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… a Dynamite encounter Self-coordinated pathways into adulthood Nic Crosby 14 th May 2007

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Why Dynamite ?

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Dynamite – Facts and Figures 50 – 60 youngsters crosswise over 7 nearby experts, with their families are taking control of their individual spending plans All are building up their own bolster arranges in view of their distribution All have facilitators and are taking a gander at various bolster choices All are wanting to utilize their individual spending plan after March 2007.

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Making Sense of the Money Adult Services Learning and Skills Councils Children's Services Every Child Matters Outcomes

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Making Plans Abdul Rachman, Nadia, Maria and Peter making arrangements

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Having a go… Tom goes to the BBC, Tom is beginning a degree in TV and Film

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Getting the correct bolster Joe went to Blackpool

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Is the Plan working? Is it the perfect sum cash? What requirements to change?

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The Story so far … . This is a 'start'! Interface with new activities like Person Centered Transition Reviews Potential of having the capacity to draw together 'learning subsidizing and social bolster It unites all partners It's a long haul extend!

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Working Together Sharing a dream It can be a significant shock what can be accomplished!

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It's my future you're discussing! Taking Control Learning and Life nicrc@paradigm-uk.org