A Statewide Curriculum Effort: Let the Journey Begin

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A Statewide Curriculum Effort: Let the Journey Begin!

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Starting Your Journey – Getting Some Direction!

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Benefits to Statewide Effort???

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Challenges to Statewide Effort???

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Requirements for Success: Strong Leadership Development of a Plan Teamwork Communication Celebrate Accomplishments

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Be inventive ! Try not to let "what is" hamper "what could be"!

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Be sensible ! Innovativeness and excitement must be adjusted with what is conceivable.

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Be comprehensive ! Create acknowledgment with consideration into the procedure. All possibly have something to offer

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Be understanding ! This is a long procedure; persistence in the process is key.

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Be certain! Bolster each other! Help each other keep up the force.

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Be assorted ! Praise qualities of others Recognize your own restrictions

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Be Trusting ! Stay away from negative suppositions; trust expectations of others.

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Be Assertive Stay consistent with the mission; don't allow "prisoner" circumstances.