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Overall fencing mentors preparing program. 2009-2010 Results. WHY do we have this system?

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Overall fencing mentors preparing program 2009-2010 Results WHY do we have this program? There is no official preparing program for the fencing mentors in 85% of the nations subsidiary to the FIE. The quantity of mentors is totally deficient, and their capabilities (recognition and course) must be created. Most mentors have observational learning, having gone specifically went from fencer to mentor, without taking after a particular reviews. Nonetheless, national alliances require qualified mentors so as to accurately instruct the specialized basics of fencing to youthful fencers. HOW was this program conveyed? Three instructional classes were composed in each of the three weapons, in each mainland zone: Europe, Americas and Asia. Africa's circumstance is specific, as it has it's own particular school in Dakar, where understudies have never fenced and in this manner require a considerably lengthier preparing. The program is specific as most mentors on the planet just show one weapon (specialization), even in the greatest fencing nations The program's span is upgraded: A length of 1-2 months is adequate keeping in mind the end goal to acquire a strong capability and a FIE confirmation in one weapon. The program was shown utilizing subjective and inside and out teaching method and approach. A remarkable course content , including subjects and strategy, is built up, and toward the finish of the review time frame, competitors must take an exam before a jury, keeping in mind the end goal to get their FIE confirmation. This present program's goal is to prepare and qualify understudies for a calling and not to simply refresh or redesign their insight, which just requires a course of a shorter span ( 7-10 days).  The preparation specialists who oversee the specialized instructing of this program have been looked over among the absolute best on the planet. CONCLUSION These courses have been extremely fruitful; both as per the aggregate number of members, and to the quantity of leagues which sent applicants (see the figures in the accompanying pages).

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Fencing mentors preparing program on every mainland 2009-2010  THE FIE SPENT A WHOLE YEAR TRAINING FENCING COACHES FOR THEIR NATIONAL FEDERATIONS ON EACH CONTINENT. The FIE created and actualized the most eager and finish program of its history: 186 qualified mentors speaking to 78 national organizations were prepared amid over 13 months! Americas: 74% of leagues partook Asia: 70% of organizations took an interest Europe: half of alliances took an interest THIS PROGAM WAS SUCCESSFULLY IMPLEMENTED THANKS TO THE FINANCIAL HELP OF THE FIE'S PRESIDENT, M. ALISHER USMANOV Each mainland zone has profited from 3 instructional classes: 1 in epee, 1 in saber and 1 in thwart. Each course has kept going 5 to two months, with a work volume of 30 hours for every week. The exceedingly qualified proficient preparing specialists who directed these courses have guaranteed a fabulous instructive level for the tutoring. Toward the finish of their preparation, every member took an exam before a jury board who assessed them as per a one of a kind framework and scoring framework evaluating the accompanying criteria: footwork, system, cadence, lesson content, clarification, showing and revision, oral expression, timing and length, and inventiveness. Taking after the effective assessment by the jury board, the competitors got their FIE confirmation in the relating weapon.

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Europe 3 courses 51 mentors 22 nations Asia - Oceania 3 courses 68 mentors 28 nations Americas 3 courses 67 mentors 20 nations Africa 1 school 8 mentors 5 nations Fencing mentors preparing program on every landmass 2009-2010 Results 186 prepared - 78 nations spoke to - 13 months preparing

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Americas Mexico City 01.10-30.11.2009 Epee two months 20 mentors prepared Buenos Aires 15.04-30.05.2010 San Salvador 05.07-08.08.2010 Saber a month and a half 22 mentors prepared Foil 5 weeks 25 mentors prepared Fencing mentors preparing program on every mainland 20 nations spoke to Argentine/Aruba/Brazil/Canada/Chile/Costa Rica/Colombia/Cuba/Dominican Republic/Ecuador/Guatemala/Honduras/Mexico/Nicaragua/Panama/Peru/Salvador/Uruguay/Venezuela/Trinidad and Tobago

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Europe Bucarest 01.09-30.10.2009 Budapest 17.05-20.06 2010 Foil two months 14 mentors prepared Saber 5 weeks 13 mentors prepared Zagreb 22.02-28.03.2010 Epee 5 weeks 24 mentors prepared Fencing mentors preparing program on every landmass 22 nations spoke to Belgium/Bulgaria/Croatia/Denmark/Egypt (welcomed)/Finland/Georgia/Great Britain/Greece/Iceland/Israel/Latvia/Lithuania/Macedonia/Moldavia/Netherlands/Romania/Serbia/Slovenia/Sweden/Turkey/Ukraine

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Asia - Oceania Tokyo 15.09-15.11.2009 Saber two months 16 mentors prepared Beijing 24.06-30.07.2010 Epee 5 weeks 23 mentors prepared Doha 28.03-03.05 2010 Foil 5 weeks 29 mentors prepared Fencing mentors preparing program on every mainland 28 nations spoke to Afghanistan/Australia/Bangladesh/Burma/China/Hong Kong/India/Indonesia/Iran/Iraq/Japan/Jordan/Kazakhstan/Kirghizistan/Kuwait/Lebanon/Malaysia/Mongolia/New-Zealand/Palestine/Philippines/Qatar/Singapore/Sri Lanka/Syria/Taipei/Thailand/Vietnam

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Fencing mentors preparing program on every mainland Africa Dakar school In the Dakar school, the understudies have 2 years of preparing, as a large portion of them never fenced. They are prepared in every one of the three weapons: Epee, Foil and Saber 2009-2010 class 8 mentors 5 nations spoke to Senegal/Ivory Coast/Congo Democratic republic/Nigeria/Tunisia

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Akos Patocs (HUN) Alvarez José Luis (ESP) Grzegorek Krzsystof (POL) Kuki Petru (ROU) University Training Assistant Fencing mentors instructor in Spain Former Polish National Team Coach and Captain Vice World Champion and previous Romanian National Team Coach Movshovici Alic (RUS) Leseur Hugues (FRA) Levavasseur Daniel (FRA) Mazur Yuriy (UKR) University Fencing Teacher in Moscow Former Director of the French Fencing Master School Former French Men's Epee National Team Coach University Fencing Training Assistant in Kiev Nandor Rozsavari (HUN) Pigula Tadeusz (POL) Sandor Danka (HUN) Peinador Raul (ESP) Coach in Budapest Former Polish National Team Coach Fencing Master and Coach in Debrecen Director of Fencing Master Training in Spain Shevshenko Dmitriy (RUS) Szepesi Laszlo (HUN) Zidaru Octavian (ROU) Foil World Champion and previous Russian National Team Coach Former French Saber National Team Coach, University Fencing Pedagogy Teacher University Fencing Pedagogy Teacher, Doctor in Sport Fencing mentors preparing program on every landmass Training Experts The FIE gathering of preparing specialists for every one of these courses shows a magnificent world class proficient quality level for the preparation and educating of fencing mentors.