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A Culinary Viewpoint on Menu Improvement Exhibited by . Charlie Baggs President and Official Culinary specialist Charlie Baggs, Inc. c.baggs@charliebaggsinc.com www.charliebaggsinc.com. Skip Julius CEC, CRC, CCS Item Improvement Pioneer Gordon Nourishment Administration Skip.Julius@gfs.com www.gfs.com.

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A Culinary Perspective on Menu Development Presented by Charlie Baggs President & Executive Chef Charlie Baggs, Inc. c.baggs@charliebaggsinc.com www.charliebaggsinc.com Skip Julius CEC, CRC, CCS Product Development Leader Gordon Food Service Skip.Julius@gfs.com www.gfs.com

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Presentation at a Glance Consumer bits of knowledge Increased fixing cost Look at the menu Rising cost system How to catch clients enthusiasm Tracking patterns Menu building Concepting and menu depictions Pleasure standards

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Convenience Health & Wellness It's about flavor! Shopper Desires Overlap Most effective items meet these qualities

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Healthy and Wellness drift Berries Calcium Plant sterols Gluten bigotry Nuts Omega 3's Soy Blueberries Pomegranate Tea Natural High fiber Whole grain Fresh observation Customized for buyer Fortified Reduced "Awful" Ingredients: HFCS, calories, trans fat, sodium, Portion controlled Flax, nutritious

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Restaurant Trends Trend: Customization pick a couple, pick a combo and advance. Source: Datassentials October 2007 Ideas: Supper/Snack Combos – soup and sub or sub and treat – independent (unbundled) drink Trend: Decline in center burger joint dayparts (supper and lunch) NPD Consumer Visits, August 2007 Ideas: Add more nibble like sustenances Trend: Niche Focused Menus Ideas: LTO's that commend a style, area, or daypart Bistro Bakery LTO – baguette, croissant and Bahn Mi sandwiches Breakfast for Dinner LTO sandwiches Italian Bistro LTO – bun and flatbread sandwiches Calorie Controlled Flatbreads and Wraps

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Restaurant Trends Trend: Upgraded offers for children Ideas: Make kid estimate Signature dishes Fruits – new entire organic product, or cut natural product or mixed drink accessible as side or sweet choices or vegetable sticks with dressing glass or pack Nutritional data posted for youngsters' menus refering to agreement with adequate standard of adolescence nourishment, and consciousness of youth weight concerns. Drift: Restaurants and ecological obligation Ideas: Waste decrease subject publications in store, practical paper sourced items Segregated waste reusing waste compartments Trend: Marketing lunch menu specials for laborers Ideas: Offer "purchase two get a percent off" arrangements. Offer every day weekday lunch extraordinary subs & combos Offer successive coffee shop cards to neighborhood work places

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Food Trends Overview

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Consumers Want Choices Convenience: Dine in, eat at home, or eat in a hurry Cupholder Cuisine: Demands sustenance that ventures well The Rise of Breakfast Customization of Menu Items Choice of Portion Sizes Miniaturization of Treats/Indulgences Choice of Sides New Beverage Options Bold New Flavors Ethnic - Authenticity an absolute necessity Premiumization versus Essential

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"Green" is "IN" Grass Fed Hormone Free Cage Free Ethical Fair Trade Clean Foods Carbon Footprint Energy Efficient Eco-Friendly Free Range Recyclable Sustainable Traceable Vegetarian/Vegan Locally Grown Natural Organic Humanely Raised Rainforest Alliance Whole Foods

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Food Trends Trend: Familiar with a Twist Ideas: Take signature thoughts and offer LTO varieties Trend: Moving to littler bits Ideas: Half part sandwiches, servings of mixed greens, courses Differentiate by concentrating on quality – one of a kind sauces, premium proteins and dazzling breads.

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Food Trends Trend: Fruit & Savory (sweet & exquisite) Ideas: Savory proteins complemented by sharp, sweet natural product flavors - customary or colorful (mango was 1 st ) Fruit salsas or sweet coatings can be little in amount connected yet at the same time give huge identifiable flavor and surface Trend: Shrimp has most prominent fish share on eatery menus. Thoughts: Add shrimp to your sandwiches, soups, servings of mixed greens

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Consumer Trends Overview

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Top Trends To Watch Healthy Foods Reduced Portions/Tapas Small plates menus Bite-sized treats Bold Flavors (Mexican & Asian) Local Foods & Organic Products

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Consumer Trends Trend: Communal dishes Ideas: Combo platters, sharable Trend: Healthy, All-Natural, Better for You Items Ideas: Incorporate supplement rich fixings. seen as characteristically great because of large amounts of hostile to oxidants Fruits include: blueberries, mango, cranberries, apples, kiwi, strawberry and oranges. Bread fixings could be: oats, walnuts, flax seed, wheat grass, soy, chives, grain, buckwheat, other entire seeds. Fixing segments include: olive oil, sesame, cinnamon, ginger, oregano, turmeric.

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Customization Offer sauce backup Offer part measure options Hot or chilly serving choice Kid or grown-up bundling decision Packaged for 'the workplace' or prompt utilization

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Increased Ingredient Cost Example: "The Clorox Story" Early in the 20 th century hypochlorite turned out to be rare and taken a toll expanded because of free market activity.

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Your Menu is the Lifeblood of your Business. Try not to Take it for Granted! Catch clients' advantage Encourage rehash visits Review the menu now Profitability Operational imperatives Labor abilities Current patterns Seasonal menu alternatives It can work with an outside/target source

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How would you make a menu that catches clients' advantage? Socioeconomics Regional Issues Psychographics What does your client need Who is your opposition What is the opposition doing Know who your client is!

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Understanding the Menu

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Menu Strategies And Practices The Menu is the #1 Merchandising Tool Rounding Theory Eye Gaze Patterns Shading, Boxing, Angled Specials, Top & Bottom of a List Price to the Consumer, Not to Formula Branding drives Image and Value

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Rounding Theory Under $5.00, visitors just perceive value additions of 25¢ Above $5.00, visitors just perceive value augmentations of 50¢ and 95¢. Over $10.00, the incremental value point is $1.00. Basic evaluating system - a $2.54 nourishment cost and a 33% cost rate target ought to be valued at $7.62.

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Rounding Theory cont. Director brings valuing down to $7.75 from $7.95 In a year, most eateries will serve in overabundance of 100,000 clients. An additional 20¢ on only 50% of those clients (in immaculate benefit) would put an additional $10,000 to all that really matters. Eatery just makes $50,000, so this is a 20% expansion. Certainty Based Selling!

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Eye Gaze Patterns Customers don't read menus. Customers examine menus The eyes take after an anticipated way Strategically put high-benefit things Customer spends under 45 seconds checking the menu .

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Eye Gaze Patterns Mapped 2 3 5 1 7 4 6

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Shading, Boxing, Angled Specials, Top & Bottom Of Lists You can expect a base 20% expansion At the top or base of a rundown. When you shade or box. Supporters just sweep menus. Eye look movement will be attracted to varieties content, design or organization Combine shading, boxing and unique with different types of marketing

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Price to the Consumer, Not to Formula valuing is lazy. An equation value leaves Money on the table. Clients have restricted information of crude expenses. Set value focuses in light of the esteem impression of the visitor and what the market will bear. Utilize espresso as your case … Fact Based Selling!

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Margin Dollars Increase by 30-half ! $1.50 $1.05

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Where to get Trends NRA The Food Institute CIA Food Navigator Technomic Google Datamonitor Mintel Datassentials NPD Publications (Trade & Consumer)

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But… what are the genuine patterns? The most effective method to sift through the "commotion"

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Flavor Trends

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Flavor Trends

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Macro Trends

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Macro Trends

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Menu Engineering Your way to deal with menu investigation must have an arrangement " What is your culinary Brand personality?" Create and keep up a brand Organization of menu/menu format Use a "Day by day Menu"/day by day specials Maintain quality and consistency Menu situating

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Engineering Menu Profit Real Time Pricing Set menu thing execution levels - Don't turn out to be candidly connected - If things don't perform or contribute: 86 them SKU Utilization-Get Creative Specials – your closest companion (BFF) - Steer clients to higher edge things

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Consumer Food Prices Unadjusted Mar. '08 All Items 4.9% All Food 4.9 Beef & Veal 4.7 Pork 1.8 Poultry 8.3 Fish & Seafood 4.1 Eggs 34.7 Dairy Products 12.8 Sugar & Sweets 2.8 Fats & Oils 6.9 Source: www.usda.com

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Concepting A "cheeseburger" doesn't generally offer itself Less elucidating More illustrative A fire barbecued angus ground meat patty finished with Wisconsin cheddar, Apple wood firm bacon, crisp lettuce and ready tomato cuts on a toasted Sour mixture bun A ground hamburger patty with dissolved cheddar on a flame broiled bun with bacon, lettuce and tomato

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Menu Descriptions Include fixings: spring onions, portabella mushrooms, and so forth. Add terms to make fixings alive :  caramelized, sautéed, treated, coated, fresh, thick, rich Describe hues/temperatures/sensations :  chilled, cool, reviving, relieving, become flushed, ruddy, lively green

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Concepting Action Words Flavors (fiery, tart, salty, and so on… ) Cooking Methods (broiled, seared, caramelization, and so on… ) Textures (delicate, firm, chewy, and so forth… ) Shape & Size (slashed, julienne, minced, and so on… ) Cooking Action (sprinkled, shaved, stuffed, and so on… )

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Making Food Irresistible

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Great Food Gives Great Pleasure Food and refreshment is one of three basic human requirements for fundamental survival Yet, beside affection, nothing else inspires as much delight and energy as sustenance! We Choose the Food That Gives Us The Most Pleasure!!!!!

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Why it Work