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2007 HVAC/R & Plumbing Instructors Workshop March 28-30 Lansdowne, Virginia Student Recruitment and Promoting Career & Technical Education in the Community Scott Naill Tony Trapp

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Q: Tell us somewhat about your program including the normal number of understudies, HVAC or plumbing, and your standards for dependability. Things to incorporate can be: A: The Upper Valley JVS is situated in Piqua, Ohio 20 minute north of Dayton Ohio. In the Fall of 2005 Upper Valley JVS devoted a 40,000 sq. ft. Science Technology development on the principle grounds and it incorporated a recently constructed 3,500 sq. ft. HVAC/R lab and preparing focus. The normal number of understudies the most recent 5 years 35-40 understudies which incorporates Juniors And Seniors.

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Q: How is your program organized? Testament: Students get shifts affirmations: *OSHA 10 hour preparing *Lockout/Tag out preparing *608 EPA Refrigerant Certification *Scissor Lift Training *DDC "Coordinate Digital Control" Trane Tracer/Tridium *CPR *Fire Alarm *NCCER Accredited (National Center of Construction Educational Research)

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Q: How is your program organized? Degree: We have explanation concurrences with Sinclair College situated in Dayton, Ohio and Northwestern College situated in Lima, Ohio. Investigate new techniques for instructive conveyance. For next school year we are steering a propelled refrigeration class to our Apprentice Students which will be offered by Sinclair Community College and conveyed in an on the web and eye to eye arrange. We are presently working with Sinclair, HVAC/Educational. Net, Ferris State, Emerson Climate Technologies and different accomplices on a National Science Foundation Grant to make instructive profession pathways.

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Q: How is your program organized? Apprenticeship: We offer an apprenticeship program for those understudies who qualify. The capabilities are: 2.5 GPA or higher 95% participation or better Recommendations from all their scholarly and Career Technology instructor.

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Q: Do you have any particular HVAC/R courses preparing that you feel are an upgrade or offer an edge over different projects? * Emerson Climate Technologies Wholesalers/Suppliers Training 2 times each year ( Copeland Compressor Operation and Service Seminar) Offered through Educational Services division. *OSHA 10 hour preparing *Lockout/Tag out preparing *608 EPA Refrigerant Certification *Scissor Lift Training *DDC "Coordinate Digital Control" Trane Tracer/Tridium *CPR *Fire Alarm *NCCER Accredited (National Center of Construction Educational Research)

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Q: Do you offer employment situation help? A: Yes, we have a work asset focus that is staffed with a full time facilitator. Mr. Trapp and myself help understudies create resume and show them delicate aptitudes to procure an all day work.

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Q: What is your employment position rates and normal beginning wages? A: 93% occupation arrangement rate found the middle value of more than 5 years. 56% Post-Secondary Rate. This rate will raise one year from now with the mixing of the apprenticeship/Tech Prep program. Understudies will acquire Sinclair College Credit by means of online test case program which will be set up next school year. HVA 186 Modern Refrigeration Practice advantaged course. Shifts $9.50 hr to $13.50 hr

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Q: What strategies do you use in employment situation? An: Employers enlist understudies their lesser year. I get a kick out of the chance to clarify it best as a "Football Draft" Employers scout out the understudies and make arrangements to beware of the understudy's advance all through the school year. Understudies are relied upon to acquaint themselves with the businesses when they visit the lab. Understudies who exceed expectations and show development will be the initially selected with the higher paying occupations.

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Q: What has been the best technique you have used to select understudies into your program? A: Letter sent by businesses on their organization letterhead. We give a contact list understudies names and deliver to managers and the business do the rest! The businesses are the ones who offer the program. We have additionally have set up an email conveyance rundown of the considerable number of managers and supporters of the program. This dispersion list imparts our necessities to the businesses. We send the rundown of understudies intrigued and who went by the program as the year progressed. We additionally just as of late built up our new www.uppervalleyhvacr.com site to use for another road to speak with our managers. We built up an expert enlistment video with the assistance of $10,000 National Dissemination Grant. The video is conveyed to understudies, guardians, and partner school guides.

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Q: What has been some insufficient enlisting strategy for you? A: The educator attempting to be the one and only offering the program.

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Q: What is the greatest snag you confront in enlistment understudy into your program? A: We have an extremely solid development exchange program which comprise of Electrical, Carpentry that we contend with. Intrigued understudies se HVAC/R field. It is not a simple program to elevate to others.

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Q: How does your school/program contact the group to achieve potential understudies? A:JVS notices conveyed and showed in each of 57 k-12 relate schools; publicizing (paid for by grown-up ed) in partner school athletic projects; news/media discharges; satellite TV programs; voyages through JVS for guardians, understudies, group and administration gatherings and senior nationals; presentations by JVS staff and understudy represetatives to basic, center, and secondary school understudies; open houses for understudies and guardians; Another Look Day for sophomores; letters to guardians and understudies; postcards to understudies; understudy envoys to Piqua Rotary Club once every month; individual catch up with intrigued understudies at their secondary schools; mail and telephone contact of intrigued understudies by JVS educators; JVS staff and managers required in an assortment of group clubs, exercises, sheets, and so forth

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Q: Do you have any methodologies for managing a multicultural group? Any second dialect offerings? How would you handle those? A: Yes. We fuse multicultural understudies in the majority of our print and video/DVD materials and incorporate, at whatever point conceivable, multicultural understudies in the occasions recorded above (#5). No second dialect offerings. I support understudies keen on a second dialect to take it at their partner schools or through PSEOP at Edison.