18 WATCHOUT SITUATIONS - My System for Memorization-

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1) Fire not scouted or examined.. Scouting the flame is the first thing that is finished by the Initial Attack IC (Incident Commander). This is the reason it is the first Watch-Out.. 2) In nation not found in sunshine.. You utilize your 2 eyes to see. Simple to partner 2 eyes with Watch-Out

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18 WATCHOUT SITUATIONS - My System for Memorization-by Dylan Rader

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1) Fire not scouted or examined. Scouting the fire is the primary thing that is finished by the Initial Attack IC (Incident Commander). This is the reason it is the main Watch-Out.

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2) In nation not found in sunlight. You utilize your 2 eyes to see. Simple to partner 2 eyes with Watch-Out #2. In many cases, IA assets will touch base on flames after dull .

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3) Escape courses and wellbeing zones not recognized. To recall this I break the sentence into 3 sections. | Escape courses | wellbeing zones | not recognized | This helps me to connect this with WO #3.

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4) Unfamiliar with climate and other nearby components impacting fire conduct. To recollect this, consider TV Channel 4 Weather. Likewise, recollect both WO #4 and #14 manage climate.

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5) Uninformed on procedures, strategies, and risks. This is another that I separate. Keep in mind these 5 words: UNIFORMED on STRATEGIES, TACTICS, AND HAZARDS.

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6) Instructions and assignments not clear. To recall this one flip the six over and rectify the tail and it would appear that an amplifying glass. The amplifying glass is utilized to hone or clear up a picture. 6

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7) No correspondence interface with group individuals, managers, or bordering strengths . To recall this one I consider John Elway, who was #7 (and furthermore the best QB ever). At the point when Dan Reeves was his mentor, Elway called his own particular plays. As such, no commo with his mentor (administrator).

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8) Constructing line without a protected stay point . The number 8 is additionally the image for endlessness. It has no beginning or consummation point. 8

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9) Constructing fireline downhill with flame underneath. On a topographic guide, the pinnacle of a slope is a circle (in the event that it is a flawlessly round pinnacle). The line focuses down from the top on the #9. Henceforth, downhill from the pinnacle.

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10) Attempting a frontal ambush on the fire. To recall this one think about the firefighter as the 1 and the moving toward flame front as the 0. The 1 is before the 0.

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11) Unburned fuel amongst you and the fire . This one is simple. Simply envision the space in the middle of the lines of the 11 as unburned fuel. UNBURNED FUEL YOU FIRE

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12) Can not see primary fire. Not in contact with any individual who can. You need to utilize your creative energy again for this watchout. You are the 1 , the bended part of the 2 is a ridgeline, and the tail of the two is the fire. 1 2 You Ridgeline Fire Valley

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13) On a slope where moving material can touch off fuel beneath you. On the off chance that you flip the 3 of #13 over on it's side it would seem that 2 slopes. Recalls slope. 3

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14) Weather getting more sweltering and drier . Keep in mind how WO #4 and #14 both manage climate. 14 is more prominent than (4 + 10 =14). Since the number 14 is more noteworthy, climate is getting more sizzling and drier. +10 = #14

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15) Wind increments and additionally alters course. The number 5 in 15 goes each bearing. Connect this with the wind altering course recall the wind is additionally expanding.

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16) Getting successive spot fires over the line. Think about the roundabout piece of the 6 as a spot fire, the tail of the six as the line. There is a spot over the line.

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17) Terrain and energizes make escape to wellbeing zones troublesome. To recollect this one envision that the security zone is at the top some portion of the 7 in #17 and you are at the base. It is difficult to climb that slant as an escape course. Wellbeing Zone Escape Route You

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18) Taking a snooze close to the fireline. I have never met a firefighter who can not recollect this one.