional GOJ $ which is not Navy MILCON) Washington Mid-Atlantic FISCAL YEAR PR09 PRESBUD NAVFAC

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ACQ STRATEGY: 2-Phase Design Build (Best Value) Project Packaging for Economy of Scale Standardized Components PROGRAMS OICC Stand-Up & USMC MILCON (FY08-14) OICC's ... OICC MC WEST: ~$3.5B GTF OICC MC EAST: ~$2.1B GTF Both stand-up third Qtr FY08, remain down FY14 OICC BETHESDA Execute BRAC V Walter Reed National Military Medical Center Stand-up second Qtr FY08, remain down FY12 Includes PW Mission NAVFAC

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PROGRAMS Walter Reed National Military Medical Ctr (WRNMMC) Bethesda, MD Project scope: New outpatient expansion (approx. 525K SF) New inpatient zones (approx. 157K SF) Renovations to existing foundation (approx. 333K SF) New flow pathways, utility passages, and parking structures Supporting offices (ex. new exercise center, regulatory building and Warrior Transition Unit/Brigade FY08/09/10 BRAC V Construction ($940M) BRAC-coordinated turning point: Complete by Sept 15, 2011 NAVFAC

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Defense Policy Review Initiative $20B interest in Japan $10B interest in Guam CVN Homeporting in Japan P-998 Wharf Projects (awar


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