A537 Feline and Fiddle Venture Lee Murphy Cheshire More secure Streets Association Supervisor Lee.murphy@cheshire.pnn.po

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A537 Cat and Fiddle Project Lee Murphy Cheshire Safer Roads Partnership Manager Lee.murphy@cheshire.pnn.police.uk

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The Most Dangerous Road in Britain!

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*No losses ascribed to street design in most recent 3 years

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Of the 27% deadly and genuine crashes between 2005-2007, more than 66% included a motorcyclist, about three times the normal on the motorway and A street arrange. At the point when impacts including motorcyclists are evacuated, the A537 gets to be one of the most reduced hazard streets in the nation. (EuroRAP 2009)

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V1 (Honda CBR 900 RR-3) flying out towards Buxton neglects to arrange a left hand twist and crashes into V2 (Suzuki GSXR 1000 K6) going from Buxton towards Macclesfield.

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This is not another issue. In any case, the level of death and damage has fallen essentially since mid 1990's.

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The most elevated speed recorded from a year ago was 130mph. ( a motorbike) There was an aggregate of 615 vehicles surpassing 100mph over a six month time span March - September, that compares to twenty one 100mph + speeders consistently! There was more than 100,000 vehicles surpassing 60mph (10mph over the utmost) over a seven month time frame March - September 2009. There was an aggregate motorbike stream of more than 35,000 on the A537 amid March - September 2009. The general normal speed of all motorbikes was 53.5mph and the 85th percentile 65.3mph over March - September 2009. That is 15mph over the utmost for motorbikes

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SPECS3 client points of interest SPECS3 can screen vehicles from behind stretches out authorization to cruisers Both cameras must be designed for back confronting scope

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Bid put to Road Safety Grant prepare for Cheshire and Derbyshire accomplices £600k connected for from Government £600k coordinate subsidizing from accomplices (as trade and money out kind) Bid acknowledged Project started

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Telephone study with 400 nearby occupants 7 out of 10 respondents feel it is essential to determine any issues on the Cat and Fiddle street contrasted and different issues in the territory. 8 out of 10 respondents surmise that motorbikes are an issue on the Cat and Fiddle Road. "Do you think there are any issues with the Cat and Fiddle segment of the street?" 43% of respondents said there is an issue with threats of speeding motorbikes on the Cat and Fiddle area of the street and 31% said that there are an excessive number of motorbikes.

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How sure are you organizations will resolve the issue Very confident Not Very Police 65% 11% Council 52% 23% Central Government 43% 34% Road Safety Partnership 51% 25%

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Reduce the quantity of individuals and murdered and genuinely harmed on this street by 35% To enhance the streets rating in the EuroRAP Table. To diminish the quantity of individuals executed and genuinely harmed on powerful 2 wheelers in Cheshire by 10%. To build open trust in our organizations reaction to these streets and make them feel more secure utilizing this street. To diminish the quantity of bikers who imagine that street demise is unavoidable. To change the general population predisposition that the Cat and Fiddle is a race track.

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on location February 2010 Live by end of March Speeds and losses observed Revisit open study and get some information about race track mindset and certainty Get perspectives of different bikers on course But not just about this street To decrease the quantity of individuals murdered and genuinely harmed on powerful 2 wheelers in Cheshire by 10%.