A Christian Perspective on Virtue Engineering Ethics

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A Christian Perspective on Virtue Engineering Ethics William Jordan Bears Seminar October 2007

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Author William Jordan Mechanical Engineering Chair Baylor University

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Outline Introduction to Virtue Ethics A Christian point of view on righteousness morals Applying uprightness morals to building

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How Virtue Ethics is diverse Many moral methodologies focus on figuring out how to use sound judgment Virtue morals is altogether different in key approach It stresses the need to grow great character A man of good character will at last be one who uses sound judgment

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Introduction to Virtue Ethics Most individuals consider this eventually originates from the work of Aristotle Lived 384-323 B.C. Was an understudy of Plato

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Aristotle's morals He starts by taking a gander at the last reason for people He infers that our last cause is prosperity. We accordingly need to look for prosperity in our life He infers that prosperity can be acquired by driving a righteous life

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Virtuous Life of joy requires development of highminded character qualities This requires Training Building up of good propensities

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Classic Virtues to be imitated Cardinal excellencies which date from Aristotle Prudence Temperance Fortitude Justice Additional ideals ascribed to Thomas Aquinas Faith Hope Love

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Classic Vices to Avoid Pride Lust Gluttony Envy Anger Greed Sloth

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Thomas Aquinas He at the end of the day made Aristotle's perspectives well known He lived 1225-1274 Most of his grown-up life he was an educator He added the last three ideals to the rundown of exemplary ideals

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Developing an ethic Everything has a particular reason or end The most elevated great and the wellspring of all decency is God Our definitive objective—the great life– is not something that we can get to just with reason.

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Aquinas and the fall of man When Adam trespassed, mankind fell What the fall of man means is extremely noteworthy Aquinas trusted that our honesty fell, yet that our brains did not We can in any case reason accurately

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The esteem and cutoff points of Reason can take us to living a portion of the ideals, more often than not Prudence, equity, restraint, and mettle We need God's blessings to have the capacity to experience the temperances of confidence, trust, and love

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Thomas' morals To carry on with the really moral life God plans requires more than the best that reason brings to the table However, reason can take us far toward God

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Thomas and Natural Law Natural law alludes to what man can find out about the ethical way of the world from human reason and perception alone See Romans 1:20 "For since the making of the world God's undetectable qualities—his everlasting force and awesome nature—have been unmistakably observed, being comprehended from what has been made, so men are without reason."

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Natural Law Example: The Declaration of Independence "We hold these truths to act naturally apparent, that all men are made equivalent, that they are supplied by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, freedom and the quest for satisfaction."

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Modern Interpreters of Virtue Ethics William Bennett "The Book of Virtues" Alasdair MacIntyre "After Virtue: A Study in Moral Theory "

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Virtue morals and religion Is uprightness morals characteristically religious? No. This point of view dates from Aristotle, who is not considered today to be a religious figure Many societies have grasped this viewpoint Carolyn Whitbeck composes: "The ideas of an ethical administer, and that of temperance… have been expressly utilized as a part of a bigger scope of societies than has the thought of a privilege. Essentially every moral and significant religious custom utilizes some partner of the ideas of excellence and good run the show." Seebauer and Barry have guarded a mainstream rendition of ethicalness building morals in their book

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Virtue morals and religion Can temperance morals be shielded on religious grounds? Yes Harrington and Keenan safeguard a Christian form in their book Jesus and Virtue Ethics , Sheed and Ward, Lanham, Maryland, 2002. I am protecting a Christian viewpoint on ideals morals in this presentation

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Thomas Aquinas His point of view on the fall of humankind is powerless His claim that the fall did exclude our capacity to reason is faulty Will analyze the similarity of his morals sees with the Bible

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The Classic uprightness of Prudence concerns the brain. A judicious personality contemplates an ethical issue unmistakably and totally Proverbs 1:1-2,4 The precepts of Solomon child of David, lord of Israel For achieving shrewdness and train; For comprehension expressions of understanding; For offering reasonability to the basic, Knowledge and tact to the youthful. Precepts 8:15 You who are basic, pick up judiciousness; You who are silly, increase understanding

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The Classic ethicalness of balance Temperance controls our fascination, controlling our motivations to move indiscriminately toward something Proverbs 6:20-26 My child, keep your dad's orders and don't neglect your mom's instructing. For these charges are a light, this educating is a light, and the revisions of train are the best approach to life, keeping you from the indecent lady, from the smooth tongue of the wayward spouse. Try not to desire in your heart after her excellence or let her enamor you with her eyes,

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The Classic righteousness of Fortitude controls our abhorrence, helping us quit abstaining from something we don't care to do Courage to do what is troublesome Joshua 1:6 Be solid and bold, since you will lead these individuals to acquire the land I pledged to their progenitors to give them Ezra 10:4 Rise up; this matter is in your grasp. We will bolster you, so take bravery and do it.

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The Classic prudence of Justice concerns our will and has two perspectives: truth and decency Proverbs 21:3 To make the wisest decision and simply Is more worthy to the Lord than give up Micah 6:8 He has demonstrated you, O Man, what is great, And what does the Lord require of you? To act legitimately and to partner kindness And to walk modestly with your God

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The Classic temperance of Faith Romans 1:17 For in the gospel, an exemplary nature from God is uncovered, a nobility that is by confidence from first to last, pretty much as it is composed, "The equitable will live by confidence" 2 Cor 5:7 We live by confidence, not by sight.

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The Classic goodness of Hope This gives us a certainty about the future Romans 5:1-2 Therefore, since we have been advocated through confidence, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have obtained entrance by confidence into this elegance in which we now stand. Furthermore, we celebrate in the trust of the magnificence of God. Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the arrangements I have for you," pronounced the Lord, "arrangements to succeed you and not to mischief you, arrangements to give you trust and a future."

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The Classic righteousness of Love I John 4:16-19 God is love. Whoever lives in affection, lives in God and God in him. Along these lines, love is made finished among us with the goal that we resemble him. There is no dread in adoration. Be that as it may, consummate love drives out dread, since dread needs to do with discipline. The person fears' identity not made impeccable in adoration. We adore in light of the fact that he initially cherished us. I Cor 13:13 And now thee three remain: confidence, trust and love. Be that as it may, the best of these is love.

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Classic Virtues and the Bible The seven great excellencies all reflect character attributes that the Bible firmly prescribes If somebody takes after an ideals morals viewpoint, he will take after a way of life that is reliable with the Bible We can presume that an ethicalness morals point of view is good with the Bible Despite a few blunders in convictions by Thomas Aquinas and Aristotle about the way of humanity

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Virtue morals and building Martin and Schinzinger depict this as one of a few methodologies that can be brought as for designing morals This is the place the writer initially experienced the idea Seebauer and Barry build up a prudence building ethic in their book Fundamentals of Ethics for Scientists and Engineers

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Virtue designing morals This paper takes the bits of knowledge gained from Seebauer and Barry's book and applies them to a few contextual investigations. For more cases, see our ASEE paper: Jordan, W.M., A Virtue Ethics Approach to Engineering Ethics , introduced at the A.S.E.E. Yearly Meeting in Chicago, June 2006.

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Why ought to designers think about excellence morals? In fall 2005, we studied designing understudies at Mississippi State and Baylor University concerning a few morals issues. Subtle elements are accounted for in the accompanying paper: Jordan, W., and Elmore, B., Engineering Ethics and Moral Theories : A Student Perspective , introduced at the 2006 A.S.E.E. yearly meeting in Chicago, 2006.

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Moral hypotheses Duty morals — there are sure obligations to others that the vast majority would perceive. Our commitment is to comply with these obligations. Cases of these are to help those in trouble, to ensure the individuals who are powerless, to secure our surroundings Respect for people morals — we have to ensure that the privileges of others are regarded in the greater part of our activities.

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Moral Theories Utilitarian morals — we ought to settle on choices that will profit the a great many people. Doing the best useful for the best number of individuals is a typical approach to express it. Righteousness morals — we ought not stress over how to settle on moral choices. We ought to rather endeavor to end up a highminded individual. Individuals of good character will eventually be individuals who use sound judgment

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Correlation of Basic Ethical Systems and Cheating

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Cheating and Moral speculations Believing in various good hypotheses seems to bring about various probabilities of deceiving Virtue morals understudies case to cheat less f