A. Nuclear Mass

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Found in Groups 1 and 2, center of table in 3-12 and some on right half of table ... Bunches 3-12 on the Periodic Table. Significantly less responsive than Alkali or Alkaline Earth Metals ...

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A. Nuclear Mass The normal nuclear mass is the number at the base of every square Found by averaging the common plenitudes of its isotopes Atomic mass = # p + n 0

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Mass # Atomic # B. Isotopes Atoms of a similar component with various mass numbers. Atomic image: Hyphen documentation: carbon-12

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© Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, Inc. B. Isotopes

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B. Isotopes Chlorine-37 nuclear #: mass #: # of protons: # of electrons: # of neutrons: 17 37 17 20

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Ch. 3 - The Periodic Table Organization Metallic Character Rows & Columns Table Sections

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A. Metallic Character Metals Nonmetals Metalloids

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Metals Good channels of warmth and power Found in Groups 1 & 2, center of table in 3-12 and some on right half of table Have brilliance , are bendable and pliable

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Alkali Metals Group 1 Very receptive Form +1 particles Cations Examples: H, Li, Na

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Alkaline Earth Metals Group 2 Reactive Form 2+ particles Cations Examples: Be, Mg, Ca, and so on

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Transition Metals Groups 3-12 on the Periodic Table Much less responsive than Alkali or Alkaline Earth Metals Only 1 that is a fluid at room temp Mercury – Hg Examples: Cr, Co, Ni, Fe, Cu, Ag, Au

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Nonmetals Not great transmitters Found on right half of occasional table – AND hydrogen Usually weak solids or gasses

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Halogens Group 17 Very responsive Form 1-particles Anions Examples: F, Cl, Br, and so forth

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Noble Gasses Group 18 Unreactive, latent, "respectable" Have a 0 charge, no particles Examples: He, Ne, Ar, Kr, and so on

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Metalloids Sometimes called semiconductors Form the "stairstep" amongst metals and nonmetals Have properties of both metals and nonmetals Examples: B, Si, Sb, Te, As, Ge

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State at Room Temperature Most are strong State changes with change in temperature

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B. Table Sections Representative Elements Transition Metals Inner Transition Metals

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Lanthanides - a portion of period 6 Actinides - some portion of period 7 B. Table Sections Overall Configuration

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C. Segments & Rows Group (Family) Period

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Ch. 3 - The Periodic Table Periodic Trends Terms Periodic Trends Dot Diagrams

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A. Terms Periodic Law Properties of components rehash occasionally when the components are orchestrated by expanding nuclear number.

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A. Terms Valence Electrons e - in the furthest vitality level Atomic Radius Measure of the span of a particle

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1A 8A 2A 3A 4A 5A 6A 7A B. Occasional Trends Group # = # of valence e - (with the exception of He) Families have comparable reactivity. Period # = # of vitality levels

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C. Lewis Diagrams Dots speak to the valence e - EX : Sodium EX : Chlorine