2010 Buoy Building Course

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Conceivable DECORATING MATERIALS. Flower sheeting. Trimming. Periphery. Paint. Decorative layouts ... Valley Decorating. 1-800-245-2817. Home Depot. 3515 E. Broadway Blvd. ...

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2010 Float Building Seminar

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WELCOME! The motivation behind this presentation is to give you the essential data for outlining, building and entering an inventive and engaging buoy in the Homecoming parade. We'll walk you through the buoy building process, demonstrate you cases of good and awful buoys, and give cases of neighborhood organizations that you can utilize.

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RULES & REGULATIONS If your entrance is a buoy, you should have no less than one fire douser promptly accessible on it. You will be required to demonstrate the quencher before entering the parade. A greatest of 10 individuals are permitted on any one buoy amid the parade. No buoy may surpass 10 feet in width , because of leeway through the doors situated along the parade course. Any deviations require earlier endorsement. Keep in mind that the electrical cables along the course are around 15 feet in stature . You should keep up a separation of 20 feet between buoys. Every passage may delay before the judges' remain for a greatest of 15-20 seconds. Once the parade has started, nobody is permitted to get off a buoy unless the parade has arrived at an entire stop. Once a member gets off a buoy, he or she may not get back on whenever for the length of the parade.

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RULES No mixed drinks permitted in the parade. On the off chance that an individual from Bobcats Senior Honorary discovers liquor on a buoy, the association will quickly and unequivocally be pulled from the parade. No members in the parade should show indecent, hostile, or hazardous conduct along the whole parade course. No members in the parade might toss or splash anything into the group along the parade course. On the off chance that confection is to be circulated, please guarantee that it is given to parade onlookers. Take note of that an infringement of any of these standards will bring about exclusion from the current year's Homecoming and also one year from now's parade.

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WHERE TO BEGIN?? - Don't surrender it over to your vows!!! - Newer individuals may have some smart thoughts for topics, however they normally do not have the right stuff and experience to build a decent buoy.

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FLOAT DESIGN: Brainstorm thoughts that identify with the Homecoming topic, One for the Ages – 125 th Celebration , and in addition your association's achievements and qualities Determine the size and kind of buoy you wish to construct (remember width and stature confinements) Consider what materials you may need to execute your outline, the apparatuses and assets you have accessible, and the individual capacities of your buoy advisory group Come up with a financial plan

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BRAINSTORM One for the Ages, can mean bunches of various things to every association. Consider what it intends to yours. Likewise consider the differing qualities of UofA and the achievements of its graduated class. We are playing the University of Washington Remember, Wildcat should soul, as much as possible! If it's not too much trouble remember that there are numerous families and youthful kids in participation at the parade; please ensure that you utilize great taste. Attempt to join the UA Alumni Association's slogan into your buoy (Wildcat forever).

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Types of Floats SELF PROPELLED Float that is worked over a solitary vehicle i.e. The buoy impels itself TWO PART Float that is worked with a tow vehicle and a trailer. This buoy is pushed by the outside vehicle. PUSH FLOATS Float based on vast caster wheels or four-wheel truck stage. This buoy is impelled by human work.

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RECOMMENDED BUILDING MATERIALS Flatbed truck Trailer Wood Plywood Plastic coverings Foam board Steel Cardboard Chicken wire Styrofoam Pipe protection Paper maché

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POSSIBLE DECORATING MATERIALS Crépe paper Tissue paper Fabric Outdoor covering Party embellishments Floral sheeting Festooning Fringe Paint Floral game plans Remember that buoys ought to be vivid and eye-getting

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Valley Decorating 1-800-245-2817 Home Depot 3515 E. Broadway Blvd. 327-3050 Grant Road Lumber 2543 E Grant Rd. 795-4160 ACE Hardware 2884 N. Campbell Ave. 325-2432 Where to get Materials Tucson Store Fixtures 500 W Grant Rd 623-0064 Tool Rent Shop 4620 W. Ina Rd. 744-6333 Nation's Rental 930 E Fort Lowell Rd. 624-6601 UHAUL 4655 N Oracle Rd Tucson. 575-5373 You can likewise utilize STUMPS – an online gathering store

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Examples of GOOD Floats!

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Examples of BAD Floats!

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Don't Forget your Fire-Extinguisher

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Define the shape with the froth board or chicken wire.

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Pomp or include paper maché

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This is the most tedious part so get everybody included.

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Add Paint where required

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Finished Product

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FINISHING TOUCHES Don't overlook the evading and completing touches to culminate your buoy. Ensembles for individuals on the buoy.

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RESOURCES For more data around 2010 Homecoming, please visit the site: http://www.uahomecoming.com/For online buoy building directions, Please visit www.valleydecorating.com/howto.html

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BUDGETING Establish a financial plan for development materials. Numerous neighborhood organizations are thoughtful and may add to your club's cause. Bear in mind about graduated class gifts.

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AWARDS Grand Marshall Best Overall Float Award 1 st place: $200 money prize 2 nd place: $100 money prize 3 rd place: $50 money prize

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PROGRESS MEETINGS You are required to plan a date and time for a Bobcat delegate to beware of the advance of your buoy development and to ensure you hold fast to your unique outline/portrayal, and in addition take after every one of the guidelines and controls These gatherings will occur amid the week of October 18 – 21 from 4:00 – 8:00 PM

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IMPORTANT DATES Parade application, marked contract, parade drawing and installment for passage is expected no later than Friday, October 8, 2010 at 4:00 p.m . at the Swede Johnson Building When you turn all structures in you will be requested that join to have your buoy checked by the Bobcats the week of October 18, 2010. Amid the check of your buoy, you will get an envelope containing a guide of your passageway station and additionally whatever other predominant data .

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CONTACT INFORMATION Bobcat Senior Honorary Parade Chairs: Daniel Ference dference@email.arizona.edu 602-418-3569 Brad Drea bdrea@email.arizona.edu 602-692-4586 Alphonse Jacobellis ajacobel@email.arizona.edu 818-307-8069

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Have FUN & GOOD LUCK!!! The Bobcats might want to say thanks to Theta Tau Professional Engineering Fraternity for the utilization of a few of the photographs in this presentation.