2010-2011 Preparing Night Higher Ground Youngsters' Service of Harvest Book of scriptures Church

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Second fruitful year of High 5 (see high5update2010) Children ... Justin Bieber. Wonder funnies. Princess. Mario Kart 3DS characters. Be pertinent. Begin with a

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2010-2011 Training Night Higher Ground Children's Ministry of Harvest Bible Chapel

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2009-2010 Second fruitful year of AWANA Second effective year of High 5 (see high5update2010) Children imploring acknowledge Jesus Christ as Savior New religious tunes and movements recordings Curriculum accessible to other Harvest family places of worship Family occasions – picnics, NY's Eve JumpZone party

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2010-2011 Third fruitful year of AWANA Grand Prix Saturday, Oct. 16 Volunteer preparing Wednesday, Sept. 8 Third fruitful year of High 5 Children going to acknowledge Jesus Christ as Savior New preparing recordings Curriculum composing finished RockSolid storyteller part propelled Family occasions – picnics, NY's Eve JumpZone party Parenting classes

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Characteristics of an Effective Team

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Individuals who are a piece of a viable group have: Interdependence Effective Communication Ownership Influence Leadership Commitment

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Interdependence Each colleague has a feeling of having a place "I know my part" "I know why I am here" "I believe my partners" "I can bolster my group" "I am a donor" Therefore, we are diplomats for Christ, God making His allure through us. We beseech you in the interest of Christ, be accommodated to God. (2 Corinthians 5:20)

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Effective Communication Meaningful cooperations and open interchanges keep the group powerful "You can be straightforward with me" "When you talk, I listen and react" "We will issue unravel together" "Your information is significant" Let no adulterating talk leave your mouths, however just, for example, is useful for working up, as fits the event, that it might offer beauty to the individuals who listen. (Ephesians 4:29)

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Ownership Individuals possess the gathering's objectives "I comprehend the bearing we're going" "We have a similar reason" "Our main goal/vision/qualities are in solidarity" "I/We are on the whole in control" "I am a good example" But pretty much as we have been affirmed by God to be depended with the gospel, so we talk, not to please man, but rather to please God who tests our hearts. (1 Thessalonians 2:4)

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Influence Every colleague impacts occasions and individuals "What I do influences what happens" "My interest has a cause-impact relationship" "I can rouse, shape, and empower others" "I have any kind of effect" Rather, talking reality in adoration, we are to experience childhood all around into him who is the head, into Christ (Ephesians 4:15)

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Leadership Lead as objective situated hireling pioneers "Energize, not control" "Characterize, not bind" "Coach others and help them to succeed" "Educate and depend" You then, be fortified by the elegance that is in Christ Jesus, and what you have gotten notification from me within the sight of numerous witnesses endow to loyal men will's identity ready to show others moreover. (2 Timothy 2:1-2)

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Commitment Team individuals consent to finish "I will be there putting forth a valiant effort" "We are commonly needy" "We share issues and arrangements" "I won't abandon you hanging" Whatever you do, work healthily, with respect to the Lord and not for men, realizing that from the Lord you will get the legacy as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ. (Colossians 3:23-24)

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Mission, Vision, and Values

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Mission Help youngsters to Know Christ , Grow in Christ , and Show Christ to others.

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Vision Motivate kids to CLIMB to Higher Ground Build sound Communities , present with Love , Imitate Christ, Magnify the Lord, and Boldly go out with the Gospel From the Harvest Four Pillars: Proclaiming God's Word without conciliatory sentiment Lifting high the name of Jesus through love Believing immovably in the force of petition Sharing the uplifting news of Jesus with strength

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Vision Communities – help kids set up profoundly solid companionships (Fellowship) Love - help kids be cherished and serve others in adoration (Service) Imitate – help kids copy Christ as they are educated from the Word (Discipleship) Magnify – help youngsters amplify Christ through love and supplication (Worship/Prayer) Boldly – urge kids to be strong in sharing their confidence (Evangelism)

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Vision 3 W's Worship – energize and demonstrate interest in love administrations, summer camps, AWANA Walk – support family reverential time, give responsibility to bring home sheets, and have significant little gathering time Work – give chances to do missions and administration ventures, serve in the classroom, and apply Biblical lessons at home

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Values to help us CLIMB Help kids and guardians connect to Be important and apply the Bible to our way of life Provide chances to interface Motivate kids to develop in Christ Help kids contact companions and know how to share the Gospel Provide a sheltered domain Inspire by tutoring others Affirm families as they become together

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Relevant Children's Ministry

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Who are Pablo, Austin, and Tyrone? Chicago Bulls players New Harvest ministers Famous painters The genuine names of the Jonas Brothers Other ________________________

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Fill in the clear: Diary of a ________ Kid Worried Wet Weak Willful Weary Wimpy Wordy

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Who is Clutch Powers? A Chicago democrat A toon ninja A Lego universe manufacturer and traveler A winged serpent coach

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Where would you be able to NOT discover Webkinz? Tobacco shop European imports store Dollar stores Hallmark shops Target Drug stores

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Which of these is NOT a style of Silly Bandz? Justin Bieber Marvel funnies Princess Mario Kart 3DS characters

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Be significant Start with a "mainstream association" Be genuine, bona fide – talk normally Listen, ask, and learn Use gathering of people cooperation Evaluate your viability – have I associated with, administered to, spoken with, and tested understudies? Have suitable desires

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Expectations Understand learning styles Auditory (hearing) Play music, say replies boisterously, rehash key expressions, cheer Visual (seeing) Show with items and pictures, utilize perusing and composing Tactile (hands-on) Use "touch" exercises, question lessons, creates Kinesthetic (moving) Use each of the 5 detects, include kids in dramatization and development Use these consistently!

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Expectations Pray first Plan ahead Invest seeing someone Respect understudies Affirm and empower Be reliable Understand age attributes

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Preschool youngsters Need physical development Ask questions (why?) Learn by experience Think actually, not in theory May change feelings quickly Imitate others Understand supplication, know the Bible is extraordinary, and can retain verses

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Elementary age kids Need physical development Ask questions (why?) Learn by experience Think solidly, not in theory May change sentiments and practices Like consideration and to "win" Understand petition is vital, know the Bible is exceptional, and can remember verses Can pick right or wrong

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Adult kids Need physical development Ask questions (why?) Learn by experience Think solidly and in theory May change emotions and practices Like consideration and to "win" Understand supplication is critical, know the Bible is uncommon, and can retain verses Can pick right or wrong Can pick responsibility levels

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Plugging in: Roles in Higher Ground Children's Ministry

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Roles Lead Teacher Anchor Aider Worship pioneer Games pioneer Tech pioneer Weekend prepare Counter greeter Craft prep

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Lead Ensures smooth coordination amid weekend administrations Facilitates volunteer organization so proportions are kept Sets up and bolts up Acts as go-to person for "issues" Helps arrange volunteers and guardians Communicates among all rooms and guardians Serves as substitute instructor or grapple in crises "Mentor"

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Teacher Helps kids comprehend God's Word Illustrates ideas from Scripture Delivers lessons imaginatively Challenges kids to learn scratch verses and key expressions Works to interface and apply Scripture to lives "Artist"

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Anchor Provides authority inside a classroom Starts up and tidies up rooms Provides worker initiative to aiders Trains new aiders Runs diversion times, specialties, snacks, and exercises Provides individual disciplinary activity if necessary Communicates with Lead "Air Traffic Controller"

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Aider Lead little gatherings Interact by and by with kids and guardians Help seat and request kids amid love and lesson time Pray with kids amid little gathering time Proactively help educators and stays Participate in love and lesson time Send postcards to kids "Guide"

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Worship pioneer Lead religious melodies Use hand movements and body developments Model love Sing enthusiastically Encourage support and junior love aides Pray and gather offering "Team promoter"

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Games pioneer Reads lesson and creates planning amusements Collects supplies required for recreations Runs a systematic amusement time "Entertainment executive"

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Tech Leader Ensures iTunes, recordings, and visuals are readied Runs the A/V appear amid love Ensures consistent moves Trouble-shoots specialized issues "Boss Engineer"

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Weekend prep Comes in on Saturday to set up rooms Copies little gathering sheets Delivers all segments from office to rooms Ensures each room is service prepared "Facilitator"

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Counter greeter Greets approaching kids and guardians Checks in and courses guests Helps volunteers take a look at themselves in "Travel Agent"

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Craft prep Works ahead to cut and get ready artworks Can be done at home Ensures supplies are prepared to finish make "Designer"

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Schedule: www.HarvestHigherGround.org