40th Reunion Class of 64

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40 th Reunion Class of '64

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The Big Gig

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Skip Shilepsky with Paulette Conroy's significant other

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Paulette Conroy and Roberta, Lin Brown's better half

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Father-Daughter/Art & Sophie House

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Engineering table-talk: Bob Perron and Lin Brown

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Cavalcade of Classes

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Maria Epsimos, Barbara Marks, Bill Cashman, Cliff Erickson, Art Austin

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Tom Hale, Judy Baptiste Goodman, Ann Ross, Steve Jaffe, Dave Manoogian, Brenda and Pete Oldak sit tight for the parade to start.

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We all commend the 50th Reunion class… ..tremendous turn out! This will be 2014 for us! We'll all be there!

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Class Meeting

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Introductions and getting re-familiar! Dottie Rubin Schepps presents Jane Larson Torras

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Gerry Stugis Nogelo presents Pete Oldak

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Dawn Terkla gives outline of our overview comes about. Did you take the review?

Slide 15

Steve Soreff explodes Beach Ball for "story time" action!

Slide 16

You take care of business the ball, you recount an individual story or argue your cause or whatever! Ann Haslerud Ross

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Cathy Bao Bean has us in join!

Slide 18

Dottie Altman Weber offers unique individual story.

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Judy Baptiste Goodman & spouse Jerry run their own particular B&B.

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Boston Duck Tour

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Our Duck is prepared to show us around today's Boston. The vast majority of us are more established than the Ducks!!!

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Let the Duck visit start!

Slide 23

The Crimson Cowgirl, our guide.

Slide 24

Trinity Church in Copley Square

Slide 25

The State House

Slide 26

The Duck takes to water… .. the Charles River called.

Slide 27

The Boston horizon has changed!

Slide 28

New Zakim Bridge over the Charles close Science Museum

Slide 29

Art's girl, Sophie House, assumes control driving our duck… ..great job Sophie!

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A little rain never hosed our spirits!

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Around the Campus

Slide 32

The new Dowling Building/regulatory workplaces on top of a parking structure

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Our Eaton Library has been changed over into an open PC lab.

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Saturday Night Celebration

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" Bubs" serenade Mary Todd Moore Hardeman/an awesome begin to the night!

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Ralph Doran, Judy Deutsch, Sue Kaplan, Art House, Lee Pledger, Donna Apgar

Slide 37

Ken & Millie Judd visit with Miles & Gerry Nogelo

Slide 38

David and Susan Schwartzfarb consider getting a mixed drink.

Slide 39

Dotty Altman Weber and spouse Steve are all grins.

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Jeff and Lorraine Roffman are prepared to celebrate with the class of 64.

Slide 41

Bobby Serino, Art House,Ed Casabian & vintage sweatshirt

Slide 42

Pete & Brenda Oldak gave wine from their own particular Jewelltowne vineyard.

Slide 43

Fine Jewelltowne wines appeared by Sue Kaplan Bauchner, Lee Pledger, Greg Barmore

Slide 44

Brent Jackson prefers the wine as well.

Slide 45

"Red Bones" Barbeque is plenteous! The Paul Youngs wi Dave & Olga Schor

Slide 46

Ralph Doran, Steve & Wilhemina Jaffe eating great.

Slide 47

Betsey Eggleston Anderson, Ann Haslerud Ross, Tom Solomon doin' fine

Slide 48

David & Susan Schwartzfarb eat with the Roffmans.

Slide 49

Lin & Roberta Brown with Ann Haslerud Ross

Slide 50

Al Shilepsky with Alex & Liz Lamb Creighton, and … .

Slide 51

Brent Jackson, Tom & Barbara Hale & Tom Solomon are prepared for sweet.

Slide 52

Bob and Daryll (Zeoli) Perron have cleaned their plates… ..as did we as a whole!!

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Just getting re-familiar. Donna Apgar and Tom Solomon

Slide 54

Dick Dundas and spouse Bonnie

Slide 55

Millie and Ken Judd are brilliant today evening time!

Slide 56

Sue Nye, Roberta Poltorak, Betsey Eggleston Anderson "recollecting when."

Slide 57

Jim & Diane Sample snicker with Ed & Joan Casabian… only somewhat more wine please.

Slide 58

John Milici, Fred Crowley & Dick Dundas exhibit the restorative advantages of wine

Slide 59

Barbara Marks, Mary-Ruth Johns Fox & Gay Garner MacKintosh share an interesting story.

Slide 60

Steve Jaffe shoots back in the great organization of Bill & Joan Cashman.

Slide 61

Fred Crowley and spouse

Slide 62

Marianne Cooper Weill, Jane Collins, Teddi Winters Berlatsky, Nancy Worth Mirman, Betty Leavitt Thompson think back residence days.

Slide 63

Everyone upbeat that Bobby and Marilyn Serino could go along with us Saturday night!

Slide 64

John Milici and spouse … .cutting up!

Slide 65

Cathy Bao Bean, Mary Todd Moore Hardeman, Kathy Crandall "getting up to speed" today evening time.

Slide 66

Paula Veiner McMartin, Dottie Rubin Schepps, Jane Larson Torras

Slide 67

Barnstormers, Dave Schor, Paul Young (covered up) with Art House… ."Alley Ooop, oop!"

Slide 68

Barnstormers Dave Schorr, Paul Young getting in the state of mind Friday night at Moxham's

Slide 69

Dancing free for all ensues!!!!!!!!!!

Slide 70

Havin' an impact!

Slide 71

Ed and Joan Casabian got the moves!

Slide 72

Oh how they moved!

Slide 73

Cathy Bao Bean groovin' with "Red Bones" server.

Slide 74

Olga Schor and Donna tearing up the floor!

Slide 75

We even had a "Chain" move!

Slide 76

Everyone joins the chain!

Slide 77

The Dancing Chain continues forever!

Slide 78

Dottie Rubin Schepps releases herself… . Roberta Romberg prepared for the catch. Sue Nye, Maren Gale Moxham and Jane Larson Torras there to watch the good times. Whatta Party/Whatta Class!