2005 OBP Biennial Peer Review Platform Presentation Template

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2005 OBP Biennial Peer Review Platform Presentation Template Valerie Sarisky-Reed Products Platform November 15, 2005

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Platform Overview Utilization of stage yields and exchanging innovation to the coordinated biorefinery

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Platform yields and results Outputs: Fuels – principally ethanol Chemicals and materials Heat and Power Outcomes: innovation and instruments that have wide pertinence for different fuels, chemicals and materials, and innovation that prompts to implementation or use in bigger, biorefinery improvement endeavors. Who's taking the necessary steps? Labs – PNL, NREL, ANL Industry – Metabolix Inc, NatureWorks LLC, Cargill, Dow, Rohm and Haas Other government endeavors incorporate USDA-ARS

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Work Break Down Structure

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Building the Biorefinery Current Portfolio Biomass Feedstock Starch Cellulose Hemi-Cellulose Oil Lignin Protein Industrial Starches Xylose Arabinose Polyols 9-Decenoic Acid Pyrolyis Oil Gasification Animal Feed Glucose Liquid Fuels (EtOH) Xylitol Arabinitol 3-HP (Acrylic Acid) Liquid Fuels (EtOH) Itaconic Acid PG and EG 1,3-PDO PG and EG Lactic Acid PLA Succinic Acid Esters Isosorbide

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Platform Budget

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Strategic fit with Pathways

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Platform Barriers Barrier Hierarchy for Fuels and Chemicals & Materials Barrier Hierarchy for CHP

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Platform Approach Identification of Barriers, Fuels, Chemical and Materials, Heat and Power Conducting Systematic R&D Activities to Overcome these Barriers, Appropriate research is chosen through focused subsidizing opportunity declarations (FOA) that objective connected and pre-aggressive research that addresses the innovation boundaries and those innovation territories recommended by industry to be the most noteworthy need. The candidates are required to demonstrate an immediate connection to obstructions in their proposed look into arrangements. what's more, Prioritizing Activities Based on the Biorefinery Pathways. Examination drives the prioritization of research zones to be sought after, with a view toward close, mid and long haul usage. Relationship to Program and EERE objectives and focuses on A coordinated biorefinery is a definitive organization methodology for the Program to meet its objectives of lessening reliance of petroleum and impelling the development of the bioindustry.

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Platform Goals Fuels: decreasing the cost of ethanol creation in both existing offices and in addition future lignocellulosic offices. Chemicals and Materials: aggressive with petroleum partners both monetarily and in execution qualities. More particular objectives and monetary targets will be talked about

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Key Joule Accomplishments These are the most critical achievements identified with venture points of reference and destinations These achievements are benchmarked against the specialized targets

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Key Accomplishments The OBP program at present utilizes key investigations to center the endeavors and additionally reactions from sales in making the items portfolio. Two such key examinations coordinated towards items from biomass have been distributed. Beat Value Added Chemicals from Biomass Volume I—Results of Screening for Potential Candidates from Sugars and Synthesis Gas (T. Werpy and G. Petersen, 2004) contains suggestions for the main 12 and main 24 contender for building square natural chemicals got from sugars and the related research needs. Beat Value Added Chemicals from Biomass Volume II. Consequences of Screening for Potential Candidates from Biorefinery Lignin (Bozell, Holladay, Johnson, and White, 2005) is at present wanted to be confirmed with industry. Cases of noteworthy accomplishments to date: Successfully exhibited specialized and monetary practicality of a soy-based marine grease which went to commercialization. Metabolix's Natural Plastics win presidential green science challenge grant. A patent was recorded coming about because of yeast advancement work for new strains with multisugar maturing abilities Two licenses petitioned for separative bioreactor wafers and applications. Chemicals from Biologically-Derived Succinic Acid (R&D 100). Open effort: First International Biorefinery Workshop, July 2005 Interim Stage Gate Review, August 2005 Biodiesel Earmark "Data Meeting", June 2005 Benefits: Return On Investment

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Products Interim Stage Gate Overview August 9-10, 2005 20 undertakings were evaluated by a board of specialists from government, industry, and the scholarly world. 18 were subsidized by DOE/OBP and two are financed by USDA. The greater part of the tasks concentrated on innovation improvement with respect to items in the accompanying three specialized territories: Analysis, Chemicals and Materials, and Fuels. The target of this survey meeting was to give DOE/OBP with: An assessment of the specialized advance and effects on tending to program objectives, hindrances, and turning points Effectiveness of the specialized work to date in accomplishing venture objectives and destinations Plans toward finishing the objectives and goals Explanation of the imagined commercialization pathway including any preparatory strategy for success Review Panel Martha Schlicher (National Corn-to-Ethanol Research Center), Reviewer John Houghton (USDOE Office of Science), Reviewer Frances H.Arnold (Cal Tech, Chemical Engineering), Reviewer Richard J Higgins (Ceramem Corporation), Reviewer Christopher Guske (Tate and Lyle) , Reviewer Gene Peterson (Golden Field Office), Reviewer Facilitators Valerie Sarisky-Reed (DOE Biomass Program), Reviewer Facilitators

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Interim Review Outcomes Draft report demonstrates qualities and shortcomings of the portfolio. Program staff are working with venture staff to create activity arranges that will lessen shortcomings. Key Outcomes: Analysis is an essential instrument for directing the prioritization of the Platform. Instruction of the significance of business sectors, contending innovation contemplations and basic leadership apparatuses utilized by the program. Did not have a decent survey of the stage approach

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Future Direction Products is moving concentration from single item improvement activities to items advancement inside the Integrated Biorefinery Mortgages will be proceeded to finish. Expanded concentrate on center empowering innovations Examples: Fungal genomics Fermentation essentials Separations

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Presentation Agenda whatever is left of the session will cover. Examination Overview – Joe Bozell, NREL Chemicals and Material Barriers and Project Overview – Todd Werpy, PNL Fuels Barriers and Project Overview – Tom Foust, NREL Earmarked Projects – secured in "blurb session"