A Man of Science Poetry The Life of Lewis Howard Latimer

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Chapter by chapter list. OverviewHis ParentsHis ChildhoodHis CareerHis DeathBibliography. Review.

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A Man of Science & Poetry The Life of Lewis Howard Latimer By Danusia H. Danko Science 8

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Table of Contents Overview His Parents His Childhood His Career His Death Bibliography

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Overview "Lewis Howard Latimer was a pioneer in the advancement of the electric light. He was the child of a previous slave, and was the main Black individual from Thomas Edison's exploration group of noted researchers. While Edison created the brilliant knob, it was Latimer who created and licensed the procedure for assembling the carbon fibers inside the globule."

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"The Living may our acclaim declare, … To keep alive affectionate memory's fire." Mr. Latimer is associated with his numerous electrical innovations and his ability in verse. He was likewise a performer He was pleased with his shading as he maintained in his ballad, Ebon Venus "… Each to his taste, yet concerning me, My Venus should be dark."

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His Parents Father – George Latimer Mother - Rebecca Runaway slaves from Virginia Father was light-cleaned and acted like Rebecca's slave proprietor

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His Parents Went to Boston and got to be distinctly one of a few acclaimed outlaw slave situations when the proprietor came searching for him. Frederick Douglass and William Garrison protected them Minister paid $400 to purchase George's opportunity after a judge ruled him still property

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His Childhood Born 1848 in Chelsea, Massachusetts Two siblings and a sister

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Chelsea: An internal urban suburb of Boston

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Worked to bolster family Before the Civil War, Lewis sold daily papers composed by William Lloyd Garrison, an abolitionist Father was hair stylist, paper holder, and did other odd employments Lewis frequently worked with him

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Lewis' dad leaves the family Dred Scott choice alarmed Mr. Latimer since he had no evidence that pastor purchased his flexibility Leaves family so as not to jeopardize their opportunity Lewis, at age of ten needed to work to help bolster the family

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Civil War Lewis joined the Navy at 16 years of age Served as a "landsman" on the U.S.S. Massasoit Honorably released in 1865 and came back to Boston

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His Family Married Mary Wilson, Dec. 10, 1873 Wrote a sonnet, "Ebon Venus" for the event (deciphered as "Dark is Beautiful") Published book, Poems of Love & Life Lewis and Mary had two little girls

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His Career: A Talent for Drawing Worked in patent office as office kid Hired because of his drawing capacities Self-showed drafting since licenses must be joined by point by point drawings Worked up to boss artist

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Works with Bell on telephone licenses Alexander Bell requested that Latimer help with the patent applications Latimer wound up making the drawings and arranged the depictions of the phone creation Patent issued in 1876

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Develops his own innovations Feb 10, 1874: Water Closets for Railway Cars; had a unique shut, turned base that shut naturally by raising of seat cover and opened by shutting of seat cover

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Latimer's drawing of a glowing light installation

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Latimer's drawings of curve light segments

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Part of the Electric Industry 1880: Hired as designer for U.S. Electric Lighting Co. Examined power, led tests to enhance the Edison glowing light 1881: Received patent for "Electric Lamp"

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Part of the Electric Industry Basically enhanced the technique for mounting the carbons in light 1882: Most essential patent, " Process of Manufacturing Carbons"

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Lighting up New York City & Beyond Responsible for introducing electric light plants Wired lights in parallel circuits rather than arrangement circuits as had been the custom Lit up Philadelphia Toronto, also (so needed to learn French to have the capacity to instruct the Canadian specialists) London

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Meeting with Edison 1884 employed by Edison with the building dept. of the Edison Electric Co., NY City 1886, got to be distinctly priceless to Edison in being his master lawful observer in number patent question 1896, when Edison Co. got to be distinctly General Electric Co, Latimer got to be distinctly boss sketcher and master witness

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Beyond Edison 1890: Latimer composed the standard book on electric lighting

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Just Inventive 1886, patent for "Mechanical assembly to cool and Disinfecting" 1896, Locking Rack for Hats, Coats, and Umbrellas 1905, Book Supports

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His Death 1924, December 11 … Broadmindedness, adaptability in the achievement of things scholarly and social, a linguist,a gave spouse and father… his warm nearness will be remembered fondly from our get-togethers. Mr. Latimer was a full part, and a regarded one, of the Edison Pioneers"

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Further Tribute 1968, Brooklyn, New York, government funded school named after Latimer Grandson & granddaughter introduce at commitment NY State council, individual from NYC Board of Ed. & President of the Borough of Brooklyn

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Bibliography www.edisonkids.com/heroexb/lewis www.fplsafetyworld.com/science/pioneers.